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Cycle #37

Cycle #37 :: 26-Oct-2006 to 06-Nov-2006

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End-point: #3768-MONROE {27SC01}

MONROE {27SC01} conjunct WHITE_MOON {25SC54}, WHITEHOUSE {26SC01}, BISHOP {26SC17}, TYR {26SC20}, RUSTY {26SC24}, INGEBORG {26SC26}, FARPOINT {26SC33}, GWENDOLEN {26SC34}, OUTENIQUA {26SC40}, SIEGFRIED {26SC43}, ROWLAND {26SC57}.

asteroid #3768-MONROE named for American actress Marilyn Monroe, married to #3767-DIMAGGIO (Joe DiMaggio, American baseball player) & #3769-ARTHURMILLER (Arthur Miller, American playwright, essayist, and author). week ago, while searching "sacrifice me + nietzsche" found Letters from Marilyn from Candles by Starlight. at the time looking at this: [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+] ~ gematria_monkey.

Fast-Mover: #5261-EUREKA {10LI19}

[1119|{6::3}] ~ #5261-EUREKA {10LI19} • Greek ε (Epsilon) • DECLINATION: 16º47'24.7818"S • DISTANCE: 313º2'29" from Zero Point @ EON-32 (Phase Arc 308°36' ~ Waning Septile) Embodiment, Agent of Transformation, Unique Aspect, Modulating • 827 CHART: (1) 06SG22, 0º 18' 15.7979"N @ :EON-1: (Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype) • H(x) FUNCTION :: Art 0° to 90°.

827 Top Guns
01—050827 Eureka       6 sa 22'24.6285  0.5143485    0°18'16.2187 + {10LI19}  EON-32
02—050827 Pocahontas   5 sa 17' 1.1493  0.4182068    0°49'44.9112 + {06LI04}  EON-32
03—050827 Shoemaker   17 sa 45'14.3620  0.3081514   18°41'53.1697 + {17VI12}  EON-30
04—050827 Atlantis     5 sa 15' 6.7774  0.3797044  -19°59'30.9683 + {16LE30}  EON-27
05—050827 Rudra        1 sa 35'35.8333  0.8549497  -46°24'13.5917 + {11LE38}  EON-26
06—050827 Melpomene   20 sa 48' 6.4557  0.1612729  -14° 3'32.2464 + {07LE56}  EON-25
07—050827 Soma        24 sa 51'19.8631  0.1798327  -22°20' 6.6428 + {03LE40}  EON-25
08—050827 Penney      12 sa 14'46.8846  0.2501979  -21°42'25.2869 + {23CN32}  EON-24
09—050827 Bluepeter   13 sa 16'30.9974  0.2317639  -19°22'52.3904 + {20CN34}  EON-24
10—050827 NASA        21 sa 35'55.8344  0.1432510  -20°12'19.8261 + {20CN23}  EON-24
11—050827 T.Mountain  12 sa 47'25.0259  0.1834945  -38° 3'51.0708 + {14CN36}  EON-24
12—050827 Watts       20 sa 32'27.9043  0.1552775  -29°57'27.9483 + {10CN41}  EON-23
13—050827 Nicolaia     1 sa 55'19.7843  0.3959637  -29°30'11.8819 + {06CN41•} EON-23
14—050827 Randyrose   14 sa 29' 9.7646  0.3107110  -23°32'11.6013 + {06CN28•} EON-23
15—050827 Helvetia    14 sa 51' 1.4742  0.3455608  -24°30'53.5298 + {04CN20•} EON-23
16—050827 Cheshirecat  0 sa 29'31.2082  0.1598975  -17°48' 4.0271 + {00CN56•} EON-22
17—050827 Tyche       24 sa 28'12.7682  0.1316208   -5° 3' 1.0046 + {00CN12•} EON-22
18—050827 Tolerantia   8 sa  9'15.4344  0.2647323  -17° 9'11.3527 + {26GE50•} EON-21
19—050827 Aurochs     10 sa 51' 3.2477  0.2335656  -15°59'20.1171 + {19GE58•} EON-20
20—050827 Knysna      13 sa 40'59.1536  0.3841128  -24°16'36.0705 + {19GE12•} EON-20
• = Retrograde
Hendoku-Iyaku Transit: #2037-TRIPAXEPTALIS {23LI31}

