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checking via here. googling stuff from that site led me to this link mentioning 2001 article from Times of India (India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links) about the former head of Pakistani Intelligence sending $100,000 to Mohammed Atta. this may be old news to some, but it's news to me.

Outside View: 9/11 report sidesteps Pakistan mentions Dennis Lormel confirmed this transaction. Lormel is one of the "contributing experts" at kept searching finally googling SOURCEWATCH+ATTA+PAKISTAN which popped (3rd link): Dick Cheney — feedback for Cheney's natal chart at (main article). showing a very clear pentagram with Uranus, Moon, Sun, Venus, Neptune, Chiron.

by default, astrodienst only draws aspects between the major planets, not Chiron. so this chart doesn't show the pentagram because it's missing the {a} Venus-Chiron & {b} Moon-Chiron aspects. increasing the orb does force Moon-Pluto & Venus-Pluto aspects to appear. this is NOT the aspect pattern in the astrodatabank chart, but it's close. in order to show Chiron i'd have to switch on the aspect lines to all feature, which makes things kinda messy. but there's definitely a pentagram in there.

1941 was a big year: FDR gives his Four Freedoms Speech on 06-Jan, Cheney born 30-Jan, attack on Pearl Harbor on 07-Dec. see also Spielberg's 1941.

first thing that hits me is the Part of Fortune. idea of using Day formula for Night births from Moses Siregar. above chart calculates Day, this chart calculates Night. Siregar's focuses on Dane Rudhyar's analysis of the lunar phase pointing "an individual to where s/he can best use and develop his/her personality to find happiness". Siregar believes, "by aligning our life with our Dharma Point that we become happier because we are fulfilling our innate purpose. To me, the Dharma Point is not an aspect of personal psychology as much as it is an aspect of one's right personal destiny". using the Night formula places the PoF in Cancer conjunct Sirius & Chiron (& very near Babylon). Day formula places PoF in the same house as the True Node near Spica.

asteroid Whitehouse is 4036 on the chart, & looks like it's conjunct Busch & Antares. Pocahontas opposite a very unusual configuration in Taurus. more later.

[05-Jun|07:21pm] :: i'm primarily focusing on Cheney's lunar aspects, Chiron, Pocahontas & Part of Fortune.

Cheney's an Aquarius with Virgo-rising & Moon in Pisces. (btw, i'm gemini, virgo-rising, disseminating pisces moon). when Virgo's at the ascendant, Pisces is the 7th House. Pisces moons are supposed to be highly intuitive & (i think) the intuitive nature gets defined by the natal house. the seventh house is the house of Libra: the scales, the balances, justice, rights, relationships. Libra is concerned with harmony. Margaret Hone's keywords for Pisces: With appreciation of the intangibles, often confusedly, understanding, I believe. Cancer feels, Pisces believes. the Moon has no planetary relationship with Pisces — it does not rule, exalt or weaken "belief". i think this is because the Moon is an integral aspect of the Piscean character. (btw, Aquarius Keywords: Detachedly, scientifically, imagination, I know).

a new moon occurred 27-Jan-1941 @ 11:03 UT. Cheney's natal MOON {22PI41} 41º52'38" from SUN {10AQ48}; a Waxing Crescent at 13.80% illumination @ @ EON-4 Cultivation, Instinctual Growth, Nascent Qualities, Accelerating. SUN BELOW—MOON ABOVE HORIZON: Primarily outward focus revealing the collective, social expression to an individualistic purpose or will; Franklin D. Roosevelt, Count Hermann Keyserling, Wendell Wilkie, George Bernard Shaw, Luther Burbank, John Lennon. NEW MOON TYPE (Soli-Lunar Arc: 0° - 45°): Born at New Moon or within the three and one-half days following New Moon (Moon less than 45° from Sun). Your typical personal characteristics are: a strongly subjective, emotional and impulsive approach to life and to everything that attracts your attention; a tendency to be emotionally confused or to reach out eagerly toward some deeply felt compelling goal, to project your feelings upon people and situations, without much regard for what these actually are in themselves. Examples of the type: Freud, Queen Victoria, Woodrow Wilson. DAY POF {14LI48} trine SUN {10AQ48} (detriment; harmonious), sextile MARS {17SG46} (exchange, growth) & quintile PLUTO {03LE02Rx} (harmonious); NIGHT POF {21CN02} trine MOON {22PI41} (harmonious), opposite VENUS {21CP27} (tension; balancing act), quintile SATURN {08TA19} (harmonious) & sextile URANUS {22TA09} (fallen; exchange, harmony).

