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NASA Birth Chart

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astro chart for 01-Oct-1958 @ 15:57:47 UT when NASA officially constituted [+] has Sun, Mercury, True Node, Ceres, Babylon, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Cupido (U), Poseidon (U), Vulcan & Discovery in Libra. asteroid NASA conjunct #4036-Whitehouse in Leo, Vertex {20CN28} conjunct Part of Fortune {16CN34} & Pluto {03SC12} conjunct Pocahontas {03SC33}. chart version above shows small pentagram below the horizon formed of Saturn, Moon, Chiron, Eros & the intersection between Chiron-Eros.

two large triangles form the pentagram. left triangle: SATURN, MIDHEAVEN & EROS; right triangle: MOON, URANUS & CHIRON. (compare this with Mark Holmes' CRUITHNE glyph). these two triangles also form what looks like the "wings" of the pentagram. an upward triangle forms a "capstone" consisting of ASC, PLUTO & MARS. ASC {05SG52} conjunct AMERICA {04SG41}, plutino 1999OX3 & SDO 2000OO67. NASA's ASC approximately 8° & SATURN approximately 7° from USA ASC {13SG10} (which Dane Rudhyar considers "the seed-pattern of the individuality and destiny of the United States of America as a collective person"); cubewano #85633-1998KR65 {14SG20} on this chart conjuncts USA ASC.

midpoint between CHIRON-EROS is CRUITHNE {05PI33Rx} conjunct cubewano #24835-1995SM55 {05PI36Rx} opposite PLUTO {03VI12}. CRUITHNE named for Cruithne people [+] descendants of the Priteni, "the first Celtic group to inhabit the British Isles" (Priteni "origin of the Latin word 'Britto' and the Old English words 'Briton' and 'British'"). CRUITHNE has a strange horseshoe orbit around the Sun & called Earth's "second moon". (note: 2002AA29 [+] discovered 09-Jan-2002 by LINEAR with a similar horseshoe orbit [+] & "exactly conjunct Moon in the 9/11 WTC chart").

#44594-1999OX3 :: Philip Sedgwick—The power of knowledge comes to light. Those who know rule the world. Positive: sharing of wisdom, ideas and concepts to increase the greater good. Negative: secretive, hoarding ideas, arrogant flaunting of knowledge never revealed, intentional misinformation. + Mark Holmes—practical or "street" knowledge, cunning, cageyness, to be cutting (literally or verbally), to cut or cut off (terminate, abrogate, truncate).

#87269-2000OO67 :: Francesco Schiavinotto—Times/Ages Marker; Milestones; Evolutionary Steps/Stages; Something rising from the Past; Revelations coming from unknown/far frontiers; Aging's Glories and Ruins; Long ways without a return; The Deeply Instructed Alerter.

#85633-1998KR65 :: Sabian Symbol for discovery degree (MPEC 1998-N03) [RA:20 27 04.39 | Decl: -19 36 11.6 | Zodiac: 04AQ20Rx] ~ Aquarius 5° In the land of shades a grave council of the ancestors of a man of world importance has been called to guide him.

#24835-1995SM55 :: Sabian Symbol for discovery degree (MPEC 1999-L24) [RA: 01 25 09.50 | Decl: +09 53 08.9 | Zodiac: 23AR22Rx] ~ Aries 24° An open window of an old-fashioned room is seen, the net curtain is blowing inward into the shape of a cornucopia (i round up since Sabians numbered 1-30). + Mark Holmes—acceptance and effectiveness issues, rejection, isolation, persecution, politics

i call this chart the Cruithne Square because it forms a square between AMERICA, PLUTO (elimination, eruptive change), MARS (energy, initiative) & CRUITHNE/SM55 (horseshoe=lucky/windy cornucopia).

AMERICA can represent nation, sovereignty, continent (both senses) & specifically the United States of America. keywords i think of: cartography, mapping, discovery &c. one version of its naming is Martin Waldseemüller who named the Americas after Italian merchant & cartographer Amerigo Vespucci (Americus Vespucius); Amerigo derived from Haimirich meaning "ruler of the Home". etymology of continent:

continent :: 1382, "self-restraining," from L. continentem (nom. continens), prp. of continere "hold together" (see contain). Meaning moved from "exercising self-restraint" to "chaste" 14c., and to bowel and bladder control 19c. Geographical sense is 1559, from continent land (1470), translating L. terra continens "continuous land" (see continue).

Masonic Astronomy and the Lunar Missions illustrates Libra's significance (specifically Libra 11°) in America's history & its space program:

 • astro chart for 01-Oct-1958 @ 15:57:47 UT when NASA officially constituted [+] has Sun, Mercury, True Node, Ceres, Babylon, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Cupido (U), Poseidon (U), Vulcan & Discovery in Libra. asteroid NASA conjunct #4036-Whitehouse in Leo, Vertex {20CN28} conjunct Part of Fortune {16CN34} & Pluto {03SC12} conjunct Pocahontas {03SC33}.

