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asteroids #9739-POWELL & #47086-SHINSEIKO

asteroid POWELL conjunct QUADEA on 911 chart & POWELL conjunct USA-ASC {13SG10} (1776 Seed-Pattern), QB243 & NASA on QB1 discovery chart caught my interest. (see colorful mess on Cheney's chart). looked at 1st US Congress on 03-Mar-1789 for its POF to provide an astro-baseline (ie, first congress had the power to finance a standing army; in general, represents the power of the state). POWELL represents Colin Powell [+] & also decided to include asteroid SHINSEIKO representing Eric Shinseki [+]; both were four-star generals achieving high ranks of military service (Powell, 12th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Shinseki, 34th Chief of Staff, United States Army). each is also responsible for a military doctrine or vision: Powell Doctrine (first we're going to cut it off, then we're going to kill it) & Shinseki's transformation vision (Soldiers on point for the Nation transforming this, the most respected Army in the world, into a strategically responsive force that is dominant across the full spectrum of operations; Special Briefing on Objective Force Warrior, interview, Budgetary & Programming Obstacles to Army Transformation (pdf)). together, POWELL & SHINSEIKO represent American Army's ability to annihilate over & over & over; anyday, everywhere.

asteroid POWELL's placement on USA, 911 & Cheney charts had me wondering about the strength & deployment of the army. needed a way to distinguish between news reports & what i was seeing astrologically. imho, QB1 chart where POWELL conjuncts QB243 (developing a latent image — "the ideal within the mind") describes Powell's involvement in WMD issue. POWELL's astro importance heightened when one soldier killed & two soldiers missing near Yusufiya 16-June [+][+][+]. "combat stress debriefing" after the bodies of the two missing soldiers found uncovered a March incident in Mahmoudiya involving a 20-year old Iraqi women raped, murdered, burned & her family also killed. all soldiers (Yusufiya & Mahmoudiya) from 502nd Infantry Regiment. years earlier, Powell in the same unit (Charlie Company) responsible for My Lai & later commanded elements of the 502nd. we don't know right now whether Yusufiya & Mahmoudiya incidents direclty linked; however, the discovery of the Mahmoudiya incident is linked with Yusufiya.

this post looks at the discovery charts & Sabian symbols for asteorids POWELL & SHINSEIKO, & their positions on USA & 1st US Congress charts; these charts are the baseline. 911 chart identifies MERCURY-QB1 line; QB1 chart provides more info about how QB1 functions in a chart. USA actors (politicians, military, netroots) pay it forward by focusing on the USA ASCENDANT at Sagittarius 13°.

760704 Powell           5 cp 16'51.9714  -0.3146472  -29°33'15.2961
890304 Powell          27 vi 59'30.4297  -0.3072674  -27° 3'28.7859
410131 Powell           1 cp 15'16.9443   0.5606941  -32° 7' 1.2421
010911 Powell           8 cn 21'44.0219   0.4473173   35°25'24.5949
920830 Powell          13 sa 33'50.0584   0.3308705  -23°49'25.5973
060704 Powell          11 ar 46'30.3396   0.4434611   20° 8'46.0070

760704 Shinseiko       15 sa 53'59.9700  -0.1639704  -18°17' 0.0280
890304 Shinseiko        6 li 17'33.0377  -0.2054386  -22°26'45.2698
410131 Shinseiko       10 aq 32'52.0941   0.3611985   -8°16'35.6717
010911 Shinseiko       13 cp 27'22.8682   0.0196660   -9°37' 0.4132
920830 Shinseiko        9 aq 46' 2.9162  -0.1707416    0°26'58.4013
060704 Shinseiko       17 aq 24' 8.6757  -0.1312926    0°10'36.6941
asteroid #9739-POWELL

Powell Discovery Chart, Discovery position: 21 PIS 09. Sabian symbol: Pisces 22° Down the man-made mountain of industry in allegorical representation comes the prophet with tablets of a new law.

POWELL discovered 26-Sep-1987 by American astronomer Carolyn S. Shoemaker co-discover of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9; possibly named after US soldier, geologist & explorer John Wesley Powell famous for the Powell Geographic Expedition of 1869 [+]. Powell lost an arm during American civil war at the Battle of Shiloh. the 1869 expedition included the first passage through the Grand Canyon & in 1881 Powell became the second director of the US Geological Survey. Shoemaker's husband Gene [+] recreated the expedition in 1987 by re-visiting all the camera stations of the second Powell expedition; first example of photo matching examing the rate of how things change.

POWELL's Sabian symbol similar to Hitler's Sabian symbol for his Part of Inheritances & Part of Bondage. Keynote for this degree The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great "peak experience".

