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it's all in the cards

took Duquette's ceremonial magick deck with me. did tarot readings for my nieces tonight. think of a question, pick three cards (past-present-future). i'd turn over each card discussing different aspects of their questions. my pc's not connected, but i have the Book of Thoth card stuff saved on my pc & open it in the browser to check on stuff. they didn't tell me the questions, but let me know if i got it "right". btw, last night i pulled the Princess of Cups when i got upset about something. baby niece is first (when i pull out the cards she asks for a reading). i shuffle the deck several times & cut it. her future card is Art which she loves because it's pretty. i give it to her to look at until i leave. older niece at mom's pc demands reading. i'm reminding her of basic instructions as i shuffle the deck & she's going, yeah yeah, i know from the last time. her first card is the Princess of Swords & i kinda sorta freak. baby niece is behind me on the couch looking at the deck & i tell her to pull out the rest of the Princesses. she finds the Princess of Disks & i put it on my keyboard. say something inane about working with the Princess of Swords previously & blurble something hopefully divinatory. next card. Princess of Cups. i immediately turn over last card & it's the Princess of Wands. baby niece now realizes why she can't find the rest of the Princesses as i have a cow. older niece wants to know what this means. i yell, as soon as i figure that out i'll tell you. she finally admits she wasn't thinking of a question & demands another reading since she was torn between two questions. after carefully removing all Princesses, re-shuffle deck. 2nd card is Seven of Cups which is 7 martini glasses & olives in this deck (all three cards are Venusian). as i'm working out an interpretation, go to the browser & look up Seven of Cups. shit fuck & damn. i tell her this is a good card, you're in a good place right now with your question. we work out that it's not a good idea to drink seven martinis all at once, but sometimes it's a good idea to drink seven martinis all at once. she gives me a clue about the question. sometimes my friend gives me advice but i act like i'm not taking it. i think about & maybe revise it until it works for me. (something like that). then i say: do what thou wilt is the whole of the law. say this several times feeling slightly shocked at myself. future card has Hexagram 27 Nourishment. pull out my tarot bag with mini i-ching book: only take in that which nourishes you. do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.

then we make coffee & hot chocolate for everybody with massive amounts of whipped cream, minature marshmallows & double chocolate fudge. later, at mom's pc, i explain different cards my older niece pulls from the deck. one of them is Lust. she totally gets it. so she's standing there telling me, my dad thinks i need to go to church. but i don't believe in any of that stuff. i say: do what thou wilt is the whole of the law. i know, she says. and as she walks away says, sounds good to me.

note to self: write this down on bright green postit note thingy & give to older niece:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.

ps. yes, if i let you pull four cards instead of three you would have pulled all the princesses.

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