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SUN {04VI26} conjunct (& incarnates) RHESUS {04VI16}, TISIPHONE {04VI19} & VULCAN {04VI46Rx}. RHESUS probably named for King Rhesus of Thrace who fought on the side of the Trojans, his country was attacked by Scythia (asteroid SCYTHIA {18LI06} conjunct MOON); RHESUS can also represent the monkey, Rhesus blood factor & "resuscitation" (medicine); TISIPHONE is one of the Erinyes (karmic equilibrium) & her name means "avenging murder"; VULCAN is a hypothetical planet between Mercury & the Sun, named after the Roman god of fire (Greek, Hephaestus). Sabian Symbol :: SUN {04VI26} ~ VirgoA man lies dreaming in the shade of an Irish countryside; his dreams bring to him the playful little people.

P.FORTUNE {22AQ36} conjunct FLORYA {21AQ31Rx}, SPIVAKOV {22AQ07Rx}, ENSOR {23AQ31Rx}, 2003_OP32 {24AQ13Rx} & CATRIONA {25AQ29Rx} — "Catriona" is another form of "Katrina". i use asteroid LOUISE to represent New Orleans. LOUISE {00VI25} conjunct POCAHONTAS {00VI38} & ATROPOS {01VI11}. Atropos is one of the Moirae & her name means ""inexorable" or "inevitable" & she cuts the thread of life. so, this chart seems to fit with the upcoming anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Sabian Symbol :: P.FORTUNE {22AQ36} ~ Aquarius 23° A big trained bear sitting on a chair especially built for him is waving all four paws in grotesque fashion.

MOON {18LI24} conjunct SCYTHIA {18LI06}, HOPI {18LI05}, BAGHDAD {18LI13} & WHITERABBIT {20LI27}. Sabian Symbol :: MOON {18LI24} ~ Libra 19° A gang of robbers are seen in hiding, ready and anxious to attack the heavily armed caravan just coming into sight.

the stars that make up Orion's Belt are Mintaka (the belt), Alnilam (the string of pearls) & Alnitak (the belt). NASA {23GE46} conjuct ALNILAM {23GE33} & midpoint for MINTAKA {22GE27} & ALNITAK {24GE46}. also between MINTAKA & ALNITAK: ENTERPRISE {22GE53}, HELVETIA {23GE26}, YORK {24GE05}, AFRICANO {24GE33} & NAGASAKI {24GE35}. ASK {08CN20} & ARMSTRONG {07CN44} conjunct DESCENDANT {08CN37} & the midoint between ATLANTIS {23CN10} & NASA {23GE46}. Sabian Symbols :: NASA {23GE46} ~ Gemini 24° A group of carefree children, gaily dressed for their sport, are skating about smoothly on a backwoods pond : ATALANTE {16CN23} ~ Cancer 17° A huge precious stone is so cut that its principal facet mirrors the whole scene before it in sparkling miniature : ATLANTIS {23CN10} ~ Cancer 24° Three castaways, a woman and two men, stand on a bit of glorious sunlit land facing the broad southern ocean : ARMSTRONG {07CN44} ~ CancerAn imaginary land of rabbits is revealed, with its citizens faultlessly dressed and on dignified parade.

WHITERABBIT {20LI27} conjunct MOON {18LI24}; Sabian Symbol :: WHITERABBIT {20LI27} ~ Libra 21° It is a hot Sunday afternoon in summer and upon the beach is a milling crowd enjoying precious ocean freshness.

KARMA {08CP23}, OILEUS {09CP06Rx}, POTOMAC {09CP53Rx} conjunct ASCENDANT {08CP37}.

KARL MARX {25PI03Rx} & AMERICA {25PI07Rx} conjunct TRUE NODE {25PI24}.

APOLLON {24LI03} & CHILD {24LI34} conjunct MIDHEAVEN {24LI32}

goddess Adeona protected children when they left home for the first time. on this chart, ADEONA {07SG43} is part of a large constellation of asteroids near ANTARES {09SG51}: PATRICIANN {03SG16}, AUTUMN {08SG02}, NOT {08SG09}, TINTORETTO {08SG16}, IRANI {09SG16}, ERDA {09SG20}, IXION {10SG08}, HARRINGTON {10SG20Rx}, UNION {10SG23}, SWINDLE {10SG30}, HERMES {10SG33}, CUPIDO {10SG57}, HYAKUTAKE {11SG04}, ROWLING {11SG14} & JPL {11SG60}. Sabian Symbol :: ANTARES {09SG51} ~ Sagittarius 10° In a pageant of progress a glorious little maid with golden hair enacts the part of the goddess of opportunity.

