northanger (northanger) wrote,

Via Combusta

 • Moon {15LI00} enters Via Combusta on 31-July @ 06:58:093711UT
 • Moon {00SC00} enters Scorpio on 01-August @ 13:07:509253UT
 • Moon {15SC00} exits Via Combusta on 02-August @ 18:37:412455UT

 • Moon {15LI00} enters Via Combusta on 27-August @ 13:35:093312UT
 • Moon {00SC00} enters Scorpio on 28-August @ 19:56:086960UT
 • Moon {15SC00} exits Via Combusta on 30-August @ 01:49:114615UT

 • Moon {15LI00} enters Via Combusta on 23-September @ 19:36:224820UT
 • Moon {00SC00} enters Scorpio on 25-September @ 01:54:126969UT
 • Moon {15SC00} exits Via Combusta on 26-September @ 07:50:336347UT

 • Moon {15LI00} enters Via Combusta on 21-October @ 01:45:505033UT
 • Moon {0SC00} enters Scorpio on 22-October @ 07:54:130341UT
 • Moon {15SC00} exits Via Combusta on 23-October @ 13:38:011207UT

 • Moon {15LI00} enters Via Combusta on 17-November @ 08:41:467391UT
 • Moon {0SC00} enters Scorpio on 18-November @ 14:46:316610UT
 • Moon {15SC00} exits Via Combusta on 19-November @ 20:18:566571UT

 • Moon {15LI00} enters Via Combusta on 14-December @ 16:30:573406UT
 • Moon {0SC00} enters Scorpio on 15-December @ 22:42:318777UT
 • Moon {15SC00} exits Via Combusta on 17-December @ 04:18:402846UT

 • Moon {15LI00} enters Via Combusta on 11-January @ 00:45:010025UT
 • Moon {0SC00} enters Scorpio on 12-January @ 07:07:388824UT
 • Moon {15SC00} exits Via Combusta on 13-January @ 13:01:444355UT

Tags: via combusta

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