triangulating between "triPax" & "septAlice" locates the mid-point, or location of Hendoku Iyaku. MoonCat explains different astrological aspects: Trines (360/3=120°) make up the 3rd harmonic & considered harmonious; Septiles (360/7=51.43°) are the 7th harmonic & considered mystical. the midpoint is a Bi-Novile aspect (360/9=40° | 40° x 2 = 80°): novile = 40°, bi-novile = 80°, quad-novile = 160°. numerologically, 3+3+3=9 & resonates with the novile aspects, or the 9th harmonic. generally, EON phase for triPax asteroid is EON-13, EON phase for septAlice asteroid is EON-6 & EON phase for midpoint asteroid is EON-9 (which fits since EON-9 represents the ground of operation). if closest triPax asteroid less than 120° phase is EON-12. if closest septAlice asteroid less than 51.43° phase is EON-5.

MIDPOINT :: ROLANDMEIER {19CP190} — 85º47'6" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-9 : Lichtung, Ground of Operation, Maturation, Swift Growth ~ asteroid #12870-ROLANDMEIER :: Discovered 1998 June 24 by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search at the Anderson Mesa Station. Roland C. Meier (b. 1964), of Gretag Imaging, Zurich, is well known for his research on the chemistry of comets, ranging from studies of the chemistry observed in situ at 1P/Halley with Giotto to numerous optical and radio studies using ground-based telescopes. The name was suggested by M. F. A'Hearn.

Astronomer Roland Meier; with Tobias C. Owen wrote Cometary Deuterium; "Deuterium fractionations in cometary ices provide important clues to the origin and evolution of comets"; Keywords: Deuterium, Origin, Gas, Composition, Planets, Water, HCN, Interstellar Medium; Deuterated water (HDO) detected in comet Hale-Bopp ... D/H ratio, higher than terrestrial water & more than 10 times the value for protosolar H2, implies comets cannot be the only source for Earth's oceans; Hale-Bopp Chemistry: nitrogen sulfide (NS) contained within comets ... discovery raises question whether NS in Hale-Bopp existed since start of solar system ... scientists have long suspected that many molecules on Earth were brought here by comets (relevant to origin of life?); Spectroscopic observations (ESO): On May 5, 1997, R. Meier and colleagues announced observations of DCN (cyanic acid in which the hydrogen atom is replaced by the isotope deuterium) in Hale-Bopp - "At the time of the observations, the comet was passing in front of the Taurus dark clouds ... first detection of cometary deuterium in a molecule other than water. The availability of a D/H ratio in both water (IAUC 6615) and a carbon-nitrogen-bearing molecule may provide fundamental information on the origin and evolution of comets"; Deuterium (aka, heavy hydrogen) first detected in 1931 by Harold Clayton Urey (1934 Nobel Prize in Chemistry); Applications: {a} nuclear fusion reactions; {b} study chemical reactions & metabolic pathways; {c} supports Big Bang theory since stellar fusion destroys deuterium.

SEPTILE :: RUMPELSTILZ {15SG130} — 51º41'24" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-6 : Endurance, Illuminating Intervention, Larger Forces, Crisis of Growth ~ asteroid #1773-RUMPELSTILZ [+][+] discovered 1968-Apr-17 by Wild, P. at Zimmerwald.

