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another post to clear my head while getting thoughts together for Part of Fortune & other stuff for Cheney pentagram.

black links :: Concerning the Sword of Geburah : Dark Art : The Force : Black op : Black art : Occultism Versus the Occult Arts : Black Magic in Science : : Ancient Magic and Modern Science : The Black Arts : Richard Cavendish.

Sword of Geburah came up after i read Beyond the Wall of Sleep via tangents. star mentioned in the story is GK Persei [+] (aka Nova Persei 1901) discovered by Thomas David Anderson [+] — "brightest nova of modern times until Nova Aquilae 1918". Professor Garrett P. Serviss was also a real person with something to say:

Mankind has tried the other two roads to peace — the road of political jealousy and the road of religious bigotry — and found them both equally misleading. Perhaps it will now try the third, the road of scientific truth, the only road on which the passenger is not deceived — like a skittish horse with blinders. Science does not, ostrich-like, bury its head amidst perils and difficulties. It tries to see everything exactly as everything is. [+]

GK Persei aka the Firework Nebula [+][+][+][+][+] located in Perseus constellation, which is where ALGOL "the demon star" is also located.

Known as the Hebrew Pa-rash, a Horseman. The Bearer of the Demon's Head. Herodotus asserted that Perseus, through his and Andromeda's son Perses, gave name to the country and people of Persia, who previously were the Chephenes, as descended from Chepheus, the son of Belus, identified by some with the Cepheus (the Ethiopian King) of the sky.

Cacodaemon was the astrologers name for this constellation, with special reference to Algol. [+]

while sorting through all this the other day had to run to the throne grabbing third book down from bookstack coz, um, it was going to take awhile — Gareth Knight's Dion Fortune & the Inner Light. sitting there thinking ... what does Dion Fortune gotta do with the Fireworks Nebula? oh, the Sword of Geburah. Fortune, with other british magicians, participated in the Magical Battle of Britain to aid the war effort — so she ought to know how to use that sword. possible framework to evaluate Cheney's "dark side" comment (is he a Greater Adept able to use the Power of the Sword? yadda yadda?). Fortune mentions "Perseus" twice:

The Sephiroth Hod is the Basal Station of the Pillar of Severity, even as Binah is the Apical Station. No Sephiroth can ever be considered by itself, for it stands in terms of relationship, evolutional and functional, to other Sephiroth according to circumstances. In considering problems arising in the Sphere of Severity, the Pillar of Severity as a whole must be taken into account. The function of the Sephiroth Binah is, however, of so abstract and universal a nature that it does not require separate consideration when practical applications are under discussion. It represents forces of stability and inertia and is the basis of all organization. It reflects into Chesed and Gebuhra and back into Netzach, thus imparting to the central Sephirah of the Pillar of Severity its dynamic aspect.

Hod is a many-sided Sephirah, as is indicated by the symbolic form of an Hermaphrodite attributed to it. It is associated with Hermes, who lent his sandals and shield to «Perseus» for the slaying of the Gorgon in the name of Justice, by which myth we may discern the nature of its connection with Gebuhra. The winged sandals lent the swiftness of thought to the feet of the hero, and in the polished shield he saw reflected as in a mirror the deadly head of the Gorgon, thus sustaining no harm from her glances.

Considered from the standpoint of the works of justice, we see in Mars the Lord of Tactics and in Mercury the Lord of Strategy. Hod or Mercury likewise represents the human mind; for evolution has advanced up the Tree through its sphere, thus causing it to become organized in terms of consciousness. It is therefore no formless sphere of force, as is Gebuhra, but a sphere wherein mind operates in terms of that consciousness developed in Malkuth.

When the powers of Geburah descend into Malkuth, they reflect through Hod, wherein they undergo transmutation. Thus it is that with the advance of evolution brute force prevails less and less and the powers of the mind count for more. But let it never be forgotten that Mercury is a god of dual nature, and that in his evil aspect he is the Lord of Lies. Beware of this side of his nature when invoking him, and let the chivalry of the forthright Gebuhra guard you against it, even as the shrewd skill of Mercury directs the blind force of the Sword.

In the Sphere of Hermes that relates to Gebuhra it is well to rely upon the methods of «Perseus», and let the sandals of swiftness keep you out of the harm's way by virtue of the penetrative power of thought which discerns the direction of the attack and evades it. Likewise use the shield of Hermes to gaze in as into a mirror and do not use it as a weapon with which to strike the adversary. Hod is the sphere of the mind, and there are certain factors in mind that make it a two-edged weapon when used for attack. It is too closely connected with the soul for such usage. It should be your aim, when using the powers of Hod in the work of Gebuhra to cause your adversary to destroy himself with his own venom rather than to destroy him with your own hand. In this way you avoid the reaction that falls upon those who take up the sword if the forces be not balanced exactly; and who, in the heat of battle, can hope so to balance them? [+]

my natal MERCURY, VENUS & MARS are all in their ruling houses; MARS is at Aries 1°. the sword is one of Geburah's symbols & since 9/11, & discovering the 220 Chart, i've been more sensitive to its influence. discovered 220 on 23-Dec-2002 checking astrodienst when ASC, MC, DSC & IC at Aquarius 15° because i was planning a ritual (learned about Liber Resh later). the first Goëtic demon i ever worked with was #32-Asmodai, the second #68-Belial (learning later Belial is the Demon King of Hod). Asmodai & Shem haMephoresh angel #45-Sael rule Aquarius 10°–15° & Belial & #46-Auri rule Aquarius 15°–20° — they're the two most powerful Goëtic demons which is why i think Aquarius 15° is a "gateway". after working out December time & charts decided to check for an asteroid near Aquarius 15° — just started working with asteroids & already had ephemerides. Damocles was the closest in February. using MyAstro able to pin down exact date, 20-Feb-2003, where i first saw the 220 pentagram.