Bush & Rumsfeld have the Sun at Cancer 13° & Moon in Libra. Hone's Cancer keywords: Sensitively, protectively, Devotion, I feel; with Moon at Libra: With harmony, I balance. Cheney's Selena/White Moon at Cancer 1° & Waldemath/Black Moon at Libra 11° may point to deep, emotional connections (also contrast Cheney's moon at 13.80% illumination with Sun at Cancer 13°; may point to issues related to Part of Fortune in Cancer using Night calculation).

 • Selena is the "'hypothetical' second moon of the earth (or a third one, after the 'Black Moon') of obscure provenance. Many Russian astrologers use it. Its distance from the earth is more than 20 times the distance of the moon and it moves about the earth in 7 years. Its orbit is a perfect, unperturbed circle".

 • Dr. Waldemath's Black Moon "another hypothetical second moon of the earth, postulated by a Dr. Waldemath in the Monthly Wheather Review 1/1898. Its distance from the earth is 2.67 times the distance of the moon, its daily motion about 3 degrees".

Masonic Astronomy and the Lunar Missions illustrates Libra's significance (specifically Libra 11°) in America's history & its space program:

 • Annular Solar Eclipse of 2005 October 03 (Dynamic Eclipse Map). Lunar Limb Profile at greatest eclipse (10:31:42 UT). New Moon occurs 10:28 UT. Moon {10LI21} at greatest eclipse & changes to {11LI00} @ 11:47:411192 UT between C3 & C4 eclipse contacts.

 • astro chart for 01-Oct-1958 @ 15:57:47 UT when NASA officially constituted [+] has Sun, Mercury, True Node, Ceres, Babylon, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Cupido (U), Poseidon (U), Vulcan & Discovery in Libra. asteroid NASA conjunct #4036-Whitehouse in Leo, Vertex {20CN28} conjunct Part of Fortune {16CN34} & Pluto {03SC12} conjunct Pocahontas {03SC33}.

 • astro chart for first step on the Moon has Moon at Libra 11° with NASA, Jupiter, Uranus, Cupido (U), Apollon (U) & Poseidon (U) also in Libra. Babylon {14AQ55Rx} near Aquarius 15° gateway, Whitehouse {20SC01} near Scorpio 19° "evil degree" opposite Pocahontas {27TA44} conjunct "demon star" Algol; Pluto, Vertex, Sethos, Horus in Virgo. Part of Fortune {05CP41} on this chart uses Night formula; Day Formula for Part of Fortune {02GE09}.

BUSH :: First Quarter Moon on 06-Jul-1946 @ 12:16am EST; approximately 90% of the Moon illuminated. MOON {16LI42} 92º55'37" from SUN {13CN46} @ EON-10 Liberation, Decisive Break or Action, Equalization, Ascending. SUN ABOVE—MOON BELOW HORIZON: Primarily inward focus revealing an individual form to a racial-social purpose or a collective ideal; Examples: Napoleon I, Nietzsche, Walt Whitman, Einstein, Henry Ford, Hitler, Johnny Carson. FIRST QUARTER TYPE (Soli-Lunar Arc: 90° - 135°): Born from seven to ten and one-half days after a New Moon. Your typical personal characteristics are: strong will and organizing ability, the instinctive rebellion of the man of action against a binding or inadequate social-ideological tradition, ability to make decisions — at times, ruthless ones; self-exaltation in the thrill of activity and overcoming difficulties, negatively, a sense of defeat. Examples of this type: Joseph Stalin, Oliver Cromwell, Walt Whitman, Baudelaire. POF {10SC02} below horizon, square PLUTO {10LE35} & MERCURY {09LE50} (conflict), trine SUN {13CN47} (harmonious); sextile MARS {09VI18} (exchange, growth).

