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Expecto Patronum!

asteroid #77696-PATRICIANN

the Patronus Charm first shows up in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. it's a major theme in the book because it's the only defense against the prison guards of Azkaban, the Dementors. they can suck the very soul out of you & make you relive your worst memories.

The Prisoner of Azkaban is the third Harry Potter book. my favorite book will always be the first one, The Philosopher's Stone, but my favorite film in the series, so far, is the third. that's saying a lot coz it's the first one with Michael Gambon as Professor Dumbledore instead of Richard Harris. directed by Mexican film director Alfonso Cuarón, Azkaban is the first film that doesn't follow the book closely. happy to know it's also Rowling's favorite. i like how Cuarón illustrates the changing seasons with the Whomping Willow & the special effects for the Patronus Charm. Marauder's Map is also excellent, but don't think it's made clear to non-readers who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs, the map's creators, actually are. Prongs refers to the horns of a stag & the nickname for a person very important to Harry — good fact to know when Harry conjures up a stag with the Patronus Charm. Azkaban is about the time an innocent man spends in prison & the lifetime of an untruth. Cuarón does a great job anchoring time for the viewer in a story about time shifting & shapeshifters.

felt something missing after working out the preliminary version of this asteroid list. watching The Prisoner of Azkaban again this weekend made me think about adding the Patronus Charm — already worked out some gematria here & here. i'm replacing asteroid ARENDA with #77696-PATRICIANN. Patricians are the elites, the nobility (it's where "patron saints" comes from), from Latin patricus & pater. patronus is "a protector, defender, patron" & also comes from pater. apparently, the etymology of the word comes from Patron, one of Evander's companions. 1911 Encyclopedia: Patricians, Patron & Patron and Client.

59 gematria since i'm adding 59 asteroids:

AQ 59 = 2002 PN34 (One of Pluto Steed's) = ARCA = DEAM = DEW = DIS = EVE = FLN = GET = IOH = IRE = LEO = MADE = MAHA = MEN = NAGA = RAM = REI = SHE = TIC = UT.

HEB 59 (17th prime number) = AChYLVD (pr.n. "Brother by Birth") = AChYM (brethren) = ANCh (to lament, to moan) = MYVG (619 w/f; pr.n. "Nations" or "Gentiles") = NVG (709 w/f; to protect, shelter) = HND ("Whisper") = NBZ (709 w/f; to gain, to buy) = BNZ (to be pendulous, to wave, wobble; to cut off or hurt the tail; to smite the rear [of any army]; tail; end, stump; posterior, mean) = HLYVCh ("Sandy") = HMVCh (wall; town-wall) = LAYChY ("God Lives") = ChTBM (trust, confidence; security) = ChBTM (slaughter or massacre) = VGN ("Brilliance" or "Beauty", (Venus)) = HDN (to move or flee away; to remove or put off) = (to reach out, to give) = (a liberal gift; especially the hiring of a hooker) = (removal or separation; what is removed, uncleanness or impurity.; an abominable act; esp. incest) = GVYM (heathen) = NDH (menstruate).

from the i-Ged:

Names of Oaks :: Over the past three years, I've received three words, the last of which is the name of an OP oak. The first is ABRChAMBQA in Hebrew, ABRXAMBKA in Greek, the second BLIORDE in Enochian, and the third SHARSHANDRAM in Enochian [...] ABRXAMBKA adds to 767 in Greek. 767=59*13. 59 reduces to 14 and then 5 by adding digits. 59 can thus be interpretted as microcosmic spirit (5) contacting the Empyrium (9) thus becoming a star (14) while remaining unchanged in form. 13 indicates the elements (1+3=4) out of balance. Thus 767 can be interpretted as the soul reaching celestial heights without first finding balance among the elements. The 6 (perfected soul) between the two 7's (celestial infuence) and the fact that 7+6+7=20 (manifest division) can be interpretted the same way. The word is best interpretted in triples. ABR is the start of such words as ABRAHADABRA and ABRAXAS and indicates unity becoming division becoming a flowing into the material, interpretted in either Hebrew or Greek.

echoes Liber AL I:59:

