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Hexagram 28

Louder, faster, brighter: these things drown the senses ... The tao is subtle, quiet, soft; A thread easily lost in the tumult.

 • Cosmic Tarot: Eight of Cups

 • Hexagram #28—Ta Kuo : Preponderance of the Great :: Change at the top means: One must go through the water. It goes over one's head. Misfortune. No blame.

 • Beyond the Great Pass :: Also very important is the transition from active life to old age. The hexagram gives counsel about how to do this in the best possible way, in order to become a grand old man or woman instead of being played out. The ridgepole is the old person who supported a family or a business, but who is now bending over, and needs a stick, or his family, to support himself. The lines tell him how to go on. Or in any other comparable situation. How to make the life after the great pass worthwhile too. How to deal with big changes, or with loss of securities. How to pass in a safe way.

Scorpio 11° There is great excitement on the narrow and treacherous beach; finally a drowning man is saved and brought ashore.

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