RUMSFELD :: First Quarter Moon on 10-Jul-1932 @ 9:07pm CST; approximately 35% of the Moon illuminated. MOON {02LI00} 78º32'42" from SUN {13CN27} @ EON-8 Participation, Individual Factor, True Will, Creative Movement. SUN ABOVE—MOON ABOVE HORIZON: Primarily outward focus on the objective world of social-collective existence; extroversion; Examples: Washington, Gandhi, Mussolini, Karl Marx, Czar Nicholas II, Richard Wagner, Fatima. CRESCENT MOON TYPE (Soli-Lunar Arc: 45° - 90°): Born from three and one-half to seven days after a New Moon. Your typical personal characteristics are: determined self-assertiveness, active faith, the eager desire to carry out an inwardly felt command and to clear the way for the fulfilling of new goals; negatively, a sense of frustration and of struggling against too great odds. Examples of the type: Louis XVI, Abdul Baha, Franz Liszt, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Andrew Carnegie. POF {24AQ56} below horizon opposite JUPITER {23LE18} (tension; balancing act); sextile URANUS {23AR14} (exchange, growth).

all three—Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld—have waxing moons. there's a huge difference between the waxing-waning phases. waxing (New Moon - 0% illumination) introduces new ideas or forms & represents subjective/unconscious; waning (Full Moon - 100% illumination) actualizes ideas & represents objective/conscious. the EON phases, used in astroschyzy, analyze planetary relationships based on the lunation cycle:

In brief, the waxing hemicycle and waxing phases are related to involutionary, subjective and self-building activities. Here plans are best formulated. Materials should be gathered and organization developed. Subjective, instinctual, and spontaneous activities are featured. The waning hemicycle and waning phases signify multi-functional relationships directed toward some kind of [evolutionary] objective realization and purpose. Outside factors come into play and the meaning and ultimate social goals of activity receives attention. The keynotes are inclusiveness, expansion of understanding, and participation. [+]

nutshell: the conjunction (or, waxing hemicycle begins when Sun-New Moon at 0°) is where the architects & think-tanks are located & policy is generated; the opposition (or, waning hemicycle begins when Sun-Full Moon at 180°) is where the contractors & engineers are located & policy is standardized & disseminated. additionally, each hemicycle deals with Hyperstition & Kairos differently. during a new moon the moon is "being impregnated by the ray of the Sun"—a new tone, vibration or creative impulse. the full moon expands the new tone allowing greater participation & integration into existing structures. however, if the new moon hemicycle is unable to generate a future-forward momentum by the opposition, the creative impulse may degenerate into incomprehensibility (which may also negatively impact existing structures).

next, i look at the PoF in Cancer & Libra locating several centaurs & asteroids at Cancer-Capricorn & Aries-Libra oppositions. plus explore "the dark arts" (Harry Potter & the Avada Kedavra) vs. "the dark side" (Anakin Skywalker & the philosophy of the Sith) — which means looking at pandemon Tutagool (Amphidemon of Punctuality) who rules the dark arts, rusting iron & tattooing. in astroschyzy Tutagool assigned to {a} first decan of Pisces (Pisce 0°-10°): A man wearing beautiful clothes, in his hand an iron instrument, and he is going home (Ibn Ezra); {b} N-Rune (Cancer 1° to Leo 11°) & {c} Barker Spiral from Sagittarius 19° to Pisces 19°. but first i'm going to describe my Pisces Moon experience by comparing it to Sonar Technician 2nd Class Ronald Jones in The Hunt for Red October.

