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asteroid #766-MOGUNTIA

asteroid #766-MOGUNTIA trines TRIPAXEPTALIS on Cycle #24 representing PAX in the triPax-septAlice (Hendoku-Iyaku) formula. asteroid IRANI was at this position during Cycle #23. trine aspects are 120° harmonic angles & MOGUNTIA currently transiting Science, the largest portion of the H(x) Function at 120°.

TRINE :: MOGUNTIA {18SG17Rx} — 119º46'23" from TRIPAXEPTALIS @ EON-12 : Maturation, Cosmic Intent, Higher Spin, Catalysing

MOGUNTIA was also part of my Sunspot Numerology countdown to #777-GUTEMBERGA last year. at that time i knew MOGUNTIA was the Latin name for Mainz, Germany, but didn't check much further. considering the alleged massacre in Haditha, the hidden massacre of Fallujah, & the recent incentive package presented to Iran, the Roman castrum is the thing that stands out the most this time around. the Roman castra is a military camp maintained by engineering units & officered by the architecti (chief engineers) — "all subsequent military camps in western history were modeled" after it. Romans developed different types of camps; short-term: tertia castra (camp of three days), quarta castra (camp of four days); long-term: castra stativa (standing camps), castra aestiva (summer camps), castra hiberna (winter camps). "If there is any single reason for Roman victory over the peoples of Europe, it may well be the castra. The camp allowed the Romans to keep a rested and supplied army in the field."

castrum Moguntiacum founded by Roman general Drusus. it was the provincial capital of Germania Superior ("Upper Germania"), which included western Switzerland (see: HELVETIA) & played an important strategic role in the Roman empire ("one of the great historical cities of Germany"; Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). Johann Gutenberg (#777-GUTEMBERGA) born & died here, Pope Joan might may have been born here, & an important center for Talmudic scholarship.

kinda sketchy on the Roman Empire, so forgive me if i get some of this wrong. here's a map of the Roman Empire. Romans were never able to conquer Germania. on this map, "Germania inf." refers to Germania Inferior & "Germania sup." refers to Germania Superior, both occupied by the Romans. another map illustrates Magna Germania, "the free Germania". Battle of the Teutoburg Forest established the Rhine as the boundary of the Roman Empire. this was a devasting Roman defeat killing 20,000 Roman soldiers (Augustus apparent response: Quintili Vare, legiones redde!"). causing Rome to strengthen fortifications along the Germania Superior called Limes Germanicus (Germanic frontier) & that's where the Roman castra comes into play.

Alamanni forces sacked MOGUNTIA in 368. asteroid #418-ALEMANNIA named for a fraternity at Heidelberg University, but may be related to Alamannia. Niccolò Alamanni, custodian of the Vatican Library & editor of the The Secret History.

the Vandals would eventually sack Rome in 455, but in 406 they & other Germanic tribes crossed the Rhine at Mainz leading to the sack of Trier, Germany's oldest city situated on the western bank of the Moselle River (where the Schengen Agreement [+] was signed onboard the ship Princesse Marie-Astrid in 1985). this event the basis for Eagle in the Snow novel & Gladiator film.


 • Archbishopric of Mainz
 • Stadt Mainz (flags, banners)
 • Primas Germaniae
 • Mainz Cathedral
 • Second Crusade
 • Konrad von Marburg
 • Mainz Pattern Roman Gladius - Sword
 • The Allectus (Mainz style)
 • Martin Luther
 • Letter to the Archbishop of Mainz
 • The Peasant War in Germany
 • Is the Politics of Truth still Thinkable?
 • A Brief History of Fanaticism
 • Medusa, the Female Genital and the Nazis
 • Carl Gustav Jung
 • Religions of Roman Britain
 • Historia Brittonum
 • Celtic Sun Worship (Grannus/Mogons/Mogounus)
 • Magonus/Mogons
 • Magonus/Mogons
 • Mogons
 • Grannus
 • 766 Moguntia
 • Bell Beaker Culture

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