northanger (northanger) wrote,

Circle of pullers

Technically I don't suffer from any of the problems that have spawned support groups (my problems are thus far unlisted) but I think I pick up on the common denominator of these ads, the subtext, which is that everyone everywhere has terrible debilitating defects and burdens that are sources of immense shame and harrowing isolation, which if unaddressed can lead to insanity or antisocial behavior or being a little sadder or not as chatty and self-revealing as one would like, and that the thing to do is to find fellow sufferers, I mean survivors, and to commiserate on a weekly basis in a circle of metal folding chairs. (Apparently this takes place quite often in "church basements," which for me is about as inviting a location as "pitch black crawlspace in an abandoned sanitarium.") So it's not all that important to get bogged down in specifics; problems are problems, to be overly nitpicky about whether or not I actually suffer from compulsive hair-pulling (trichotillomania) is beside the point. What is "pulling," when you really get down to it, and what is "hair"? [rotflmao via the infamous cabal]


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