The symbol obviously refers to Moses after he received from the God of his people the basic principles upon which a new religion, and even more a new ritual of living, should be founded. This basic "Law" has to be "brought down". It represents a descent of formative and structuring power, a divine Revelation. This type of revealed knowledge contrasts with the kind of knowing born out of the experience of touch, of feeling, of warmth of contact. —Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala

USA's Inheritance #1 Aries 25°35' (ASC + Moon - Saturn) & Inheritance #2 Sagittarius 16°00' (ASC + Jupiter - Venus). Inheritance #1 conjunct FORTUNA {25AR09}; Inheritance #2 conjunct SHINSEIKO {15SG54Rx}. POWELL conjunct USA ASC on QB1 chart; SHINSEIKO conjunct USA ASC on USA chart. still parsing, however, USA chart represents the fight for independence & 1st US Congress chart represents sovereignty. EON-14 perfectly encapsulates the SHINSEIKO military force (irrepressibly individualizing) needed to separate the colonies from Britain. EON-17 also describes the POWELL attuning interplay with SHINSEIKO where Inheritance #1 underlines FORTUNA, the legacy of the Founding Fathers & Inheritance #2 re-illuminates SHINSEIKO. interestingly, both POWELL & SHINSEIKO @ EON-1 on 1st US Congress chart, perhaps supporting Shinseki's Objective Force goals of sending a brigade anywhere in the world within 96 hours, a division within 120 hours and five divisions within 30 days. ie, whether a situation requires an EON-26 or EON-7 response, a brigade is there within 96 hours, a division within 120 &c.

up until the time i worked the QB1 chart thought 911 broke USA's "protective shield". it did not. Gothic Line, represented by SUNDRE {11LI40} on USA chart, is a dynamic line. Bush may be right in locating the fight over there; however, think Murtha's over-the-horizon presence is the awareness that the enemy is too far within our line. my problem, with what i see in Cheney's chart, are the unresolved issues with Powell & Shinseki. makes me think POWELL & SHINSEIKO not yet properly deployed. more later.

asteroid #47086-SHINSEIKO

Shinseiko Discovery Chart, Discovery position: 10 CAN 54. Sabian symbol: Cancer 11° A clown is making merry, gently caricaturing all manners of human traits with his grimaces and pantomime.

SHINSEIKO discovered 10-Jan-1999 by Japanese astronomer Atsuo Asami (JSGA member). Asami maintains a private observatory called Hadano Astronomical Observatory to observe asteroids & comets. SHINSEIKO is the youngest natural lake in Japan and is located in Hadano, Kanagawa prefecture. As a result of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, the river flowing through a valley was cut off and the lake was formed. Today the lake is famous as an area of great natural beauty.

General Eric Ken Shinseki (ret.) the first Japanese-American (born in Hawaii) four-star general & the first Japanese-American to lead the U.S. Army. selected asteroid SHINSEIKO since it was as close as i could get to Shinseki. Sabian symbol seems to highlight alleged tension between Rumsfeld & Shinseki. whether this is true or not, retired generals mention Rumsfeld's treatment of Shenseki as grounds for Rumsfeld's resignation. Shinseiko Lake formation suggests eruptive change & separation. Sabian symbol suggests getting called on the carpet; humiliation, embarrassment &c. SHINSEIKO can also point to Shenseki's Stryker Brigade Combat Team, which wasn't 100% popular. however, SHINSEIKO conjunct USA ASC primarily carries the meaning of humiliating military defeats. losing the American colonies was certainly a humiliating British defeat.

America's Hexagram

USA-POWELL {05CP17Rx} conjunct AURORA, OKYRHOE, PYTHAGORAS, LINCOLN, KIERKEGAARD, OPPORTUNITY, ADMETOS, NASA; opposite VENUS, KARMA, WHITERABBIT, SKEPTICUS, JUPITER, ALAIN, QB1, POMONA, HELVETIA. USA-POWELL {05CP16Rx} 158º13'37" from USA-POF {27CN03} @ EON-17 Recognition, Interplay of Forces, Self-reflective, Attunement.

USA-SHINSEIKO {15SG54Rx} conjunct ERATO, RASALGETHI, ASCENDANT {13SG10} (1776 Seed-Pattern), LEWISCARROLL, BERNERS-LEE, HORATIUS; opposite BUSCH, KLUESING, CHURCH, MERAPI, NIHAL, TIFLIS, ALICE. USA-SHINSEIKO {15SG54Rx} 138º50'45" from USA-POF {27CN3} @ EON-14 Perseverance, Reality Check, Irrepressible Will, Individualizing.

1st US Congress

CONG-POWELL {28VI00Rx} 11º25'12" & CONG-SHINSEIKO {06LI18Rx} 19º43'15" from CONG-POF {16VI34} @ EON-1 Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype. POWELL conjunct CYLLARUS, DAEDALUS; SHINSEIKO conjunct CHAOS.

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