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Cycle #35

Cycle #35 :: 14-Oct-2006 to 25-Oct-2006

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on previous cycles Damocloid 1999_RG33 called "Eris", a proposed name. starting with this cycle, 2003_UB313 is ERIS.

End-point: #4826-WILHELMS {27SC14}

asteroid #4826-WILHELMS discovered 11-May-1988 by American Comet Hunter Carolyn Shoemaker, named for American USGS Astrogeologist & author Don Edward Wilhelms. Wilhelms heavily involved in US space program helping to map the moon & train Apollo astronauts. his books: Geologic History of the Moon "since 1987 ... has remained the cornerstone reference for all lunar geologists"; To a Rocky Moon, detailed accounts of Apollo missions 11-17. WILHELM: wil = will, helm = desire, protection [+][+][+][+][+][+].

Fast-Mover: #4487-POCAHONTAS {24VI56}

POCAHONTAS {24VI560} 297º39'18" from ZERO POINT @ EON-30 (Phase Arc 288° ~ Waning Quintile) Application, Authentic Participation, Greater Whole, Serving; conjunct ZIDEK {24VI01}, BOLIVIANA {24VI02}, EUREKA {24VI07}, ATROPOS {24VI29}, WILD {24VI38}, COR_CAROLI {24VI38}, NEAT {24VI53}, FLORENCE {24VI53}, PARIS {25VI15} & TISIPHONE {25VI17}.

827 Top Guns

ZERO_POINT {27SC17} represents asteroids ORCHIS' natal position on 827 Chart. natal positions for #4487-POCAHONTAS {05SG17} & #5261-EUREKA {06SG22}. ICARUS {15SG22 natal} was the first EON-1 asteroid to reach EON-36 & return to its natal position on Cycle #34, ICARUS {16SG16}. EUREKA {02LI13} becomes top gun on Cycle #36 :: 26-Oct-2006 to 06-Nov-2006 bypassing POCAHONTAS {00LI35} & reaches EON-36 (approx Cycle #43 :: 19-Jan-2007 to 30-Jan-2007) & Return (Cycle #45 :: 12-Feb-2007 to 23-Feb-2007) before POCAHONTAS. POCAHONTAS will be the 3rd asteroid to reach EON-36/Return.

01—050827 Pocahontas   5 sa 17' 1.1493   0.4182068    0°49'44.9112 + {24VI56} EON-30
02—050827 Eureka       6 sa 22'24.6285   0.5143485    0°18'16.2187 + {24VI07} EON-30
03—050827 Shoemaker   17 sa 45'14.3620   0.3081514   18°41'53.1697 + {02VI17} EON-28
04—050827 Atlantis     5 sa 15' 6.7774   0.3797044  -19°59'30.9683 + {10LE40} EON-26
05—050827 Rudra        1 sa 35'35.8333   0.8549497  -46°24'13.5917 + {03LE59} EON-25
06—050827 Melpomene   20 sa 48' 6.4557   0.1612729  -14° 3'32.2464 + {00LE49} EON-25
07—050827 Soma        24 sa 51'19.8631   0.1798327  -22°20' 6.6428 + {27CN47} EON-25
08—050827 Penney      12 sa 14'46.8846   0.2501979  -21°42'25.2869 + {19CN02} EON-24
09—050827 Bluepeter   13 sa 16'30.9974   0.2317639  -19°22'52.3904 + {17CN09} EON-24
10—050827 NASA        21 sa 35'55.8344   0.1432510  -20°12'19.8261 + {14CN18} EON-24
11—050827 T.Mountain  12 sa 47'25.0259   0.1834945  -38° 3'51.0708 + {11CN28} EON-23
12—050827 Watts       20 sa 32'27.9043   0.1552775  -29°57'27.9483  {06CN40} EON-23
13—050827 Randyrose   14 sa 29' 9.7646   0.3107110  -23°32'11.6013  {05CN56} EON-23
14—050827 Nicolaia     1 sa 55'19.7843   0.3959637  -29°30'11.8819  {05CN51} EON-23
15—050827 Helvetia    14 sa 51' 1.4742   0.3455608  -24°30'53.5298 + {04CN09} EON-23
16—050827 Tyche       24 sa 28'12.7682   0.1316208   -5° 3' 1.0046 + {29GE47} EON-22
17—050827 Cheshirecat  0 sa 29'31.2082   0.1598975  -17°48' 4.0271 + {29GE36} EON-22
18—050827 Tolerantia   8 sa  9'15.4344   0.2647323  -17° 9'11.3527 + {26GE39} EON-21
19—050827 Knysna      13 sa 40'59.1536   0.3841128  -24°16'36.0705 + {21GE16} EON-20
20—050827 Aurochs     10 sa 51' 3.2477   0.2335656  -15°59'20.1171 + {20GE53} EON-20

