northanger (northanger) wrote,

ten bucks.

original 06/15/2005 ticket was ten bucks & change for non-registration & no insurance. had to pay over $1000 with several failure to appear notices. woke up at 6am, coffee at 7:37am, court started at 8:30am, line number 55, finished by 10ish. checking in with court clerk, required to sign piece of paper saying it was ok for a non-judge (lawyer, a george d.) to preside over my case. who immediately dropped all failure to appears. he didn't smirk, exactly, (but did this funny wordless thingy with his mouth) as he looked at your paperwork then looked at you asking: where the fuck have you been? the, um, non-pc version of what he really wanted to say. which i answered after showing proof of registration & insurance. & then paid ten bucks administrative fee.

judge judy would've tore me a new one, my sister said.

probably stay until sunday. having fun, wish you were here. blah blah. blah blah.


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