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fifth tropical depression formed 24-Aug near Windward Islands. air force reconnaissance discovered enough wind to consider it a tropical cyclone. upgraded 25-Aug & named Tropical Storm Ernesto. 26-Aug, Ernesto's central pressure dropped to 999mb & models indicated Ernesto could lead to "significant strengthening" (however, the intensity forecast remains uncertain) becoming "a potentially dangerous hurricane as it moves across the northwestern Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico".

ERNESTO is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of ERNEST: Derived from Germanic eornost meaning "seriousness". The American author and adventurer Ernest Hemingway was a famous bearer of this name. Also, this name was used by Oscar Wilde in his comedy 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. other Ernests; Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (Che Guevara). Ernesto by Italian writer Umberto Saba (pseudonym for Umberto Poli) [+][+][+][+][+].

Princess of Swords • Hexagram 18

Book of Thoth ~ The Princess of Swords represents the earthy part of Air, the fixation of the volatile. She brings about the materialization of Idea. She represents the influence of Heaven upon Earth. She partakes of the characteristics of Minerva and Artemis, and there is some suggestion of the Valkyrie. She represents to some extent the anger of the Gods, and she appears helmed, with serpent-haired Medusa for her crest. She stands in front of a barren altar as if to avenge its profanation, and she stabs downward with her sword. The heaven and the clouds, which are her home, seem angry [...] In the Yi King, the earthy part of Air is represented by the 18th hexagram, Ku. This means "troubles"; it is, for all practical and material matters. The most unhappy symbol in the book. All the fine qualities of Air are weighed down, suppressed, suffocated.


currently, ernesto 120 miles S-SW of Port Au Prince, Haiti / 255 miles E-SE of Kingston, Jamaica. upgraded to hurricane strength (category one, 75mph, 990mbar) at 504 AM EST. very little windshear, eye remains small. tropical storm warning for Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti & Dominican Republic. hurricane watch for Caymans, Cuba & Jamaica. heavy rains expected in Haiti & Dominican Republic today. ernesto could reach Haiti's southwestern tip later today & Cuba's southeastern coast monday. tropical storm watch may be required for portions of Florida Keys later today. big changes overnight with rapid intensification with optimum conditions "highly conducive for rapid intensification" leading to a major hurricane. forecast track moved rightward taking ernesto across Florida peninsula & reaching southeastern Florida in 84 hours. "All of the global and regional models now agree on recurvature over the eastern Gulf of Mexico around 96 hours ... and take Ernesto northeastward across the central or northern Florida peninsula by 120 hours. The offical track is similar to but a little west of the consensus models." intensity forecast depends on Cuba-Haiti route: "very favorable low-shear and enhanced outflow pattern is forecast by all of the global models to persist right up until landfall along the Florida west coast. If Ernesto doesn't linger over Cuba for more than 24 hours ... then major hurricane strength seems likely by 96-108 hours."

Atlantis 27-Aug launch push back due to Friday lightning strike [+]. weather ok at launch pad, Atlantis has several landing sites; however, Mission Control located in Houston & ernesto heading there could end STS-115 early. if that strong right curve remains steady, ernesto appears headed for Florida.

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