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Italy beats France

bunch of Asians commandeered two, maybe three or four aparments in my complex. they got a bunch of bikes. & they're noisy (& eat watermelon & argue vociferously). in the laundry room i hear all this yelling going on the other day. why? (i love california in the summer with the windows open ... you know when one of our teams scores or wins). anyway, i finally figure it out: Italy's playing Germany.

 • Seven Reasons Why U.S. Will Never Embrace Soccer

apropos of something: never heard of Gore Vidal's Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace before. googling something else, found this 2002 Pravda link: Americans fear answering the question: "Why do they hate us so?". "The End of Liberty" essay first published in Italy (Vanity Fair refused to print it for "market reasons"). different versions: [+][+][+] [+].

According to the Koran, it was on Tuesday that Allah created the darkness [+]. On the 11th day of September, when suicidal pilots launched American commercial airplanes against significant points of architecture, I did not need to turn my eyes away from the television and look at a calendar to know what day it was: the Tuesday of Darkness had cast its shade on Manhattan and all along the Potomac River. I was also not surprised that despite the seven or so trillion dollars we have spent since 1950 on what is euphemistically called "Defense," there would have been no advance warning from the FBI or CIA or Defense Intelligence Agency. While the Bushites have been eagerly preparing for the last war but two—missiles from North Korea, clearly marked with flags, would rain down on Portland, Oregon only to be intercepted by our missile-shield balloons—the foxy Osama bin Laden knew that all he needed for his holy war on the infidel were fliers willing to kill themselves along with those random passengers who happened to be aboard hijacked airliners.

The trouble, fellow citizens, is that it is beginning to appear increasingly certain that the mainstream media seem only able to understand the effect part of the equation, which means that the causes apparently are left to float in some sort of a-historical ether. Much like the coverage of the anti-globalization protests of the past few years, the media has generally only seen fit to deal with the after effects of the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center attacks, while ignoring the underlying causes for why the attacks occurred in the first place. Whereas Tim McVeigh (like Lee Harvey Oswald before him) has been portrayed as a lone maniac bent on evil, Al Queda is written off as the creation of an "axis of evil." They hate and fear our freedoms, we're told. They hate our way of life, they hate our institutions, they hate our economic system, so they seek to destroy it. What are we to do but fight back? Sounds simple enough, and a pretty easy battle cry to rally around, as it couched in a "clash of civilizations" like rhetoric. But doesn't it stand to reason that all of this hatred and fear has some sort of underlying cause? [+]

Bin Laden strikes at America at the moment we are entering a world depression ... it is the most fragile moment in the West. For someone who does not wish us well that was brilliantly timed ... What Osama did is not a war. It can't be a war because Osama is not a nation. He is a gang. It is like being hit by the Mafia. You don't declare war on Sicily because the Mafia happen to live in Sicily. You don't bomb Palermo. You get the international police and you track him down. And if you are a really great nation you buy him. [+]
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