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ephy text files = 24MB. had to delete stuff from hard drive. now i know why i don't do an entire year. for cycle #35 had to update VOCs, kalachakra calendar & remove catchall catalog links.

former air force - med brat. first memory in Okinawa shocking self with Japanese lamp. still have that lamp, somewhere. we grew up with all these japanese things & the most beautiful thing was a porcelain geisha in a glass case. don't know where she ended up. so watching Memoirs of a Geisha (over & over, on cable all month, hey ... is it kosher for chinese actresses to act japanese geisha? be great if Mineko Iwasaki's story filmed with japanese actress) reminded me of My Geisha & everything eventually reminding me of zange. which led me to Zangeda to shite no tetsugaku & Kyoto School, Nishida Kitaro, Heidegger [+][+][+][+][+][+]. which had me reading Nichiren again (btw, totally against Pure Land teachings).

metanoesis : the '180 degree turn-over', is not a turning over by a 'doing or not-doing' you, a turning from positive to negative; it is not done by 'a you'. It is not done by any other 'entity' either. It is not done at all. It is the timeless, unceasing prajnaic functioning of our dhyanic non-being that becomes phenomenally present when there is neither doing nor non-doing, i.e. when there is 'fasting of the mind'. [+]

learned a simple zange formula years ago: Appreciation : Self-Realization (Hendoku Iyaku) : Apology : Determination. Hajime's ideas expanded my understanding a little. jiriki (self-power) & tariki (Other-power) had me thinking how to map this astrologically. tariki = imum coeli — what you don't know, you don't know. my IC {00SG36} conjunct asteroid ARTHUR {00SG15Rx} & fixed star DSCHUBBA {01SG59} (forehead/crown of the scorpion). Sagittarius 1º A group of elderly men in uniforms, eyes bright with reminiscence, are gathered at a Grand Army of the Republic campfire. DSCHUBBA influences Bad Morals, Immorality and shamelessness.

Since June 2000 the eye has been winking [...] In June 2000, the noted Argentinian amateur astronomer Sebastian Otero, who specialises in studying naked-eye variable stars, noticed that delta Sco had brightened by 0.1 magnitude [...] As soon as the outburst was notified, professional observatories turned their telescopes onto it to obtain spectra, in an attempt to find out what was happening. The star had already been classified as B0.3 IV - a very hot blue sub-giant [...] member of the Scorpius-Centaurus O-B Association [...] When however the spectrum of the star in outburst was studied, it was seen to have developed emission lines - bright lines indicating the presence of glowing gas near the star. Moreover these lines had double peaks, see Figure 3. One peak was always on the blue side of the normal wavelength for that line, indicating the emitting gas is approaching us; and the other peak was on the red side indicating recession [...] The explanation of the twin peaks is quite easy. The fast rotating star has spun off a ring of gas from its equator, making the emission line, glowing in a ring around the star like Saturn's rings. On one side the rotating ring is approaching us, on the other it is receding. Where the ring crosses the face of the star, there is less gas because we are looking through it instead of along it, and it is absorbing light of that frequency from the star. Figure 4 shows the situation. [+]

DSCHUBBA aka Iclarkrau or Isidus : Ploiaphesia or Navigium Isidis. Isis is "patron of navigation and inventress of the sail". PDF from Fellowship of Isis fixed calendar with lots of info. Ostia Museums has an image depicting the Navigium Isidis. The Golden Asse. Ninth Booke of Ovid's Metamorphosis [+].

going through some old stuff, came across a laminated image of Pazuzu [+][+][+]. still on the web after all these years!

thinking about karma & why i involve myself with things that have no value.

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