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Cycle #40 Asteroidal Beamforming

[14-Dec|02:09PM PST]

asteroid #829-ACADEMIA on sabbatical from Cycle #40 (02/040/10) 13-Dec-2006 to 25-Dec-2006 to Cycle #70 (03/070/10) 12-Dec-2007 to 24-Dec-2007.

Cycle #40 adds four asteroids to represent Subdecadance Queens [+]: #1362-GRIQUA, #682-HAGAR, #1363-HERBERTA, #116-SIRONA. luckily, astroschyzy has some failsafes to catch duplications. asteroid #1362-GRIQUA already on 827 List. (argh. gar! honestly, i do plan to retire from this nonsense eventually). fourth asteroid: #117-LOMIA. not sure who/what this named for, Wikipedia notes: Misspelling of Lamia, lover of Zeus (?). probably a good guess since lower-numbered asteroids usually named after goddesses & such. hmm.

one of the monstrous bogeys that terrified children and the naive, like her daughter Scylla, or Empousa. The Lamia had the head and torso of a woman, but the lower half of her body was serpentine. Laimos is the gullet, and she had a cannibal appetite for children that could be interpreted as a dangerous erotic appetite for men: harlots might be named "Lamia" [+]

asteroid #117-LOMIA discovered by French astronomer Alphonse Louis Nicolas Borrelly who also discovered these asteroids currently on the 827 List: #99-DIKE, #120-LACHESIS, #157-DEJANIRA, #171-OPHELIA, #240-VANADIS, #322-PHAEO, #379-AERIA. Borrelly also discovered Comet Borrelly in 1904, which was visited by Deep Space 1 on 21-Sep-2001 [+]. asteroid #1539-BORRELLY named in his honor.

#117-LOMIA represents first 2007 Shuttle mission, STS-117 with Commander Frederick Sturckow who also piloted the first ISS mission, STS-88. so yes, this means i'll be following STS-117 next year. whoop whoop. 2007 Shuttle Missions: STS-117 (Lomia), STS-118 (Peitho), STS-120 (Lachesis), STS-122 (Gerda), STS-123 (Brunhild) & STS-124 (Alkeste). currently, everything on 827 List except #118-PEITHO & #124-ALKESTE.

Wikipedia also indicates two observed occultations for LOMIA: 10-Aug-2000 & 17-Mar-2003 (path map).

came across a Lt. Luigi Lomia: here's a photograph, think he taught at University of Wisconsin (1893), his wife & in (warning: large file) National Register (1869): USMA, West Point, Military Academy, Academic Staff, Acting Assistant Professor, LUIGI LOMIA, 2d Lieut. 5th Artillery as Chaplain, and Professor of Ethics and Law & Instructor of Ordnance and Gunnery.

there's a Lomi salmon: "The color red in the Hawaiian religion has ritual significance, and the ancient Hawaiians offered kumu, a red-colored fish, to the gods. Because of the pink color of the salmon flesh, the Journal of American Folklore speculates that lomi-lomi salmon is a substitute for kumu, which is not normally served at luaus nowadays."

finally, Locally Optimized Most Interference Algorithm (LOMIA):

ABSTRACT: The interference reduction capability of adaptive beamforming and spectral efficiency enhancement by adaptive modulation gives a significant performance gains in mobile communication systems. In order to make the most of both methods, joint adaptive beamforming and adaptive modulation is considered in this research. Possible solutions for some challenges, problems and drawbacks in combining these two will be investigated. Based on some advantages and disadvantages of each method, performance of different combining approaches in different conditions and environments will be analyzed.
- - - - - - - - - -
From a few recent works which employed both adaptive beamforming and adaptive modulation [8]-[12], it is proven that the combination of these two techniques give a significant performance gains.

In [8], J. Blogh, P. Cherriman, and L. Hanzo did a comparative study on a range of dynamic channel allocation algorithms called distributed control and locally distributed control assisted DCA arrangements under various channel conditions. The performance of locally optimized least interference algorithm (LOLIA), locally optimized most interference algorithm (LOMIA) with a few configurations were simulated and measured in terms of the carried teletraffic, call blocking probability, call dropping probability, probability of low-quality access, and outage probability. Sample matrix inversion (SMI) adaptive beamforming algorithm with geometrically based single bouncei elliptical model (GBSBEM) was used. The applied adaptive modulation aimed to maximize the throughput with a constraint in target Frame Error Rate (FER). From this work, the benefits of using adaptive antenna arrays have been demonstrated, with improved network quality for an increased number of users, for both the (fixed channel allocation) FCA algorithm and the LOLIA. These benefits were then extended through the use of adaptive modulation to further improve call quality while simultaneously increasing the data throughput and the number of users adequately supported by the network.
- - - - - - - - - -
[8] J. Blogh, P. Cherriman, L. Hanzo, ”Comparative Study of Adaptive Beam-Steering and Adaptive Modulation-Assisted Dynamic Channel Allocation Algorithms,” IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, vol. 50, pp. 398-415 [+]

see also: beamforming definitions &c; MMU: (Electricity is one of the most important resources in our daily activities, The Quantum Brain, Unveiling the Magic of the Frozen South, Busy as a (Robot) Bee).