[06-Jun|01:29am] :: SUN {10AQ48} incarnates HIROSHIMA {10AQ17} (NASA's SUN {07LI58} also incarnates HIROSHIMA {07LI48}); SUN {10AQ48} conjunct OSIRIS {09AQ30} & TYPHON {09AQ52}. URANUS {22TA09} is the top of the pentagram opposite BUSCH {21SC58}. ORCHIS {01SG04} (zero point for 827 Chart) conjunct WHITEHOUSE {01SG42}. [27-Jun|05:13pm] SUN {10AQ48} also incarnates #175-ANDROMACHE {10AQ56} (represents Flight #175 that crashed into WTC South); etymology of Andromache: battle of men or battle of a man.

 • Bush's SUN {13CN47} :: HIROSHIMA {28CN32} + NAGASAKI {18VI43} : HIROSHIMA 14º45'1" from SUN [chart].
 • Rumsfeld's SUN {17CN27} :: HIROSHIMA {02SC14} + NAGASAKI {17GE18} : HIROSHIMA 104º46'36" from SUN [chart].
 • NASA's SUN {07LI58} :: HIROSHIMA {07LI48} + NAGASAKI {01LI12} : HIROSHIMA 0º9'51" from SUN [chart].

SUN-HIROSHIMA @ EON-1 phase for NASA, Cheney & Bush :: KEYNOTE: The genius of the eon infuses a seed-Quality with a quantum of creative potentiality, setting a new cycle of actualization into motion.

SUN-HIROSHIMA @ EON-11 phase for Rumsfeld :: KEYNOTE: Creative will shapes the character of the future.

» SCENARIO: Large issues have been faced, decisions made, and the direction set, either by active choice or by default. If this phase is met in a courageous, futureward spirit, a growing will tempers the actualizing new qualities of being unfolding through the cyclic process. Here seemingly mysterious agencies may intercede to protect the well-intended from disastrous consequences. Yet such protection comes at the cost of a temporary setback or time lost. Difficulties well met here may help steady the futureward direction of the cycle. Aspirants to the futureward path may need to avoid or escape the traps of self-delusion and megalomania opened wide by another remarkable series of seemingly cosmic affirmations.

» DYNAMIC: Individuality rises as the power of differentiation and objectivity gain ascendancy, overpowering the principle of integration and the power of subjectivity. Yet the principle of unity now becomes internalized and potentially individualized while a mysterious sense of transcendent certainty is felt in the areas and activities represented by the planetary pair. Important issues, encounters, crises and decisions have been faced, for better or worse, now their ramifications surface.

HALITHERSES {14CN01Rx} conjunct WASHINGTONIA {09CN26Rx}, BABYLON {11CN18Rx}, #911-AGAMEMNON {16CN55Rx} & PART OF FORTUNE [N] {21CN02}. had no idea who Halitherses was, selected it to represent Halliburton. decided to use HALL {17SC30} instead, but that's conjunt ZUBENELGENUBI {14SC16}, ARABIS {15SC15}, LEWISCARROLL {17SC41}, HARRINGTON {19SC51}, BUSCH {21SC58} & #418-ALEMANNIA {23SC50}. HARRINGTON {19SC51} is the hypothetical position of Planet X, named after Robert S. Harrington; asteroid #3216-HARRINGTON also conjunct HALITHERSES {14CN01Rx}.

added asteroids FREUD, VICTORIA & WILSON to cover Cheney's NEW MOON TYPE. two of the Fates at Aries 0°, KLOTHO {00AR33} & LACHESIS {00AR49} conjunct WILSON {02AR44}. WILSON-HARRINGTON {13AQ29} conjunct SUN. PERSEPHONE {03AR10} also conjunct WILSON & AMERICA.

it's that VULCAN, ALICE, ISHTAR, WHITERABBIT, DEJANIRA, AMERICA, PROSERPINA, MERCURY, DAMOCLES thingabob in Aquarius. helps if you know the story about Heracles-Dejanira-Nessus. DEJANIRA & AMERICA at Aquarius 21°. NESSUS {00TA19} conjunct PECKER {01TA16}. HERACLES {11PI05} conjunct PATRICIANN {10PI52}, ELPIS {11PI21} & ARABIA {14PI33}. POTTER {08LE13Rx} conjunct LYNN {09LE13Rx}.