Liber AL I:59 My incense is of resinous woods & gums and there is no blood therein: because of my hair the trees of Eternity ~ Nuit’s incense “is of resinous woods & gums.” Many incenses — including that of Abramelin — fit this description. Both “woods” and “gums” (i.e., resins) come from trees or tree-like bushes. In burning these substances we are magically commemorating trees, and thus what are here described as “the trees of Eternity,” which are said to be Nuit’s “hair.” Furthermore, the incense has in it “no blood,” apparently for a related reason. These are the mysteries to decipher. I speculate that there is “no blood” because blood is an animal base, and invokes an animal aspect of consciousness. Nuit’s incense is not meant to stir a Nephesh reaction (even though all incense has its effect through the Nephesh), but rather a Neshamah reaction. This feels theoretically sound.

ironically, DUDLEY = 59 in O:N:E: gematria; {a} several Earls of Warwick have the surname Dudley; {b} then there's, of course, Dudley Dursley. topping this all off: the AHMANITE II theme for 59 REUNION [Scorpio 29°] includes "harry". HARRY = 419 CAMPFIRE, also at Scorpio 29° & another prime number. the prisoner from Azkaban is Harry's godfather, Sirius Black; however, Harry & Sirius are not blood-related. blood is another Harry Potter theme & refers to why Dumbledore asks Harry to return to the Dursley's at the end of each school year (see: The Order of the Phoenix). Lord Voldemort isn't a Dementor, but the protective magic Lily Potter gave her son seems like, in Harry's case, the "mother form" of the Patronus Charm.

asteroid #3578-CARESTIA

CARESTIA replaces REINMUTHIA. occasionally i recheck the asteroid listing for asteroids ending in TIA: Modestia, Patientia, Constantia, Perseverantia, Tolerantia, Abundantia, &c. some of these are already on the 827 List & i've finally grouped the rest on Hopper Asteroids. never looked at CARESTIA before — it's Italian for "famine, shortage or scarcity"; feast-or-famine = abbondanza o carestia. i think CARESTIA comes from medieval Latin; it also appears in The Romances of Chrétien de Troyes (which begins with the concept of time). not much is known about Chrétien's life. the section where this paragraph appears mentions Chrétien's patrons & explains how the word CARESTIA locates Chrétien during a specfic time-frame:

In an ingenious study, Aurelio Roncaglia (1958) made a convincing case for seeing in the senhal "Carestia" of the renowned troubadour Raimbaut d'Aurenga, the lord of Orange in Provence, a reference to Chrétien de Troyes. A senhal is a fictitious name or sobriquet that one poet uses to address another. Chrétien's poem "D'amors qui m'a tolu a moi" contains correspondences in imagery, reference, and wording to Raimbaut's "No chan per auzel ni per flor," as well as to Bernart de Ventadorn's famous "Can vei la lauzeta mover." Roncaglia shows that Chrétien is taking a tack contrary to the stances of the two troubadours. The senhal "Carestia," meaning 'rarity, scarcity', would derive from a concept dear to Chrétien, reflected in the phrase chier tans 'time of scarcity', in line 42 of Chrétien's poem, in which he exhorts his heart not to abandon faith toward the lady despite the scarcity of love it is experiencing. The idea that a love that is delayed—and thus "scarce"—is all the more enjoyable is found among Gauvain's arguments to Yvain in the Chevalier au lion (2515–23). "Carestia" appears also to be a pun on the name "Crestiien." If Roncaglia is right, and in my view he is, then Chrétien would have been active as a poet in the early 1170s, since Raimbaut d'Aurenga died in 1173. [+]
asteroid #113390-HELVETIA

HELVETIA replaces WIGEON. HEDWIG & WIGEON (Pigwidgeon) represent the Harry Potter owls, the major form of communication in Harry's magical world. astronomically, asteroid HELVETIA named for the female personification of Switzerland (like the USA's Columbia). however, there's a Helvetia located in Medan, Indonesia. it's also the root for Helvetica, a standard Macintosh font based on Akzidenz Grotesk typeface. it is through her art Frida Kahlo transforms the bus accident into an Akzidenz Grotesk. several weeks ago i found Jan Jagodzinski's Pun(k) Deconstruction: Experifigural Writings in Art & Art Education. with HELVETIA i want to explore something from the preface (personification, representation, presentment):

