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Revised H(x) Function

too tired to say this technically (& hoping this is correct), but zodiac wheel moves clockwise in the northern hemisphere & planets move counter-clockwise. forgot this when first implementing H(x) Function. original idea involved POCAHONTAS (chart's fastest mover at the time) moving through the wheel, representing Love, establishing Badiou's boundaries for Art, Science & Politics. however, set this up clockwise & not counter-clockwise. also forgot to update H(x) on Cycle #25 transits making ICARUS = Love 0°.

finally decided {a} make ORCHIS = Love 0° & {b} only assign H(x) Function up to ORCHIS' transit position. ie, ZERO POINT {27SC17} is ORCHIS natal position on 827 Chart & ORCHIS currently at {08PI17}. ART is the first quadrant (0° to 90°) ORCHIS traverses & she's currently 100º59'56" from ZERO POINT. so H(x) Function currently defining Art-Science 90° to 120° on Cycle #25.

Cycle #24 & Cycle #25 transits updated.

setup better coz {a} makes H(x) Function dynamic tying it to 827 Chart's "maturity" (progression)—when ORCHIS returns to ZERO POINT; {b} while i don't mind running indians & crazy flyboys, an orchid seems more symbolically precise & a better fit with Badiou's conception; {c} now i can say ORCHIS defining [______] quadrant.

[30-Jun|09:43am] :: changed H(x) Function again. after working out NASA's top guns decided ICARUS should lead (brand & seal) H(x) Function. updated Cycle #26 & Cycle #27.

[14-Jun|00:19am] :: original post

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