[08-Jun|05:00pm] :: i was fifteen when my mother first told me about the rapist. walked back to my room thinking, that makes sense. can't remember when i first realized i had anxiety attacks. helpful bits from Personal Power Through Awareness talking about receivers-senders also made sense. helped demarcate "me" from everyone/thing else because the border of "me" seemed kinda fuzzy. my form of homeland security. apparently the Elephant Man got that way because his mother was frightened by an elephant when pregnant. my mom's elephant was a rapist terrorizing the neighborhood.

my two basic operating states: nerves too raw from over-exposure or too numb from being overly anesthetized. i didn't know about the role of cortisol in stress, emotions, learning & fetal development when i was fifteen & didn't understand the impact of being born a month early by induced labor. i have a small hole near my ear that i never understood until someone with two holes explained these were the vestigal "gills", the last thing to close before being born.

new age techniques helped me find a balance between the raw & the numb. however, reading about channeling didn't make me a channeler & learning that pisces moons were good at ESP didn't make me think i was good at ESP. eventually learned astrology wasn't invented by hippies in the sixties & ancient astrology was probably used as a diagnostic healing tool. seeing the word telempathy the first time made me think it was the perfect word to describe my emotional perceptions. i keep a fan on in my room, even in winter, because i find it soothing. didn't find out about white noise until later. The Hunt for Red October (solidly, one of the best all-male casts ever) is about a new Russian submarine with a stealth propulsion system undetectable to sonar. the CIA are aware it's making its first run, but the USS Dallas is the first to encounter the new sub. Jonesy's got something [+] — a seismic anomaly. Captain Mancuso: A $40 million computer tells you you're chasing an earthquake, but you don't believe it, and you come up with this on your own?

right before Jonesy first hears Red October, the camera pans the sonar room slowly as we hear Jonesy speaking. great intro for a sonar technician & Courtney B. Vance uses his voice to good effect. btw, the sonar technician insignia is a set of earphones pierced by an arrow — reminds me of true node glyph.

Jack Ryan is dealing with a different anomaly: a Russian submarine captain (Ramius) defecting with a new Russian submarine with a stealth propulsion system undetectable to sonar. Ryan & Jonesy have to convince two different sets of people about their theories about what's happening. what lunation type are they? imho, Ramius is the only one operating from the waxing hemicycle, probably a FIRST QUARTER TYPE. Red October symbolically represents the NEW MOON TYPE, literally the new vibration or tone (or, non-tone in this case). Jonesy's a solid DISSEMINATING MOON TYPE & Ryan could be a LAST QUARTER TYPE. both are disseminating theories, but Jonesy's got science & math backing him up, Ryan's job is a little harder because he's got just his gut backing him up.

watching Jonesy left me with another puzzle piece & the idea that sonar could not only be psychologically experienced, but that the experience could also be scientifically measured. it's amazing how science can help us see both the outer & inner universes, but can't help us navigate the emotional universe. which, i think, is just as vast & more incomprehensible.

Dane Rudhyar wrote the "Moon refers to the circulatory systems of the body and particularly to the complex activity of all the endocrine glands, as they pour chemicals of all kinds into the blood and lymph streams". some believe the Moon is the cortisol fountainhead of the zodiac — too much or too little gets us out of whack. 9/11 is the experience for many that refuses to be equilibrated.

