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ICARUS - Closest Approach to Earth on 27-June

ICARUS Closest Approach to Earth (0.297 AU) on 27-June @ 01:02:494012 UT. on USA Chart ICARUS {14AQ07Rx} opposite DAEDALUS {16LE33}; on 827 Chart ICARUS conjunct USA ASC (1776 Seed-Pattern); on Cheney Chart ICARUS {07AQ22} conjunct RUMSEY {05AQ25}. ICARUS becomes new fast mover on Cycle #25 replacing POCAHONTAS. ICARUS returns to 827 position {15SG22} 02-Oct-2006 on Cycle #34 & POCAHONTAS returns {05SG17} on Cycle #66.

060627 Icarus           4 vi 46'40.2897   4.2798910   20°29' 3.9340    0.297015550

Virgo 5° A man lies dreaming in the shade of an Irish countryside; his dreams bring to him the playful little people.

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