AQ 500 = #117-LOMIA, #682-HAGAR, #1363-HERBERTA, #116-SIRONA = CONDENSE EXPERIENCE SYSTEM (Coex-System; Stanislav Grof) = A PLAN TO WARD OFF THE RAPTURE (Anthony Paul Smith) = LIQUID AROMATIC HYDROCARBON (benzene) = LOGICAL COMPLETION OF A WORLD (Logiques des mondes) = PRELAPSARIAN LOST PRESENT (Aguilera versus De Palma, k-punk) = THE IMPERATIVE TO SURVIVE = THE WORST PLACE IN THE WORLD (Zone-4 both initiates and envelops the Fourth-Phase of Pandemonium (including 16 impulse-entities). This equation of phase-population with the square of the zone-number establishes an exceptional solidarity between the two, although this rigidity has as its flip-side a tendency to cataclysmic instability. In its initiatory aspect Zone-4 functions as the Fourth Door (or 'Time-Delta,' familiar from variations of the Kurtz-mythos as 'the worst place in the world'). Muvian sorcery attributes this door to the amphidemon (and imp of the first degree) Krako (4::0). —Ccru) = TWO VERTICAL PARALLEL LINES (The head’s basic geometry is a decagon with triangles positioned on its sides forming a star corresponding with Khur (the Sun) but one side of the decagon is forked and forms two handles. This is not a Zurvanite star or the Sun; the star is not complete; the last sacred triangle has been intentionally replaced by two vertical parallel lines. —Hyperstition's laboratory, Reza Negarestani).


AQ 513 = CONDENSED EXPERIENCE SYSTEM (Coex-System; Stanislav Grof) = 27. THE WORKING IS OF NINE MOONS. (Liber 49) = ABOUT IT IS 666 IN FOUR-FOLD FORM (The Cephaloedium Working) = CONCEPT OF SELF-ORGANIZATION = DEGENERATED MUVIAN SORCERIES (Zone 9; Ccru) = LYRICS THAT MAKE NO DAMN SENSE = SERIOUSLY MISHEARD LYRICS = SPLUTTERINGS FROM TECHADES (Nick) = THE AMERICAN ICARUS REVISITED (The American Icarus revisited: phallic narcissism and boredom. A reply to the discussion by Alan J. Eisnitz; Weinberger JL, Muller JJ.) = THE HUMAN ENHANCEMENT PROJECT =THE WICKEDEST MAN IN THE WORLD (Aleister Crowley) = TOMORROW IS THE ZERO HOUR (On September 10, 2001 our intelligence forces intercepted an Al Qaeda missive saying “Tomorrow Is the Zero Hour“; it wasn’t translated until September 12).

removing an asteroid drops asteroid total from 1366 to 1365.

:ONE: 1365 SPIRITUAL GUIDES [21x65,35x39]

[15° Cancer Sabian Symbol ~ A group of merry sluggish individuals are resting; they have over eaten most indiscreetly and enjoyed it]

AHMANITE I (Word Theme): Spiritual Guides which are used by soothsayers to interpret and channel information being perceived from others. Magids, spiritual guides or entities created by an individual and who take upon themself a seeming life of their own in order to express subconscious understandings to the semi-conscious soothsayer. Standpoint, posture, position. To retrofit, to put the pieces together, to make sense of ones past.

AHMANITE II (Zodiacal): 15° Cancer - Sagittarius SPIRITUAL DECREES. Anywhere, retrofit. Carnal, fast food, parasitic, drove, lacerate. Decreeing, Ruach HaQadesh, emotion, supremacy, spiritual guides. Manifold, symmetry, maverick, impolite, irksome, mess. Genitals, potent, proponent.

AHMANITE III(# Multiples): Spiritual Guides as tools to admonition and reform one spiritualy, and in their connection to reforming Qabalistic Academies. English Words: SPIRITUAL GUIDES, RETROFIT, STANDPOINT.

on 827 List, LOMIA {07AQ22Rx} conjunct #13606-BEAN {07AQ17Rx}; HAGAR {24TA01} conjunct #418-ALEMANNIA {25TA50} & #912-MARITIMA {26TA01}; HERBERTA {01GE10} conjunct #1698-CHRISTOPHE {01GE07}; SIRONA {08TA31} conjunct #6765-FIBONACCI {08TA28} & #39415-JANEAUSTEN {11TA10}.

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