ICARUS {21SG070} 23º49'54" from ZERO POINT @ EON-1 (Phase Arc 0° ~ Conjunction) Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype; conjunct UTTUNUL {21SG50Rx}.

Hendoku-Iyaku Transit: #2037-TRIPAXEPTALIS {13LI18}

triangulating between "triPax" & "septAlice" locates the mid-point, or location of Hendoku Iyaku. MoonCat explains different astrological aspects: Trines (360/3=120°) make up the 3rd harmonic & considered harmonious; Septiles (360/7=51.43°) are the 7th harmonic & considered mystical. the midpoint is a Bi-Novile aspect (360/9=40° | 40° x 2 = 80°): novile = 40°, bi-novile = 80°, quad-novile = 160°. numerologically, 3+3+3=9 & resonates with the novile aspects, or the 9th harmonic. generally, EON phase for triPax asteroid is EON-13, EON phase for septAlice asteroid is EON-6 & EON phase for midpoint asteroid is EON-9 (which fits since EON-9 represents the ground of operation). if closest triPax asteroid less than 120° phase is EON-12. if closest septAlice asteroid less than 51.43° phase is EON-5.

MIDPOINT :: ELEPHENOR {09CP160} — 85º57'32" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-9 : Lichtung, Ground of Operation, Maturation, Swift Growth ~ Jupiter Trojan asteroid #23355-ELEPHENOR discovered 17-Oct-1960 by C. J. van Houten, I. van Houten-Groeneveld, T. Gehrels; named after Elephenor, son of Chalcodon and captain of the proud Abantes [+][+]. Capricorn 10° On the deck of an old fashioned sailing ship seamen are taming an albatross that feeds from their hand. asteroid ELEPHENOR represents US Republican Party on 827 List. US 2006 Mid-Term & Governor Elections :: Governor (36 states: 22 Republican / 14 Democrat), Senate (33 of 100 seats) & House (all 435 seats). election day Tuesday, 07-Nov-2006 occurs on Cycle #02/037/07 :: 07-Nov-2006 to 18-Nov-2006.

JSTOR: Euboia before the Lelantine War :: JSTOR: Elephenor, the ruler of the Abantes, appears as a sort of Bretwalda (dux) in Euboia. It will be advisable to quote the whole passage in the catalogue...

The Basileis: Kingdoms of Greek Myth :: This section of describes the basileis or kingdoms of Greece as they existed in the time of myth, or more specifically in the days of the Trojan War. EUBOIA :: Capital: Khalkis ~ "They who held Euboia, the Abantes, whose wind was fury, Khalkis, and Eretria, the great vineyards of Histiaia, and seaborne Kerinthos and the steep stronghold of Dion, they who held Karystos and they who dwelt about Styra, of these the leader was Elephenor, scion of Ares, son of Khalkodon and lord of the great-hearted Abantes. And the running Abantes followed with him, their hair gown long at the back, spearmen furious with the outreached ash spear... Following along with him were forty black ships." - Homer, The Iliad 2.536

