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internet connection goes fizzy when i start Cycle #37 post early halloween morning. muck around Cycle #37's Sabian symbols while waiting. ASSESSE {07AQ07} ~ AQ 8º The fall-fashion display has opened in the fine stores and in their windows are beautifully gowned wax figures; ELEPHENOR {12CP43} ~ CP 13º Back against the mountains towards the East that fringe the roof of the world a fire worshipper is meditating. (hmm, LUCIFER {19LI45} & VESTA {20LI24} @ EON-34 New Seed Released). finally dial 888-TWCABLE & wait an hour for Nicole to tell me LA servers down. i'm in pomona listening to Timmy singing real and real scary & check asteroid POMONA's Sabian symbol on Cycle #37 & crack up howling: POMONA {29SC19} SC 30º The town jester is in his element; it is Halloween and there is now justification for any and all of his pranks.

[+][+] highly recommended halloween reading: Specters of Marx

This hostility toward ghosts, a terrified hostility that sometimes fends off terror with a burst of laughter, is perhaps what Marx will always have had in common with his adversaries. He too will have tried to conjure (away) the ghosts, and everything that was neither life nor death, namely the re-apparition of an apparition that will never be either the appearing or the disappeared, the phenomenon or its contrary. He will have tried to conjure (away) the ghosts like the conspirators [conjurés] of old Europe on whom the Manifesto declares war. However inexpiable this war remains, and however necessary this revolution, it conspires [conjure] with them in order to exorc-analyze the spectrality of the specter. And this is today, as perhaps it will be tomorrow, our problem.
- - - - -
A conjuration, then, is first of all an alliance, to be sure, sometimes a political alliance, more or less secret, if not tacit, a plot or a conspiracy. It is a matter of neutralizing a hegemony or overturning some power. (During the Middle Ages, conjuratio also designated the sworn faith by means of which the bourgeois joined to together, sometimes against a prince, in order to establish free towns.) In the occult society of those who have sworn together [des conjurés], certain subjects, either individual or collective, represent forces and ally themselves together in the name of common interests to combat a dreaded political adversary, that is, also to conjure it away. For to conjure means also to exorcise: to attempt both to destroy and to disavow a malignant, demonized, diabolized force, most often an evil-doing spirit, a specter, a kind of ghost who comes back or who still risks coming back post mortem. Exorcism conjures away the evil in ways that are also irrational, using magical, mysterious, even mystifying practices. Without excluding, quite to the contrary, analytic procedure and argumentative ratiocination, exocism consists in repeating in the mode of an incantation that the dead man is really dead. It proceeds by formulae, and sometimes theoretical formulae play this role with an efficacity that is all the greater because they mislead as to their magical nature, their authoritarian dogmatism, the occult power they share with what they claim to combat.

hey! Vincent Price is on my nanoPod: darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand, creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize your neighborhood; and whosover shall be found without the soul for getting down, must stand & face the hounds of hell & rot inside a corpse's shell; the foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty-thousand years, & grizzy ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom; & though you fight to stay alive your body starts to shiver, for no mere mortal can resist... the evil of the thriller.

best halloween ever.

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