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earlier, CNN & Kos reported Democratic control of the Senate may be decided in Virginia. searched Cycle #37 for Virginia, Web & Allen.

#4487-POCAHONTAS {06LI04} ~ Art 0° to 90° :: Libra 7° An eccentric old witch is feeding her chickens and seeking to allay their fear of a hawk whom she has just tamed. Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas' father, ruled Tidewater region of Virginia; Virginia families trace their lineage to descendants of Pocahontas.

 • #50-VIRGINIA {02SC01} ~ Art 0° to 90° :: Scorpio 2° What has been a handsome and valuable bottle lies broken and forgotten; a track of living perfume leads from it [OR] Scorpio 3° At a clearing of pioneer days in the forest all the neighbors have gathered to assist in a happy house-raising. Virginia, named after Queen Elizabeth I of England ("Virgin Queen"), aka, "Mother of Presidents"; One of the original thirteen colonies; Jamestown Settlement, first permanent English settlement. Ella Fitzgerald born in Newport News, Virginia.

 • #407-ARACHNE {02CN01Rx} ~ Science 120° to 240° Cancer 2° An alert and eager individual rests upon a magic carpet, observing a vast level vista over which he hovers motionless [OR] Cancer 3° Through the cold darkening depths of a Northern canyon a man all bundled up in furs leads a shaggy reindeer. Virginia Democratic Senate Candidate Jim Webb.

 • #13249-MARCALLEN {28SG39} ~ Politics 270° to 360° :: Sagittarius 29° A perspiring fat-boy is mowing the grass; he has discovered the handicap of flesh and is determined to lose it. Virginia Republican Senator George Allen. (picked this asteroid for one of my family members; Allen's current Senate term expires 2007).

 • #3866-LANGLEY {28SC46} ~ Politics 270° to 360° :: Scorpio 29° Flanked by the splendor of an Incan monarch's court a mother of captured princelets pleads archly for their lives. CIA headquarters located in Langley, Virginia.

interesting 02/28 pattern with last four asteroids. note: (A) {02--01} VIRGINIA-ARACHNE & {28} MARCALLEN-LANGLEY zodiac degree pattern; (B) POCAHONTAS-VIRGINIA (Art), MARCALLEN-LANGLEY (Politics) H(x) Function duos & ARACHNE (Science).

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