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Cycle #25: New Fast Mover

Cycle #25 :: 14-Jun-2006 to 26-Jun-2006

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New Fast Mover: #1566-ICARUS {20CN19}

 • America's Hexagram
 • Asteroid #1566-ICARUS
 • The Mass Psychology of Fascism
 • Orchis Return & Fast Movers

Asteroid #20006-ALBERTUS_MAGNUS {03CN12}

ALBERTUS_MAGNUS represents first storm of 2006 Atlantic hurricane season. ALBERTUS_MAGNUS {27GE59} conjunct ICARUS_(T) {28GE00} on Cycle #24 & conjunt SUN {03CN16} on current cycle.

Hendoku-Iyaku Transit: #2037-TRIPAXEPTALIS {23LE12}

The prize for the most imaginative name goes to (2037) Tripaxeptalis. The name is pure invention but sounds like “triPax-septAlice”, which reflects the fact that its permanent designation is three times that of (679) Pax and seven times that of (291) Alice.The Naming of Asteroids

triangulating between "triPax" & "septAlice" locates the mid-point, or location of Hendoku Iyaku. MoonCat explains different astrological aspects: Trines (360/3=120°) make up the 3rd harmonic & considered harmonious; Septiles (360/7=51.43°) are the 7th harmonic & considered mystical. the midpoint is a Bi-Novile aspect (360/9=40° | 40° x 2 = 80°): novile = 40°, bi-novile = 80°, quad-novile = 160°. numerologically, 3+3+3=9 & resonates with the novile aspects, or the 9th harmonic. generally, EON phase for triPax asteroid is EON-13, EON phase for septAlice asteroid is EON-6 & EON phase for midpoint asteroid is EON-9 (which fits since EON-9 represents the ground of operation). if closest triPax asteroid less than 120° (as it is during this cycle) phase is EON-12. if closest septAlice asteroid less than 51.43° phase is EON-5.

MIDPOINT :: ANDREA_DORIA {18SC38Rx} — 85º25'57" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-9 : Lichtung, Ground of Operation, Maturation, Swift Growth. conjunct NEMO {18SC23Rx}.

SEPTILE :: ARIESO {14LI36} — 51º24'20" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-6 : Endurance, Illuminating Intervention, Larger Forces, Crisis of Growth. conjunct SOMALIA {14LI20}, LILITH_(T) {14LI28} & ASMODEUS {14LI36}.

TRINE :: SMITH {22SG48Rx} — 119º36'41" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-12 : Maturation, Cosmic Intent, Higher Spin, Catalysing. asteroid #3351-SMITH named in honor of Challenger STS-51-L pilot Michael J. Smith; conjunct WASHINGTONIA {22SG08Rx}.

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