Queen Victoria's a NEW MOON TYPE like Cheney & her emotions got out of whack when her husband died. there's a line in the movie Mrs. Brown: "we are held hostage by the queen's grief". she went into semi-retirement, wearing black the rest of her life, & her inaccessibility had a serious impact on the british monarchy. never occurred to me unti now, but things can fail at the New Moon phase when NEW MOON TYPEs break down. that means the new tone for the cycle isn't played forward & there's no first down.

next, focus on Part of Fortune & investigate how Cheney deals with the intangibles & pays it forward.

links : cortisol, hippocampus, A Primer on Emotions and Learning, The role of cortisol in preparing the fetus for birth, PTSD, Stress and Young Children, Four temperaments, Temperament: Astrology's Forgotten Key, dolphin therapy, echolocation, ultrasound cavitation, sonoluminescence, psychoacoustics, sonochemistry, The Pythagorean Pentacle, Temperantia - Sophrosune - Temperance, Symbol 27:21, Symbol 29:14, Symbol 30:1, Symbol 46:9.

[10-Jan|01:39am] :: worked out Cheney Asteroid List.

[25-Jan|04:14am] :: revised Cheney, Bush & Rumsfeld lunar paragraphs, worked out horizon, lunation, eon phases, etc.

[27-Jan|05:51pm] :: Cheney's P.FORTUNE-[Night] {21CN02} 217º52'12" from USA's Ascendant {13SG10}, the Seed-Pattern of the individuality & destiny of the USA as a collective person (Dane Rudhyar) @ EON-23 (Exploration, Skillfull Creative Power, Plumbing Depths, Actualizating) :: "When a pastward, separative attitude reigns, this phase carries the symbol of the individual attempting to stand alone against the greater whole, and, in another sense, the destructive, perverted use of knowledge and technology. When a mostly futureward and integrated attitude prevails, the individual dedicated to the actualization of the new qualities of being unfolding through the cycle now assumes the role of a creative participant within a social or universal order. But the force of individualism may still overtake the aspirant who takes too much pride in such a role and confuses his will with that of the cosmos." + The individual [is] a creative power in the cosmos.

Cheney's P.FORTUNE-[Day] {14LI48} 301º37'28" from USA's Ascendant {13SG10} @ EON-31 (Implementation, Forces of Integration, Whole-Seeing, Accepting) :: "Even in the highest and most inclusive context of the phase, the living reality of a new society and its way of life actualized here is to some degree inevitably flawed by the inadequacies and shadow elements of its architects and builders, as exemplified by virtually every social reform ever attempted. It can be seen in the 20th century by the aggressive and ruthless reforms of Fascism — founded in a desire to return to the national glory of a long lost golden age — and in even the finest attempts to establish spiritual communities, such as Sri Aurobino Ghose's Auroville in India. Shared values and ideals integrate all communities, but the members of any society are also conditioned by what their social paradigm excludes. On an individual level, if all has gone well this phase witnesses the implementation of new qualities in the areas symbolized by the planetary pair, otherwise it sees crystallization of shadow elements around whatever has not been integrated into the process." + Accept oneself and all things as interrelated parts of a whole.

[07-Jul|05:00am] :: the word i'm looking for to describe POWELL is "squander" (to fail to take advantage of; lose a chance for) [+]. googling "Colin Powell" + squandered :: (seriously, wrote most of this post before googling) :: 94,800 links. first link is Who Squandered Colin Powell?; Powell used the word to describe Saddam Hussein (he squandered his nation's wealth for over 35 years on weapons and on palaces); Powell expressed regret Jean Bertrand Aristide squandered the opportunity that was given to him by the presence of American troops and by the international community that stuck with it for years ... But this time, I hope we can come out with a better political arrangement (Cheney's ARISTIDES {00AR13} conjunct QB1's discovery degree); Dennis Jett's The Failure of Colin Powell (pdf) from the 2005 Foreign Service Journal quotes former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer: History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided; & in a A Strategy of Partnerships, Powell writes, For too many years — too many centuries — the imperial habits of great powers squandered untold resources and talent by jousting for land, glory, and gold. The futility of such habits has become evident in the twenty-first century. The possession of vast territory, raw physical resources, and brute power guarantees neither prosperity nor peace. Investment in human capital, social trust, trade, and cooperation within and among nations does.