 • astro chart for first step on the Moon has Moon at Libra 11° with NASA, Jupiter, Uranus, Cupido (U), Apollon (U) & Poseidon (U) also in Libra. Babylon {14AQ55Rx} near Aquarius 15° gateway, Whitehouse {20SC01} near Scorpio 19° "evil degree" opposite Pocahontas {27TA44} conjunct "demon star" Algol; Pluto, Vertex, Sethos, Horus in Virgo. Part of Fortune {05CP41} on this chart uses Night formula; Day Formula for Part of Fortune {02GE09}.

 • note: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2005 October 03 (Dynamic Eclipse Map) had Moon in Libra. Lunar Limb Profile at greatest eclipse (10:31:42 UT). New Moon occurs 10:28 UT. Moon {10LI21} at greatest eclipse & changes to {11LI00} @ 11:47:411192 UT between C3 & C4 eclipse contacts.

on NASA's chart SUN, MERCURY, CUPIDO, POSEIDON, LUNAR PERIGREE, QUAOAR, ASTREA, TRUE NODE, IXION, METIS in Libra. only thing i could find at Libra 11° was Comet 2002CE10 {11LI25}; Sabian symbol for discovery degree [RA: 09 15 20.96 | Decl: +28 05 14.5 | Zodiac: 12LE41] is Leo 13° A bit of green grass before a neatly flowered cottage by the sea supports a chair in which an old sea captain rocks. found two interesting links googling any connection between NASA & sea captains: {a} Giving it up: Command versus control in abnormal situations & {b} Max Faget: This guy is a legend. first link is about a "sea captain" asking a "sky captain", "If you're the captain, why on earth do you have to steer?" — since sea captains don't steer the ship. apparently, aviation is unique because the captain commands & controls the stick. link discusses what happens when loss of situational awareness (SA) occurs in aviation accidents. a pilot flying is more likely to lose SA (The Right Stuff mentions astronauts being able to control the spacecraft):

Why is this? Why do pilots instinctively want to take the controls at the first sign of trouble? And if they do, why is this not necessarily the best course of action?

Some of the study’s findings offer insight into the interactions of the flightcrew team and the actions of individual leaders. The study also confirms the sea captain’s observation on the commuter flight—whether on the sea, in a nuclear power plant, on the battlefield or in the air traffic control tower, the assigned leaders rarely “take the controls” because their focus is then narrowed to task management rather than situation management.

So why is aviation different? Why do other occupations delegate the manipulation of controls or the dispatch of tasks to subordinates, rather than occupying the leader with these responsibilities? The UCF/Navy study may provide the aviation community with some of the answers and offer alternatives for improving operations.

Although the study discusses “normal” operations of the airplane, the researchers concentrate on crew actions and interactions during abnormal (“non-normal”) circumstances. The study points out that “the captain is the crew’s primary strategist and problem solver [and when] burdened with aircraft control at the time when the situation demands the full use of his cognitive skills ... the additional workload involved in [physically] flying the aircraft seems to reduce the ability [of the captain] to maintain awareness of the ‘big picture’ in a problem situation.” Furthermore, it says, “because the captain makes the strategic plans and decisions for the flight regardless of whom the pilot flying is, loss of situational awareness in the captain” affects the flight more severely than if it occurred with the first officer (FO). [+]

working on this chart also checked charts for Challenger & Columbia accidents (post those later). googling: contingency + challenger, found Rhetorical Perspectives on the Challenger Disaster. second link about Project Mercury spacecraft designer Max Faget (Spacecraft Designer Max Faget dies), who also contributed to Gemini, Apollo & Shuttle crafts. his office had a portrait of sea captain John Paul Jones & this quotation:

I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast, for I intend to go in harm’s way.

Full Moon on 27-Sep-1958 @ 4:44pm EST. NASA's birth Moon {18TA41} 220º42'50" from Sun {07LI58}; FULL MOON TYPE (Soli-Lunar Arc: 180° - 225°): Full Moon Type You belong to the Full Moon Type if you were born from fifteen to eighteen and one-half days after a New Moon (i. e., less than three and one-half days after Full Moon). Your typical personal characteristics are: mental objectivity, the ability to make ideals concrete, to receive illumination or "visions" and to give them symbolic expression, to fulfill the past; negatively, a sense of being divorced from reality and divided against oneself. Examples of the type: Goethe, Rudolph Steiner, Krishnamurti, Mary Baker Eddy, Evangeline Adams.

Sun above and Moon below the horizon: The horizon is the axis of consciousness" which separates the subjective realm of individual being (the solid earth) from the objective world of social and collective existence (the sky above). Therefore in this first soli-lunar combination the life of the human being is lived primarily through inner and individualized structures (the Moon) which reveal a collective, racial or social purpose (the Sun). Throughout his life and especially in time of crisis the person tends to give an individual form to a racial-social purpose or a collective ideal. Examples: Napoleon I, Nietzsche, Walt Whitman, Einstein, Henry Ford.

note: USA's birth chart SUN {13CN20} conjunct EINSTEIN {13CN06} & STRONG {13CN51}.

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