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Sunspot #893

there's a wicked square between the Part of Fortune, Ascendant & Mercury. of course there's gotta be another hexagram in there too — i think it's middle line is that ISIS {22VI19Rx} - ASMODEUS {23PI30} opposition. i'll work that out later. i'm pooped.

good news: found out sunday my big sis didn't get laid off. happy to know i'm not the only one telling her to start her own non-profit.

my dad thinks i'm illogical. no dad i'm not suicidal but life is empty & meaningless. didn't i know, he asked, about learning how to fish (to make a living), it's in the bible. [i was bitching about capitalism]. no dad, it says let me make you fishers of men & the bible also does not say god helps those who help themselves. haven't you heard of the lilies of the field. what lilies? y'know, consider the lilies of the field they don't worry about what to wear & what to eat. [blah blah] i think it's called nihilism daddy (did i say that right?). yeah, i think that's how you say it. you ever think what the world would be like if more people thought like you. the world is like that. then we talk about my anxiety attacks.

he let me take a ton of soup & gave me a box of crackers & i took a bottle of beer. on the way out [since my taxes are done] i tell him, i'll psychoanalyze myself so i'll be ready to look at my tax stuff. he starts laughing, no ... please don't do that. i'm laughing so hard it takes me a minute: i don't think i'm a hopeless case.

so there you go.

i was wondering earlier today, gee, ... should i really waste my time continuing to analyze the cheney pentagram? i mean, what's the deal? then i kinda sorta find a bunch of hexagrams. note to self: next time ... k.i.s.s., work the pentagram.

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