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Sunspot #720 = 9 (AQ Gematria)

Liber Qwyz :: Ahlv(720)



[ccru glossary]

Aquapocalypse. Ultimate deluge, or terminal inundation.

Geotraumatics. Polymathic hypertheory of the terrestrial machinic unconscious, which refuses the distinction between biology, geology, linguistics and numeracy. Geotraumatics processes the becomings of the earth as intensive products of anorganic tensions, especially those compacted from archaic xenocatastrophes. Its main tenets are laid out in Barker's [as yet unpublished] The Geocosmic Theory of Trauma.

Y2Keynesianism. Millennium bomb countermeasure economic stimulus.

Yettuk. Hyperstitional Y2K-entity, associated with Teotwawki (the end of the world as we know it).

[Ccru datastream2: y2K as death of pomo]

By now, of course, everyone is familiar with the Y2K - or Millennium Bug - phenomenon. The common perception of Y2K is that it is - merely - an accident. A technical oversight. Not imagining that their programs would still be used come the Year 2000, programmers used a two-digit protocol to code for the date, with the result that, come January 1st, computers still reliant on such programs will be terminally confused, unable to distinguish the year 1900 from the Year 2000.

[Pandæmonæon, Information, & Social Structures]

At present, the speed at which information may be transmitted from source to target is bound by time, which manifests here as the speed of light ... Æthyr is not bound by the speed of light, does not itself occupy space, and is not subject to time. It is quite capable of being in more than one place at a time, or nowhere at all, or any combination of the two. Pandæmonæon, then, is at one level the breaking down of all things into æthyr, or information. Everything becomes temporary agglomeration changeable at will, with will itself being understood as a transient agglomeration. This mirrors exactly the process by which any act of Chaos Magick is effected; one sets up a set of parameters beforehand through various techniques, but the techniques in themselves are not magick. Intentional magick can be manifested only when a state of Gnosis is achieved. Gnosis is the scattering of the mind back into the æthyric pool through the cessation of all mental process. Any number of variables (quanta) are then interchanged between the magickal Worker and the infinite field of infinitesimal potentialities (Æthyr). The form they will take in manifestation is determined by the parameters set to a great extent by the techniques employed. In other words, the techniques act in much the same was as the telephone line did in the previous example. When Pandæmonæon has been invoked, however, such intermediate steps are no longer necessary. Will directly manipulates the æthyr into various configurations, and nothing exists but that which has been so configured. Information is transmitted, processed and configured outside of the bounds of any concept of time, and thus instantaneously. What effect, then, does this have upon humanity's social structures? [must read]

[Vortex Egg]

The implication, as far as I currently understand it, is that Nelson was influenced by a combination of the ideas of Bush and Lilly to make the jump that human understanding is an emergent effect of our ability to network based on external memory signals that are shared among social agents. This is reflected in my own work involving a model of swarm intelligence influenced by emergent organization in the communication mechanisms of social insects (i.e. ant colonies, bee hives, termite nests). In particular, I have adapted the concept of stigmergy to human communication systems. Stigmergy is a term describing the way ants use trails of pheromones to communicate indirectly...[Xanadu, Stigmergy, Swarm Intelligence and the Noosphere ]

VE: [Principles of Systems and cybernetics][Cybernetics and Second-Order Cybernetics][Dialogics, Cybernetics & Post-Humanist Communication Theory][Acts Between and Between Acts][On Selfish Memes]</p> [Zone Seven: Uranus]

• The figure seven (7) includes the only pure diagonal to be found amongst the numeral figures (and depends upon this oblique line to differentiate it from the numeral ‘1,' as also to break it's rotational bond with the (upper-case) letter ‘L'). It is ideographically connected to the lightning-stroke, and related by composition to the (similarly associated) letter ‘Z.'

• In Lemurian Planetwork Uranus is astrozygonomously paired with Venus.

