northanger (northanger) wrote,

Two Worlds

Put your faith in what you most believe in
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

A paradise untouched by man
Within this world blessed with love
A simple life, they live in peace

Softly tread the sand below your feet now
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

Beneath the shelter of the trees
Only love can enter here
A simple life, they live in peace

Raise your head up
Lift high the load
Take strength from those that need you
Build high the walls
Build strong the beams
A new life is waiting
But danger's no stranger here

No words describe a mother's tears
No words can heal a broken heart
A dream is gone, but where there's hope

Somewhere something is calling for you
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

(first track on Tarzan soundtrack)

Armageddon on last night, which Roger Ebert wrote: "the movie is an assault on the eyes, the ears, the brain, common sense and the human desire to be entertained." lol. actually, 2010 seems more fitting since Discovery & her crew returns to a vastly different world. except for one thing ... the folks who love them. really, i need to get a list of space shuttle movies. in Armageddon, Grace & Harry are at Launch Complex 34 & there's a shot of a plaque: IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO MADE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE SO OTHERS COULD REACH FOR THE STARS - AD ASTRA PER ASPERA (A ROUGH ROAD LEADS TO THE STARS) GOD SPEED TO THE CREW OF APOLLO 1.

 • Ad astra :: The phrase may have its origin with Seneca the Younger, who wrote non est ad astra mollis e terris via ("there is no easy way from the earth to the stars"), or possibly from Virgil, who wrote sic itur ad astra ("thus you shall go to the stars"; Aeneid book IX, line 641) and opta ardua pennis astra sequi, ("they choose hardship that follow the stars on wings"; book XII, lines 892–893).

 • Kansas State Motto :: There has been some speculation that the motto, Ad Astra per Aspera, was formed by the fusion of ideas and words from two lines in Virgil's Aenid. The two lines are sic itur ad astra, from Book IX (line 641) and opta ardua pennis astra sequi, from Book XII (lines 892-3).

hmm... Book IX. from Book VI: "Romans, these are your arts: to bear dominion over the nations, to impose peace, to spare the conquered and subdue the proud."

The stars in silent order mov'd around;
And Peace, with downy wings, was brooding on the ground
The flocks and herds, and party-color'd fowl,
Which haunt the woods, or swim the weedy pool,
Stretch'd on the quiet earth, securely lay,
Forgetting the past labors of the day.

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