Wikipedia :: ... dwarf character in a fairy tale of the same name that originated in Germany (where he is known as Rumpelstilzchen). The tale was collected by the Grimm Brothers who first published it in the 1812 edition of Children's and Household Tales ... The name Rumpelstilzchen in German means literally "little rattle stilt". (A stilt is a post or pole providing support for a structure.) A rumpelstilt or rumpelstilz ("rattle stilt") was the name of a type of goblin, also called a pophart or poppart ("rapper" or "thumper") that makes noises by rattling posts and rapping on planks, similar to a rumpelgeist ("rattle ghost") or poltergeist ("noisy ghost"), a mischievous spirit that clatters and moves household objects. (Other related concepts are mummarts or boggarts [+] that are mischievous household spirits that disguise themselves.) ... Rumpelstiltskin Syndrome is an analogical reference to the role of the king in the story of Rumpelstiltskin. Common practice in middle-management is to impose unreasonable work demands on subordinates. Upon completion of the task or tasks in question, equal or higher work demands are then imposed; moreover, no credit, acknowledgement, or overt appreciation is demonstrated by way of recognition.

#6912-GRIMM :: 1991 GQ2. Discovered 1991 April 8 by E. W. Elst at La Silla. Named in memory of Friedrich Melchior Baron von Grimm (1723-1807). After studying at the University of Leipzig he went to France, as delegate of the young Prince of Saxe-Gotha. There he became associated with writers of the Encyclopédie such as Rousseau, Voltaire and d’Alembert (see, respectively, planets (2950), (5676) and (5956)), but especially Diderot (see planet (5351)), for whom he felt great affection. The 17 volumes of his Correspondance littéraire, philosophique et critique, published a few years after his death, show that no eighteenth-century foreigner in France has known the country, its people and its language better than him. This correspondence, characterized by a dry and skeptical philosophy, remains an inexhaustible mine of anecdotes and judgements on men and their works. (MPC 27332)

#919-ILSEBILL :: Discovered 1918-Oct-30 by Wolf, M. at Heidelberg. Character in The Fisherman and his Wife by the Brothers Grimm.

#9619-TERRYGILLIAM :: American-born British filmmaker & animator, member of #13681-MONTY_PYTHON; films: Jabberwocky (1977), Time Bandits (1981), Brazil (1985) & The Brothers Grimm (2005); see asteroid #7470-JABBERWOCK.

TRINE :: SADALSUUD {23AQ290} — 119º58'14" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-12 : Maturation, Cosmic Intent, Higher Spin, Catalysing ~ fixed star SADALSUUD (Beta Aquarii) [+][+][+] [PORTA #32] Luckiest of the Lucky; Sidus Fortunae, Star of Good Fortune :: The twenty-fourth Mansion [23° Aquarius - 3° Pisces] is Caadezod, and it is for the increase of herds. When the Moon has passed into this Mansion, take the horn of a castrated ram which is best and most apt, and in it fashion the figure of a woman with her son in her arms, in the likeness of one who is breastfeeding. Cense it with mundatura(?) which can be made from the aforesaid horn, and say: You, Abrine, improve and guard this herd. After this, hang the image about the neck of one of the rams of this herd; if you wish to work for [the increase of] herds of cows, fashion this image in the horn of a bull, and hang it around the neck of a bull, and the herd will be augmented as has been said and death shall not overtake it. Know that Abrine is the name of the lord of this Mansion • ABJAD N (5)LOSHU Center (5th Hall).

AQ 264 = JOHNNY MATHIS = CHORAL POETRY = SANGUICOLOUS = ZEUHL WORTZ (Music of the universal might).

AQ 427 = JOHNNY'S GREATEST HITS (490 consecutive weeks, 9½ years, on Billboard Album Chart; Guinness Book Of World Records) = ATTAINDER BY CONFESSION = BLACK IDENTITY IN EUROPE (Pete Nowakoski, Emory) = DAS BUCH DER HÄNGENDEN GÄRTEN (If this is the site, the event can be heard in the iconoclastic works Schönberg composed between 1909 and 1912, breaking through "every restriction of a bygone aesthetic" as he said about the song cycle "Das Buch der hängenden Garten" —David Sneek, Being and Event Reading Group) = THE ANGLOSPHERE CHALLENGE = THE LEADER OF THE BLACK MALES (Omowale Adewale: Malcolm X).

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