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The definition of psychonautic art is the result of a long lasting discussion about the adequate expression of psychedelic or phantastic art today. We like the idea of the psychonaut as the artist-astronaut who explores new territories, new ideas and new ways of living and who travels into the dimension where art, visions and intelligence came from. In this sense some of the artists take pictures from their trips back and forth between different realities and so let us know what kind of interesting things we miss as we filter them out every second. [+]

adding tags to old journal entries, came across neuzeit (German, modern times) [+]. googled a bit:

book, Weltgeschichte der Neuzeit by Dietrich Schafer ("Weltgeschichte der Neuzeit is, therefore, the history of the development and interrelation of the different peoples and nations of both hemispheres...") [+]. Neuzeit Grotesk font by German font designer Wilhelm Pischner ("The German Standards Committee suggested the 'light Neuzeit-Grotesk' font in 1970 for use in official signage, traffic directional systems, etc. The typeface had been designed by Wilhelm Pischner and appeared with the font foundry D. Stempel in 1928. The font Neuzeit Grotesk was once the standard in the print industry, as a timeless typeface with no real distinguishing features. Like other typefaces of the 1920s, DIN Neuzeit Grotesk reflects the philosophy of the times, 'Form is Function'"). Periodicals from Neuzeit Tarot (aka "New Age Tarot") by Walter Wegmüller.

Wegmüller bio links: [+][+][+][+][+][+].

Wegmüller created Neuzeit Tarot (images: [+][+][+]) for 2-CD set called Tarot (photo at Klaus Schulze website). Julian Cope's #49 (THE BEST KRAUTROCK ALBUM IN THE WORLD EVER!!!) [+]. hear snippets. Der Magier @ KRAUTROCK 101 - Session 5 (more kraut mp3s + The Cosmic Jokers, "greatest Krautrock supergroup that never was"; #5 on woebot's 100 greatest ever) [+]. good review ("Der Magier is a crazy torch-lit march through the woods")

see Charles Fort (researcher into anomalous phenomena; "Essentially a satirist hugely skeptical of human beings' — especially scientists' — claims to ultimate knowledge"; "a kind of patron saint of cranks"; (hehe) "the feeling that no matter how honest scientists think they are, they are still influenced by various unconscious assumptions that prevent them from attaining true objectivity. Expressed in a sentence, Fort's principle goes something like this: People with a psychological need to believe in marvels are no more prejudiced and gullible than people with a psychological need not to believe in marvels.") — Lo! (cosmic joker).

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