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Sunspot #890

SUNSPOT WATCH: ( ~ The Sun has a rash—and it's getting worse. Small sunspots are popping up everywhere. The latest is active region 890, the second new sunspot in as many days. What's next?

 • SEC Solar Region Summary

DA VINCI GLOW: ( ~ Look west at the sunset tonight, behold the crescent Moon, and think of Leonardo Da Vinci. Almost 500 years ago, the Renaissance master solved an ancient mystery: What is that strange glow between the horns of the crescent? The mysterious glow, Da Vinci realized, is sunlight reflected from Earth onto the Moon: diagram. Now we call it "Earthshine" or better yet the "Da Vinci glow." Bask in it tonight: sky map. more images: from Richard Bell of Kalamazoo, Michigan; from P-M Hedén of Vallentuna, Sweden; from Dennis Mammana of Borrego Springs, California. see: Da Vinci's sketch of Earthshine in 1510 vs. amateur astronomer Riccardo Di Nasso's photo of Earthshine in 2006.

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