that Baghdad Moon makes me want to pay particular attention to MERCURY at Virgo 0°, HERMES near ANTARES & NAGASAKI {24GE35}. the situation with North Korea hasn't been resolved. interestingly ISRAEL {23SG05} conjunct PLUTO {24SG06Rx} which was recently demoted. JERUSALEM {26AQ30Rx} conjunct CATRIONA {25AQ29Rx}. Sabian Symbol :: 1992_QB1 {20AR48Rx} ~ Aries 21° A pugilist flushed with life and strength is entering the ring. 1992_QB1 conjunct ADOLFINE {20AR53Rx}; ADOLFBORN {15SG56} midpoint between ANTARES {09SG51} & PETRGINZ {21SG53}. there are two children on this chart: Petr Ginz (his painting of the Earth from the Moon was onboard space shuttle Columbia STS-107) & Anne Frank. both died in concentration camps at fifteen. POTTER {05GE34} conjunct MANHATTAN {00GE24} & opposite PATRICIANN {03SG16} & ADEONA {07SG43} (ROWLING {11SG14} ~ Sagittarius 12° In a curious allegorical transformation a flag becomes an eagle, and the eagle becomes chanticleer triumphant). Sabian Symbol :: POTTER {05GE34} ~ GeminiIn flaring artificial light, amidst ghostly steam escaping through the rigging, grimy workmen are drilling for oil.

yes, there's a small pentagram with JUPITER at the apex; JUPITER {12SC49} conjunct ARARAT {12SC13}, URANIA {12SC37}, KOMENDANTOV {12SC43} & KLIO {12SC48}. Mount Ararat is the tallest peak in Turkey & where Noah probably landed. Sabian Symbol :: ARARAT {12SC13} ~ Scorpio 13° In a rattle trap old wooden barn an earnest man works in a maze of apparatus; invention at the point of success.

[27-Aug|08:56am] always use first scheduled launch/landing attempt for NASA astro. while NASA pushed back 24 hours due to friday lightning strike, this chart remains valid. process: setup chart at astrodienst & use asteroid feature to check approximately 500 asteroids. provides quick visual on where things are constellating. primary focus: SUN, POF, VERTEX, ASC, MC & other personal points. astrodienst only displays ten asteroids at a time, so my first objective is locating ten asteroids that best illustrate the chart's "story". must admit, since North Korea's missle launch minutes before STS-121 launch it's difficult not to see emerging world events on this chart. however, the main NASA feature for this day is asteroid NASA conjunct ALNILAM. since #11365-NASA moves approximately 1° every 48 hours is should still be in Orion constellation [+] at actual launch (NASA may push back another 24 hours).

when i started working this chart i was aware of astronaut Jeff Williams "spilling the beans" 22-Aug by revealing the official name of NASA's crew exploration vehicle before the official 31-Aug announcement.'s been tracking the Orion name & new logo which displays the three main stars forming Orion's belt. it's the fourth NASA logo featuring these three stars (Mintaka, Alnilam & Alnitak). asteroid NASA conjunct ALNILAM, ENTERPRISE conjunct MINTAKA & ARMSTRONG-DSC (9° from BETELGEUSE) midpoint for NASA-ATLANTIS tells the story for this chart. NAGASAKI {24GE35} conjunct ALNITAK {24GE46} can point to several things. on 26-Aug, Iran launched new phase in Arak heavy-water reactor project [+]. North Korea may be preparing an underground nuclear test. currently, it is also the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina & the Gulf Coast is dealing with the first hurricane of the season; potentially dangerous with category 3 potential. that's a lot of potential. but it's kinda interesting where the lightning strike actually showed up.

ARMSTRONG midpoint opposite ASCENDANT {08CP37} conjunct KARMA {08CP23} suggests ... what exactly? lol. i think karma is poorly misunderstood in the west & even after practicing buddhism myself for ten years i can't say i understand it much either. however, Brian mentions Crowley calling the HGA "Augoides" in Confessions, which i located here: The word in my Kamma work (in Burma) was Augoeides. googling kamma discovered intentional action (kamma; Sanskrit karma): Intention, I tell you, is kamma. Intending, one does kamma by way of body, speech, & intellect [+]. final section here says that ending kamma is the most noble kamma of all. does KARMA at the ASC represent the pivot point between the cessation of one thing & the start of a noble thing?

when i look at an event chart prior to the event i can only evaluate & analyze potential & contrast it against true will. certainly, this chart seems very auspicious illustrating NASA's ISS & Orion goals. asteroid NASA's conjunction with ALNILAM (string of pearls) suggests the sixteen Return to Assembly missions. NAGASAKI, in NASA's case, seems to suggest mastering all the internal/external forces necessary to successfully string all these missions (pearls) together & complete the ISS. overall, seems a good chart placement & setup for Atlantis STS-115.

Godspeed Atlantis STS-115.


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