#5335-DAMOCLES has an "orbit of very high eccentricity and inclination" [+] & it was "lost" right after it was discovered. it's possible that DAMOCLES wasn't at Aquarius 15° on 20-Feb-2003, however, (ironically) it did help me find a pentagram.

analyzing a personal horoscope with a pentagram is a personal challenge. when that person is involved in politics presents another challenge. methodology review & the difference between political & astrological analysis seems like a good idea. my struggle is not making Cheney's chart say something it's not. i can't go looking for things to prove an agenda. also realize i shouldn't hesitate if something astrologically "crunchy" appears. astrologer Juan Revilla's Methodology and Occam's Razor provides some basic guidelines & the key is determining a chart's focality. since i'm not a professional astrologer providing a comprehensive look at a chart (& besides, this is astroschyzy) i need to be clear about what i look at, or my methodology. i primarily investigate the Part of Fortune, Lilith Moons (black, white & dark), Lunation type, Aspect Patterns, Sun & Moon oppositions & conjunctions. first i create a chart at Astrodienst & in Riyal & use the swetest utility to get hypotheticals, fixed stars & asteroid data. i consider almost everything as i locate that aspect of the chart that i'm going to "astroschyzy". in this case, my primary focus is asteroids ORCHIS & POCAHONTAS since they represent zero point & the fastest mover on the 827 Chart. POCAHONTAS is probably a good way to analyze how Cheney "pays it forward".

when i first saw Cheney's chart i wasn't thinking about weapons of mass destruction (Village Voice "dark arts" link found while googling South America, School of the Americas & torture) — i didn't "see" it in the chart. WMDs were the furthest from my mind when i checked HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI for Cheney's birth (they're both on the 827 List). however, Cheney's SUN-HIROSHIMA conjunction certainly brings the WMD issue into play. placing it in context, Cheney was born in 1941, the same year Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. already saw the SUN-OSIRIS-TYPHON conjunction, which i thought was the "incarnation" & must admit seeing that SUN-HIROSHIMA conjunction the first time dropped my jaw. (ye gods, SUN-HIROSHIMA-TYPHON-OSIRIS-TISIPHONE-LANGLEY & i live in POMONA has me flat on the floor with heart palpitations — times like these it's nice to remember astrology is the flakey science):

<<If a planet is in conjunction or opposition with the Sun, the act of self, the fundamental self-expression, is identified with that planet. The Sun looses its independence and cannot any longer simply "be", which is his nature and his glory. Being means being the planet. The planet also looses its independence and becomes too absorbing, too central and excessive, so much that (as it approaches 0,00') the person cannot see to what extent the nature of the planet is controlling the life. The larger the orb the greater the possibility of "seeing" and negotiating with the planet without loosing the perspective of the self.

<<If a planet or asteroid is focal this way, then I take it as if it is at the core of the person, or of the question, or of the event. Everything a person does which carries the imprint of the self, of this core, will be heavily coloured by the nature of the planet or asteroid in an intensified way. It doesn't matter if the person is aware or not, and certainly doesn't matter if the astrologer cannot see what he/she beforehand assumes the manifestation will be. The person, the meaning of the event, illuminates the meaning of the planet or asteroid. It is a question simply of learning about the person or event in order to learn about its astrological meaning.

<<A planet in exact conjunction or opposition with the Sun is overflowing with power. The person becomes the incarnation (the "master") of the planet. This is the case whether the person is conscious or not, evolved or primitive, socially important or insignificant, angel or devil, or whether he or she is using the planet's energies creatively or the planet is controlling him or her...>> [+]

since working on Cheney's chart i've also looked at NASA's birth chart & the date al-Zarqawi was killed. NASA's SUN-HIROSHIMA incarnation is also extremely mind-boggling. normally i use a set of asteroids to help me get familiar with a chart & asteroids NASA & DISCOVERY are two of those asteroids. al-Zarqawi chart with SUN-PHAETHON-MESOPOTAMIA conjunction in Gemini (twins), the NASA-VENUS conjunction & Waxing Tri-Decile with DRUJ & Waxing Trine with BAGHDAD-BABYLON conjunction underscore what those two 07-June kites represent. that chart illustrates something i think my brother, when we were driving from SFO-LA last april, asked me when i explained the 220-827 pentagrams: could i find a pentagram in any chart. at the time i said no because i thought it had to just show up, needle in a haystack like. now it's yes, but defining a set of parameters to determine focality & the Part of Fortune plays an important element in determining that focus.

so the last few days have been incredibly brain scrambling, but highly instructive.

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