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no "Tester" asteroid, but there's this: EON-26 (Redemption, Distortions, Test of Capacity, Self-Liberating). on Cycle #37 transits, first asteroid at EON-26 is MASSALIA (also FORD, but hey, JOHNCLEESE).

AQ 289 = TEST OF CAPACITY = MARILYN MONROE (asteroid MONROE, named for Marilyn Monroe, Cycle #37 endpoint).

1310 STORMS = TESTER. asteroids RUDRA (Storm God), RAPHAELA (2006 North Atlantic Storm Name) are also at EON-26.

google :: john cleese + montana.

If Einstein and John Cleese had written a novel together, this would be the result: a marvelously smart, wacky, and touching comic work about four twentysomething friends in Cambridge, Massachusetts, secessionists in Montana, and the physicist Erwin Schrödinger (who has apparently come back to life). But is he (or anyone) alive or dead until he's observed to be by someone else? Maybe not, according to Dr. Erwin Schrödinger, the renowned physicist (1887–1961) who is, strangely, still ambling through the Ivy League town, offering opinions and proofs about how our perceptions can bring to life — and, in turn, reduce and destroy — other people and ourselves. And what does Schrödinger have to do with the President of Montana, who just declared war on the rest of the country, or the Harvard Square bag lady who is rewriting the history of the world? What's the significance of the cat in the box, the "miracle molecule," or the discarded piece of luncheon meat? [+]

Tester is the current President of the Montana State Senate.

:ONE: 1816 [16° Libra] English Words: INTERSTITIAL = PRESIDENT OF MONTANA. Libra 16° The storms of the winter have washed away the boat-landing; some happy souls at the beach resort are building one.


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