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GaiaMind Project & Astrology of Peak Oil

several weeks ago piet mentioned John Charles Webb & the Astro-archaeological Star of Bethlehem (chart). i do remember somebody talking about a pyramid in a chart & googled The Pyramid at Giza & the Magnetic Null Zone (which i've seen previously). that chart is also by Webb. i was also aware of John Mirehiel's Harmonic Concordance Grand Sextile chart of 08-Nov-2003 @ 8:12 PM EST. don't recall ever hearing about Jim Fournier & The GaiaMind Project — which i did bump into recently when i learned about the Uranus-Pluto-Damocloid Triple Conjunction. did a quick chart at Astrodienst & was quickly blown away. that chart occurred on 23-Jan-1997 @ 12:35 PM EST. (image above is the GaiaMind chart & i created the following chart at Astrodienst).

CNN mentioned the global meditation (Astrologers: Age of Aquarius dawns Thursday), which probably set the stage for future global movements like the 11-Aug-1999 Total Solar Eclipse & the Harmonic Concordance, since Fournier seemed to have organized the very first one.

while i was looking for a link about the 11-Aug-1999 Eclipse (because it was also a Grand Cross), popped part three of Paula Hay's Astrology of Peak Oil: [1][2][3]. Hay isn't a professional astrologer, but a "fourth-year adult undergraduate studying Journalism and Technical Communications at Penn State University". she's "investigating the spiritual, cultural, and philosophical implications of Peak Oil and Global Warming". highly recommended. check out the adaptation blog & note below August 27 date & Titusville, Pennsylvania (827 Chart, Titusville, Florida across the river from the Kennedy Space Center & many of its residents work at the space center).

The discovery of “rock oil” in the 19th century led to its rapid integration into all aspects of Western society. We are almost literally immersed in it, and there are few individuals living in so-called “first-world” nations who can claim otherwise. This level of saturation means that any astrological assessment of petroleum is also an assessment of ourselves collectively—as the oil goes, so we go. Horoscope charts of petroleum-related events therefore reflect our collective conscious and unconscious with great clarity and in ways that charts of other types of events might not.

The chart I am using for this analysis is the sunrise chart for the Drake Well—the world’s first oil well, drilled August 27, 1859, in Titusville, Pennsylvania. It marks the birth of our symbiotic relationship with oil and, like all natal horoscope charts, delineates the archetypal patterns that caused us to absorb it so thoroughly into our society. Archetypes have their roots in earliest histories of our species; this is evident in the Drake Well chart, and is where this analysis begins. [+]

Hay bases her analysis on the "traumatic shift" between the Paleolithic nomadic life to the Neolithic agricultural life — the challenge of reinvention surviving a collapsed society. this shift parallels biblical Adam & Eve being kicked out of Eden as an existential crisis: becoming aware of being "Vulnerable with-a-capital-V". Hay's equation of Adam + Eve with Nessus ("the monster-with-a-heart ... mark[ing] the beginning of our ancestors' move out of the forest", the "lost Golden Age" archetype) is absolutely perfect. i'd add Hercules & Dejanira to the mix, especially Dejanira & the magical properties (& unintended consequences) of Nessus' poisoned blood (see Agrippa's Of Occult Philosophy, Book I, Chapter l. Of Fascination, and the Art thereof). that blood can represent oil. did a chart adding asteroids #157-DEJANIRA {02LE25} & #5143-HERACLES {19AR49Rx}. DEJANIRA conjunct NESSUS {25CN12} & HERACLES conjunct VESTA {18AR59} — asteroid #15522-TRUEBLOOD {15VI46} is in the same house as the SUN {03VI36} & conjunct MERCURY {06VI18Rx}. the BLOOD+MERCURY combination seems to point back to NESSUS.

(see also: Nessos, The Redemption of Nessus, Further Notes on Nessus, The Black Moon).

however, Hay's identifies the "Peak Oil setup in the chart" (kinda interesting to know near the cusp of the Aquarian Age) where Chiron symbolizes the deepest wound, Black Moon Lilith the changing status of women & the Moon's north node humanity's karmic challenges:

For all the efforts our ancestors invested in creating new religions, societies, and cultures that supported the new agricultural paradigm, our Paleolithic history cannot be wiped out and still remains with us. On the far side of the chart, directly facing the 12th house repression, a collection of non-planets stands in full consciousness. We find there Chiron—another Centaur, discovered in 1977—along with the Moon’s north node and Black Moon Lilith, all in sixth house Aquarius, and all in lockstep conjunction. [+]

Black Moon Lilith represents the status of women changing due to the shift from nomadic to agricultural lifestyle. Lilith is the Serpent; the only one able to communicate "the full, unadulterated truth" — you will not surely die.

