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Rosmary Apricot Cornish Game Hens

2 Cornish Game Hens
1 Stick Butter for Basting
1 Bunch Fresh Rosemary
1 White Onion
1 Scaggle of Scallions

18oz Smucker's Apricot Preserves
2 Cups Brown Sugar
Another Stick of Butter

thaw cornish game hens. cook whole or cut in half. remove gibletty stuff (ewwie), rinse hens rubbing in salt & pepper (or, McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning). avoid thinking you're about to roast a newborn. remove fresh rosemary from stems & crush/squeeze/twist releasing rosemary goodness. light votive candle, breathe deep & relax. rub rosemary over hens inside & out. if whole, place rosemary sprigs in hen gut.

chop white onion & scallions (green & white parts, but cut off tops & ends removing bad browny bits). once you stop weeping, place hens in baking dish, dump onions all over & decorate wildly with rosemary sprigs. follow cooking directions on package.

melt half stick of butter (or the whole stick) & set aside (it's basting butter!). plop another stick in a pan & slowly melt. dump brown sugar into melted butter & shake or stir at your prerogative. actually, i dump in half a box. if you scorch any part of this, it's okay. actually, scorch something. feel free to make mistakes at anytime. the art of this seems to require a fly by the seat of your pants approach. hide your measuring spoons & cups! then let it boil & bubble. worry, just for a moment, you put in too much of this or that. eventually you'll see the golden goodness that it is & you're done with the sauce.

at some point, like any good southern cook, add a pinch of love.

fuss over hens, checking repeatedly. first, you want them to brown. once you see a little brown, start basting with melted butter. sometimes i just dump all the melted butter (full stick when i'm cooking several hens) over the hens when i put them in the oven. baste, baste, baste. turn over, baste. once you got a nice brown on the hens, remove butter from pan. keep onions & rosemary in there. dump some sauce over the hens (not the whole thing) & baste. goal here is to get a nice orange varnish on the hens. shellac the hens phase. shellac, cook, turn over, shellac some more. at some point, i turn off the oven & let the hens sit. remove pan from oven when you've got a nice orangey glow & let hens sit a moment before serving. yes, i do cook these longer than 1½ hour factoring in shellac phase. somehow the birds manage to stay moist.

serve with jasmine rice & any green veggie (snow peas or baby bok choy). offer three sets of sauce: {1} pure from sauce pan, {2} funky from baking dish, & {3} sieved from baking dish removing oniony, rosemaried, browny gobs of gunky stuff. serve to someone you love.

cultivate the necessary level of unconcern & worry & this should go well. i don't cook a lot, but i'm famous for this one dish & it manages to turn out ok every time. watch a movie & forget you're cooking. then suddenly remember & rush into the kitchen! (this works particularly well during the shellac phase).

dish inspired by the Frugal Gourmet.

ps. the little tail butt tab is very tasty.

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