Homer and the Homeric tradition :: The few verses in the Iliad (II, 537) devoted to Euboea and its inhabitants, the fearsome Abantes, are part of an excursus that has been known since antiquity as the Catalog of Ships, since it lists the naval forces the Achaeans or Greeks brought to the siege of Troy. These verses are hardly more than an enumeration of the seven "cities" then existing in Euboea. Eretria heads the list [...] This poet [Nonnos of Panopolis] is the only author to attribute to the city of Eretria (mentionned once again at the head of the list) the adjective "supercilious" (ophryoessa, derived from ophrys, eyebrow). This epithet can probably be explained by the presence of the acropolis and by the role of observation post it was supposed to play.

SEPTILE :: UNIVERSITAS {04SG590} — 51º41'6" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-6 : Endurance, Illuminating Intervention, Larger Forces, Crisis of Growth ~ asteroid #905-UNIVERSITAS, Flora family of asteroids, discovered 30-Oct-1918 by A. Schwassmann; named for the University of Hamburg established in 1919.

Hamburg - Gateway to the World of Knowledge :: The University of Hamburg is one of the younger German universities. Its establishment is documented not in a provincial foundation charter, but in a sober official announcement of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg on April 1, 1919. The roots of the university, however, reach back to the beginning of the 17th century. In 1613 an intermediate level of education between school and university (Akademisches Gymnasium) was founded. For two semesters general lectures were offered to students before they turned to their special studies.
- - - -
During the time of the Weimar Republic the young university quickly acquired international standing in a number of disciplines due to its outstanding scholars. The close ties to institutions such as Aby Warburg's "Cultural Studies Library" [+] or Ablrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy's "Institute of Foreign Policy" established new forms and content of interdisciplinary cooperation. The National Socialist dictatorship destroyed this short flourish, primarily by forcing the firing of around fifty scholars and scientists, among them the most eminent at the university. Some, such as the psychologist William Stern, the philosopher Ernst Cassirer and the physical chemist Otto Stern, are memorialized in busts and plaques as are the student members of the Hamburger branch of the "White Rose" [+] who gave their lives in the resistance against the wrongful regime.

UNIVERSITAS {04SG590} : SagittariusAn owl is gravely perched high and deep in the shade of an old landmark of a tree, solitary on a point of land + current transit of #7571-WEISSE_ROSE {11SC51} : Scorpio 12° A brilliant assembly of dignitaries is seen on a highly polished dance floor; it is an important embassy ball.

TRINE :: WOJAKOWSKI {13AQ230} — 120º4'35" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-13 : Stimulation, Determined Activity, Developing, Kernel Issues ~ named for 2005 Intel ISEF winner [+]. (affectionately used for Mike Wazowski, who wrote Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me, & Wojeciehowicz). Aquarius 14° A long and heavy train climbs the steep mountain grade and at last a tunnel offers a shortcut to the other side.

Maria Malgorzata Wojakowski [+][+] : Nest Site Microhabitat Influences Nest Temperature and Offspring Sex Ratio of the Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) : Intel Foundation Achievement Awards for outstanding work in any field, Award of $5,000 & Zoology - Fourth Award of $500; American Veterinary Medical Association Second Award of $700. diamondback terrapin has wide geographical distribution from New York State to Texas (note Florida subspecies); Malaclemys terrapin [...] exhibits a remarkably complex suite of physiological and behavioural features that allow it to exploit one of the most productive of the world's ecosystems - the salt marsh [+].

University of Maryland, Motto: Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine ("Manly deeds, womanly words"), Nickname: Terrapins. Testudo, diamondback terrapin mascot. UM near Washington, DC with strong research-funding government partnerships (NSF, NIH, NASA, DoD, NSA). joint NASA-University of Maryland Deep Impact; Goddard Space Flight Center; 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics & COBE's principal investigators John C. Mather (senior astrophysicist at Goddard) & George Smoot (professor of physics at UC Berkeley).

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