Taking my clue from Lyotard I have attempted to write several essays, especially in the second volume, putting the "figural" in motion. Some are outrageously written, over-exaggerated, excessive in their intent—examples of graphic hyperbolic writing. Others are "experifigural" essays, performances staged to get at the incommensurate clash of heterogeneous plastic and graphic spaces. These have been influenced by Conceptualism, which conflated art and language on each other to produce a "scripto-visual" tradition. Conceptualist Art emerged at the very time that art education began its retreat to more conservative positions. These particular essays are therefore written in a purposefully playful and satirical style, playing visually with the format of presentation. In some cases the type "face" has been manipulated so as to recognize and underscore the graphic element involved in writing and to distinguish voices. This visual trope (Lyotard's figure), in and of itself, questions the claim that language is transparent in its representation. The graphic dimensions of language, made possible by the word processor, make the reader aware that design and form are very much at work in presentment of rhetoric. [+]

what's Pun(k) Deconstruction anyway?

This nostalgia for a "restoration" of a center is a theme which I visit and re-visit throughout these two volumes. For Agnes Heller and Ferenc Fehér "[p]ostmodernity is neither a historical period nor a cultural or political trend with well-defined characteristics. Rather, postmodernity may be understood as the private-collective time and space, within the wider time and space of modernity, delineated by those who have problems with and queries addressed to modernity, and by those who make an inventory of modernity's achievement as well as its unresolved *dilemmas*" (1988:1, my emphasis). "Dilemmas" presents the operative word in the struggles to ground a renewed self-identity in a world whose borders are quickly changing. Dilemmas characterizes my own "ludic," and most likely, over-romanticized resistance to the dominant visual art discourse. It can be appropriately described as "pun(k) deconstruction," a neologism coined by Zavarzadeh (1992) disparagingly, I must add, to identify the political poverty of deconstruction; a position with which I disagree. Consequently, I have appropriated this neologism, modified as two words, in the title of the second volume. [+]

Pun(k) Deconstruction also has a chapter on AIDS. i don't think i've written about the effect of writing this post & learning about Robert Gallo, the HIV hypothesis & the impact of HIV/AIDS on Africa. "AIDS began in Africa" — that's in parentheses because it's a hypothesis. contrasting this against the current situation with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, European immigration policy & whether or not non-fertile white Europeans will be overrun by the reproducing-as-fast-as-bunnies multi-colored hoards ... is mind-boggling. could be AIDS came to Africa through the US.

The metaphorics of AIDS is nonexistent in AIDS educational discourse. The faith in objective science makes it easy to forget that AIDS must be translated through language (visual and rhethorical) before it can become understandable. In this regard, what is particularly fascinating are the virus ideographs illustrated throughout countless scientific journals and popular magazines. In order to personalize the virus for readers, medical illustrators come up with a wide variety of stylizations, not one of which looks like the virus under an electron microscope. "Robert Gallo's virus is the one that has Africa inscribed inside it. There's one virus whose core proteins look like the moon shot of Earthrise. There's another one where the DNA and the RNA strands of the virus look like two little baby corns on a nouveau cuisine plate. There is one with a coiled serpent in the middle, representing the viral protein" (Grover, 1992: 238). Without a basis of comparison between illustrations and without recognizing that these are imaginary projections of what the virus looks like, the reader/viewer simply accepts them at face value without pondering the impact of their presentations. [+]

HELVETIA symbolically represents the Oankali, the genetic engineers from Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy, genetic transcription, sequencing the human genome, &c.

UPDATE [02-Jun|06:05pm] :: WIGEON did make it on the final list (with asteroid ROWLING). interestingly, Pigwidgeon was a gift from Sirius to Ron Weasley to replace Scabbers.

asteroid #59-ELPIS

guess hope is the last thing abandoned during Dementor times like these. extremely surprised to learn asteroid ELPIS named after the personification of Hope. you're supposed to eat chocolate after surviving a Dementor attack because you lose so much energy. reminds me of a classic greeting card with, i think, a cartoon hippo saying, "Things are getting desperate ... send chocolate". i remember when Les Crane's recording of Desiderata came out. just a couple of additions: Go placidly amid the noise and the haste & remember, when you see a Dementor coming at you it's Expecto Patronum!

i'll try to explain more about these asteroids later, but the next step is running ephemerides, get them onto the 827 List & add Badiou's humanity function. that involves locating POCAHONTAS' current position symbolizing the (L)ove degree slicing the zodiac wheel into S(cience), A(rt) & (P)olitics. hopefully ... that should be pretty simple to implement.

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