keep in mind, POWELL represents where squandering occurs & doesn't necessarily mean you're doing the actual squandering. in another sense, squander refers to the time it takes for the United States to sort itself out politically, militarily &c. it points to Shinseki's objective to cut down the time it takes to build an objective force. regardless of the source, it's being able to neutralize the damage caused by squander; taking full advantage of time & momentum.

Cheney's Night POF {21CN02} conjunct #911-AGAMEMNON {16CN55Rx} & 911-POF {23CN40}, 911-ERYNIA (Furies) & CONGRESS-QB1 {21CN50Rx} — among other things. my impression is there's a lot of "noise" in that house concerning 911. note: Cancer is the eleventh house of Aquarius; Cheney's SUN is in Aquarius. just as the POF used to follow your bliss, think 911-POF's should be avoided because that's the thing you want to neutralize.

Cheney's Day POF {14LI48} conjunct QB1-1999KR16 {14LI56} described by John Delaney: eclectic, inclusion; diversity; using what is neglected; ingenuity; leaving one exposed when innovation is flawed; filibuster; oratory; reform of the orthodoxy; outsider as the zealot or champion of the orthodoxy; range; indulging paradoxes; "he stripmined his own humiliation and misery"; versatility; provoking resistance; carnival barker; maestro; freak show; junk yard; unruly. this also conjuncts 911-MERCURY-ASCENDANT opposite 911-QB1. Libra 14° on Cheney's chart bracketed by SOPHROSYNE (Moderation, Prudence, Temperance) & ALETHEIA (Truth). Cheney's natal 1999KR16 {19LE29Rx} conjunct ELIZABETHANN {18LE01Rx}; Elizabeth is the name of Cheney's oldest daughter. PRUDENTIA {29CP19} (Cheney motto: Prudence is greater than fate) conjunct VERTEX {27CP49} & CATRIONA {29CP29} (another name for Katrina). VERTEX represents a meeting with Destiny's Gate & meeting up with destiny that you couldn't avoid [+][+].

looking at the Sabians: Night POF {21CN02} :: Cancer 22° A young woman, neatly attired in outing clothes, eyes softened by dreaming, awaits a sailboat headed toward her; Day POF {14LI48} :: Libra 15° An odd looking collection of machinery parts lie together; all are new and ready to use, all are circular; VERTEX {27CP49} :: Capricorn 28° A large aviary built as a wing to a rural mansion reveals a host of singing and contented feathered citizens. 1999KR16 {19LE29Rx} :: Leo 20° A group of prehistoric American Indians are seen in the course of an elaborate and impressive invocation to the sun. interestingly, Sabian symbol for Cheney's natal DAEDALUS {21LI16} (artificer, architect, engineer, engineering) :: Libra 22° A little child is laughing as the water is turned into an artistic little fountain and as the birds hurry to drink. combining Cheney's POF, VERTEX & DAEDALUS: {a} collection of machine parts; {b} a large aviary built for contented feathered citizens; & {c} little child laughing at artistic little fountain with birds.

Cheney married his high-school sweetheart, LYNN {09LE37Rx} conjunct USA-HOPI {12LE31} & 827-WHITEHOUSE {12LE39}. imho, Cancer 22° dreamy eyes way more romantic than Libra 15° machinery parts.

KR16 can function several ways: it's the degree you neglect; you feel you're neglecting something & people neglect you if you operate from this degree. or, you're either going to avoid the eclectic, or embrace & become it. or, this degree represents something you resist, or you provoke resistance by operating here. specifically, KR16 represents operating in such a way to promote, or pay forward, the USA ASC {13SG10}. key: what does that collection of machine parts build & how does it pay forward the USA Ascendant?

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