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STS-121 Landing

STS-121 Discovery
Landing Facility: KSC
Landing Date: July 17, 2006
Landing Time: 09:14 a.m. EDT | 13:14 UT

+ NASA's Landing Blog | + Space Shuttle Landing 101 | + Landing Groundtracks | + De-orbit Opportunities (PDF) | + T-Minus 10 Seconds

STS-121 MCC Status Report #07

The STS-121 Mission Management Team Friday decided to extend Discovery’s flight by an additional day to 13 days after reviewing the rate at which the orbiter’s consumables are being used. The extra day will allow a third spacewalk to test thermal protection system repair techniques and evaluate a thermal imaging camera. With the mission extension, landing is now planned at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday, July 17 at 8:12 a.m. CDT. [06:12AM PDT | 09:12AM EDT | 13:12UT].

Current Weather Conditions (NASA Shuttle Landing Facility) :: NOAA | Weather Underground

NASA Landing Blog :: 7:56 a.m. - Mission control has given Discovery the go for deorbit burn! 8:07 a.m. - Discovery's deorbit burn has begun. The ship is currently over the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Sumatra. This burn will last for three minutes and slow the shuttle down by approximately 205 mph to begin its descent home to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA Landing Blog :: 9:15 a.m. - Touchdown! Discovery has safely landed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (last minute redirect to Runway 15 due to some showers popping up around the Kennedy landing field).

CNN's space guru has a big dopey grin on his face.

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