• Zone-7 is the fifth of the six Torque-region Zones of the Numogram, and Tractor-Zone of the 8-1 (or 'Surge') Current. Its Syzygetic-twin is Zone-2. The 7+2 Syzygy is carried by the demon Oddubb, whose associations with hyperstitious doublings reinforces its twin character.

• Lemurian subcultures associate Zone-7 with emergence from the depths (hyper-sea water-carriers and amphibious colonization).

• Mesh-23. Oddubb (Odba). Broken Mirror. Pitch Null Net-Span 7::2 Syzygetic Chronodemon of Swamp-Labyrinths (and blind-doubles). Feeds Hold-Current. Rt-0:[X]. Time loops, glamour and glosses.


Mur Mur, meanwhile, carries echoes of the legends of Sea Beasts and ancient serpents; its time is the Deep Time of the ocean bed. Like Katak, it too, is horrified by what will follow it in the cycle; in this case, Oddubb (2/7), the amphibious entity, associated with the crossing out of water and the acquisition of lungs. What Mur Mur fears is the division that Oddubb brings, the splitting of the undivided waters. Oddubb is defined by ambiguous and elusive movement. As its name suggests, it is a ‘double-agency’, a duplicitous creature. It has a horror of dryness, of the state of being fully landlocked that comes with Katak. Which brings us full circle."

Oddubb - 'duplicity', 'doubling', cf also the incantations of Macbeth's witches - it is hard to imagine that Shakespeare wasn't remembering an invocation of Oddubb when he wrote the words of the Weird Sisters' spells.

Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison'd entrails throw.
Toad**, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i' the charmed pot.

(**)Zone-7 totem animals are predominantly of the chubby batrachian (burping toad) type.


TIME RELATION: time rider. passes on time.
TRAVELS IN: the essential of the desiring machine. incites your want, enjoys your seduction. knows ecstasy and deep pain..
COLOURS: radiating golds and coppers, alien pinks and reds.
DYNAMIC PRESENCE: physical takeover, physical telepathy, trickster tease, the third eye, bacterial sex, strange attractors, stuff finds you, distraction and glamour, luxurious deceiver.
LIGHT ASPECT: glitter, glimmer, glow, prismatic light, sun bathing, colour absorption.
SNAKE ASPECT: erotic tentacles, kundalini zones, skin memory and absence, tempter.
METAL ASPECT: magnetic attractors, currency(deception), precious metals.
BLOOD ASPECT: circulation- currents, dangerous communication, transport system.
DIGITAL ASPECT: complexity, strobe doubles, skins/surfaces/layers of perception, planes of sound, feedback, unusual familiars. she makes visual effects by telepathy.
MAGNETIC FIELDS: telepathic strange attractor labyrinths.

7<>2 ODDUBB/ODOBI or XES [7transcience2lure] time rider. passes on time.

it¹s transvestite female, overly female. it has a third eye scar (blindness). it is touch orientated. it is the most personal/intimate entity (an intimacy based on rumor). it is really high, laughs a lot, and is a tricky fucker. deranged. it carries hooks and is drenched in perfume. it has a lot of different voices and is a nightmare to psychologists. overstimulation. lost. ecstasy and pain. saying two things with one phrase is very key- makes it maze like/escher/ constantly fascinating. p h y s i c a l t e l e p a t h y through m a g n e t i c m u t a t i o n into t r i c k s t e r t o u c h . erotic, magnetic, currency waves, cellullar radiating. addictions. it is inside out eyes (whites). its vision affects outside itself -it puts vision OUT. complex distortion. brain coral. skininside cybrid evolutionary riskfactor. intimatter traffic. currency. it is very high tech in lots of ways (not really obvious ones, but a serious operator).it is machines as prosthetics. artificial and natural melt into each other. one body two speeds. silicon/clone/labyrinth. glitter/trance/attention. media tart. surface /illusion appears but isnt really what it looks like. it¹s got a camera obsession. swap the inside outside round. do it on camera. fiction jokes are on them. surface of the body is madly detailed/intense and changing strange attractors/reflects surrounding on its skin. it is intimate with you through sound and visual. it plays with you out of both. imprints on sensation.


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