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L practices Zen & Tibetan buddhism. Swami Atmavidyananda is not her sensei, he's from the Vendanta Society. his talk was on The Psychology of Spiritual Achievement comparing Brian Tracy with Hindu teachings from Swami Vivekananda and Swami Abhedananda (the same attitudes, habits, practices, and character qualities that are needed for success in any wordly endeavor are also necessary for spiritual life). strangely, conservative Whittier celebrating its first Day of The Dead festival. Swami Atmavidyananda's temple was performing a Kali Puja until 3AM. he unofficially began his talk by describing Kali Puja. his talk provided answers for some of my personal stuff. the most helpful thing was an observation he made about a dinosaur documentary. it frustrated him because, do we really know what a dinosaur sounds like? just with a few bones science is able to bring these things to "life". we forget it's not "real" but based on hypothesis. transferring that to the spiritual realm helped me appreciate the hyperstitional process of making internal fictions real. like Mumford, creating a present with an unavoidable & inescapable future. with just a few spiritual bones.

surprise. a woman "just showed up to say hi" & stayed for the talk — she still has her gohonzon. L bought us all Thai food. a young man came in to buy sage & stayed for the talk. on the drive back remembered it was my father's birthday & forgot to get a card. (i was born the day he graduated from med school & graduated college on his birthday). this morning bought funky little card with tiny type, threads & stars & an orange pumpkin squash. didn't complete this week's assignment: get tested for aspergers. last week my dad said, don't be disappointed if you don't have it. driving to the store realized i need to remember the efficacy of nam-myoho-renge-kyo instead of chanting mindlessly. decided on honesty, prayed for mercy, performed a mumford.

after opening card & asking me what i did last week he said, i see you're serious about this (aspergers) & here's where i need to help you. after we work that out i ask him if he found his new ipod. no, but i found my nano pod. (he bought a new ipod to replace the lost one). do you want the nano pod? it's got more than 600 songs on it, i'm sure you'll find something on it you'll like. do you have a CD player? doesn't work anymore. why don't you price a computer & i'll get that for your christmas present. dad! you're going to buy me a new computer so i can play a nano pod? no, that's your christmas present.

we go to his car & he pulls out pod, headphones, USB cord, but can't find the charger. go buy one, it should be pretty cheap.

my dad loves jazz & i've always wanted to know what he listened to. i tell him it's the most awesome gift in the world.


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