northanger (northanger) wrote,

AQ 178 & 106

You're a tad ARTIFICIAL with little USE-VALUE. However, all that see you—whether invisible or visible—look on you in ADORATION. Even though no one understands a word you say, since you speak perfect ANGLOSSIA. Daily you contemplate: is she ASTEROTH or ASTORETH? You love the BEAUTIFUL and the BELOVED DEAD. You should be a CAPRICORN, but you're definitely DELICIOUS, ELECTRICAL & EVOLVING sitting 'neath that GNARLED OAK communing with your 72 GODDESSES. Your HONOR CODE? I AM THE LIFE: INFINITY! But you're so LOW LEVEL about it all METATRON feels the need to come by now and again and scold you about it. You have a tattoo of MOMMOLJO on your left buttock, and your favorite t-shirt says: NAUGHT GOD. You love anything PLATINUM—whether it's a nose ring, beatle album—oh what the heck, anything PRECIOUS will do. A small SALAMANDER, every now & then, when you're out & about early in the morning, waits at your doorstep, just looking at you. Times like these you feel and are, SELF-SLAIN. You call your twin [fill in the blank] THE OD AND OB. When you cum you say, TO ME - TO ME! (Lest I forget, TZAPQIEL is on your *right* buttock). You haven't made the change from VIDEO TAPE to dvd yet, but you're working on it.

who are you? you're a THELEMITE (Quicksilver Will).

On the other hand, if you're a CHAOTE, very little needs saying: MAGUS (Attained). oh yeah, you do like your badiou, we must give you that.


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