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checked and intrigued by space-time vortex:

SATELLITE ZAPPED: The solar explosion that sparked auroras over Europe also zapped NASA's Gravity Probe B satellite, temporarily causing it to lose track of its guide star, IM Pegasi. Gravity Probe B is no ordinary satellite--it's one of the most exquisite physics experiments ever attempted. Physicists are monitoring gyroscopes inside the spacecraft for wobbles that would indicate a subtle space-time vortex around Earth predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity. Good news: Solar activity has ebbed and Gravity Probe B is back to normal.

article In Search of Gravitomagnetism mentioned a london moment and a link to:

Gravitomagnetism has a history that is at least as long as that of general relativity itself. The idea that mass currents might generate the gravitational analogue of magnetic fields, and crude experiments to look for such effects predated Einstein ... The gravitomagnetic "dragging of inertial frames'' by rotating matter has played a part in discussions about the meaning and usefulness of Mach's principle, in astrophysical models of jets near accreting, rotating black holes, and in proposals for testing alternative theories of gravity. It is no surprise then, that substantial effort during the past 30 or so years has gone into trying to measure gravitomagnetism ... There are three main effects of gravitomagnetism in the solar-system: 1. Precession of a gyroscope; 2. Precession of orbital planes; and, 3. Precession of the pericenter.

a london moment, named after physical scientist Fritz London, is A quantum-mechanical phenomenon whereby a spinning superconductive metal sphere generates a magnetic field whose axis lines up exactly with the spin axis; The magnetic moment of any rotation of any superconductor, caused by the electrons lagging behind the rotation of the object [source].

The London Moment and SQUID: Reading the Unreadable ~ How can one monitor the spin axis orientation of this near-perfect gyroscope without knowing where the spin axis is on the gyroscope? What tool could sense its orientation without disturbing its rotation? The answer comes from a unique quantum-mechanical phenomenon called the "London moment."

Fritz London, a physical scientist, was experimenting in the early 1900's with metals with a unique property called "superconductivity." This is a property of only some metals and alloys in which the metal (or alloy) conducts electricity without any resistance. When electricity flows through metals, such as copper wires, at room temperature, there is always some resistance to the electrons flowing through the metal. Yet, some metals can conduct electricity without any resistance, and are called "superconducting metals." Pure metals must be dramatically cooled, reducing their temperature to just a few degrees above absolute zero (0 Kelvin,-273°C, -549°F), for this property to emerge, while certain alloys become superconductive at moderately cool temperatures.

London discovered something remarkable about these superconducting metals; he discovered that when a superconducting metal sphere spins (or an object coated with a superconducting metal spins), it creates a magnetic field around itself.

On the surface of the spinning metal, electrons lag behind the metal's positively-charged atoms creating a small difference field. This difference generates a magnetic field. What is even more remarkable about this phenomenon (and fortunate for Gravity Probe B) is that the axis of this magnetic field lines up exactly with the axis of the spinning metal.

i practice a form of astrological triangulation to sort through a diversity of astronomical events. i've already posted quite a bit of information concerning sunspot #720. two things that might help sort this all out: (1) time is elastic and you are not limited to the range of selected dates; and (2) enter this event at your personal resonance. for example -- if you're resonating to sunspot #777 & asteroid gutemberga -- why wait for sunspot #777 to appear nearside? time-travel forward.

let me see if i can give an idea of how astro-triangulation works.

several hours ago i go to and hear about space-time vortex, gyroscopes, and gravitomagnetism. this is occurring at the same time as ORO; however, LONDON appears to be what this new information is pointing to. in other words: ORO's influence is to provide a new data stream and the new data stream points directly to LONDON. triangulation (simply) is defining an unknown location by using two known locations. since ORO provides the incoming stream, let's see if we can identify another location (asteroid) and check it against Yildun at the same day and time as LONDON.

this was easy:



Demeter's pale lamps is from D.H. Lawrence's Bavarian Gentians. On 23-Jan, asteroid #1108 DEMETER was at Capricorn 01 direclty opposite Yildun at Cancer 01 (180º38'21.7607'') in Phase 19: Repolarization, Universal Sphere, Line of Awareness, Tensile Power. Therefore, AGAMEMNON gains new meaning when we factor in DEMETER, GRAVITOMAGNETISM ... the LONDON MOMENT. Oppositions integrate and can create tension between A (Yildun) and B (Demeter-Agamemnon) -- like a tug of war. a square, otoh, contracts, which is what HORUS represents: it is the midpoint between YILDUN and DEMETER:


ADFGJKX is from Liber Qwyz (69) and is mentioned in this post, and TCHAKKI is part of the Pandemonium Matrix: mapping between incompatible time-systems and operates in Zone 6.

Tchakki's mesh number resonates with Demeter's phase number.

Mesh-19. Tchakki (Chuckles). Bag of Tricks. Pitch Ana-1. Net-Span 6::4 Amphidemon of Combustion. Decadology. C/tp-#6, Mn+ [6H]. 1st Decademon. Rt-1:[4187236] Quenching accidents (apprentice smiths). [+1 sub-Rt]. Rt-2:[45187236] Mappings between incompatible time-systems (Herakleitean fire-cycle). [+1 sub-Rt]. Rt-3:[456] Conflagrations (shrieking deliria, spontaneous combustion).


Malé, the capital of Maldives was severely hit during the recent magnitude 9.0 earthquake (wiki-link indicates furthest recorded death due to the tsunami occuring at East London in South Africa, 7 800km (4 800 miles) away from the epicentre.

3:34am ~ 25-Jan. thinking about this some more thought of the one gravitomagnetism symbol that stands out the most: the gyroscopes on Gravity Probe B are the "roundest objects ever made" and have "perfect sphericity". made me think of spheres of influence. demeter opp yildun with agamemnon 5 degrees away. and it's probably dememter-yildun squaring horus. so, agamemnon (with its london moment) has this ability to observe & analyze within 0.5 milliarcseconds. no wonder london keeps track of time, eh?

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