As a society, we have adopted many strictures and limitations that we dare not cross. We perceive all manner of slippery slopes and lurking evil, and we do not cross these lines because we fear that if we do, we will surely die. We do not want to let our demons loose. But we fail to realize that those demons are the collective unconscious from which we run so frantically, and which has driven us to the brink of collapse, perhaps our very last. If we are to make it through collapse and build something new on the other side, we must engage the contents of our collective shadow or we will simply repeat the pattern again and again, in technologically less complex societies. Lilith is the demon, but she is also our link to the lost Golden Age, and can provide a mythological connection that brings us full circle. [+]

astrologer Juan Revilla says Lilith belongs to the "Mother Archetype, especially in its manifestations of the Terrible Mother" & shares similar themes with Hay's "repressed emotions get[ting] stuffed into the collective unconscious":

The Black Moon takes hold of our emotions. It is a reactive point, never a point of integration. As such, it can cause strong identifications or very powerful projections of unconscious emotions which may not be recognized as such. My feeling is that the Black Moon always works at this reactive level.

Many of the characteristics of the Black Moon—and of the character of the legendary Lilith—can be explained with the principle of "reaction formation", defined as "an internal defense mechanism in which a no longer gratifiable motive (or one gratifiable only under threat of punishment) is replaced by a motive at the other end of the existing continuum" {ref.: "Dictionary of Psychology", Vol. 2, p.907, ed. Eysenck, Arnold and Meili, Fontana/Collins, 1975} [+]

Jupiter symbolizes expansion & Cancer, ruled by the Moon, governs the inner self & the emotions. Jupiter in Cancer suggests expansive or expanding emotions. Jupiter approximately 5° from SIRIUS, the Sun of the Sun, the great Instructor of mankind. SIRIUS represents the SuperEgo, the OverSelf & the Overseer of world affairs. (see: An Introduction to Maraka Project & the ritual of Sag-did, the dog-watcher).

Lilith's demonic aspects parallel Druj, the Mother of Abominations...

Druj-, a feminine name from the Sanskrit druh 'to blacken', in Pahlavi language of ancient Persia, Druj- means lie, unreal, strategy and darkness. Both linguistically and epidemically, it is always experienced as ‘Druj-’ (an affix, a prosthesis, a contagious havoc) and not ‘Druj’ (e.g. Druj-Nasu: the corpse-fiend). In Vendidad or the Zoroastrian Book of the Law against Demon, written during the Sasanian dynasty before Islam, Druj- is not an entity but a pestilential tempest capable of inter-fusing with everything; it is regarded as an unfathomable plague, a contaminating epidemic or the Mother of Abominations. [+]

& the Jnun, the Daughters of Lilith...

Jinn or Djinn is male, the female side of this race is called Jnun (in plural form), a rich word which also means delirium, maddening love and terminal madness. In Persian mythology, Jnun are descended from Jeh or Jay or Jahi (also Jehika), the first anti-creationist agent engineered by Ahriman’s own body, the daughter of Ahriman who awakened his father from ten thousand years of sleep to spawn a pest-legion, Jahi is the first woman whose mission was to undo the entire pro-creationist / survivalist project of Ahura Mazda. In Arabic folklore, Jnun are daughters of Lilith.

The other side of the Outside, is ‘It’, the epidemic, the ungrounded becoming, the cosmodrome. Jnun possess not to take over but to make open — lay, crack, butcher open (As in the case of the Moroccan jinniya, Aisha Qandisha, or Aiesheh Ghediseh who is also called the Opener). 'Being possessed by Jnun' (things that never rest), this was the only solution Abdul Al-Hazred found to communicate with the Cosmodrome of the outside. Becoming woman via Jnun is a direct link to ‘It’, the cosmodromic current of the Outside. [+]

Neptune & Pholus are the gatekeepers keeping the Peak Oil triad at bay in a consensus trance. however, Venus—forming a Yod configuration with Neptune & Pholus—presents a possible solution.

In our consensus-trance yod, Venus is the potential trigger that can serve to break that trance, provided some transiting planet springs her into action. Here again the theme of the feminine playing a critical role in Peak Oil is evident. Venus is poised to play the role of Eve, waiting for something from outside our illusory, petroleum-fueled Garden of Consumerist Eden to open her eyes.

That event occurred on August 11, 1999. [+]

in part three, A Mythology for Collapse, compare / contrast Chiron's Rainbow Bridge with Cata- Color as Electricity:

Astrologer Martin Lass writes in his book Mirror, Mirror, Body and Mind that the rainbow bridge “is the bridge returning us from duality, fragmentation, diversity, illusion and Darkness to unity, wholeness, Oneness, Truth, Light and Love.” He goes on to state that, “The analogy arises from the nature of light inasmuch as light splits into different colors when encountering a prism. The repeated splitting of Light (meaning all frequencies of energy in the universe) ultimately manifests in Matter (the Wounding). Furthermore, Matter merges again into the coherence of white unpolarized Light (energy, Spirit) by the action of what is called the full quantum collapse process in particle physics (the Healing)” (italics in original).

Lass’ language here is pretty typical of the obstructive foofiness one encounters when researching Chiron. Nevertheless, if we unpack it just a bit, Lass’ description proves to be applicable and hopeful.

I believe Lass to be saying that when light is slowed enough, it becomes matter. Matter is an undesirable state of affairs because it is separated from its original state of being. But, through a process of quantum collapse, matter can change back into light. Chiron represents the reverse process of slowing light, so that matter speeds up to become the rainbow colors of the visible light spectrum, then merges entirely back into white light. [+]

COLOR AS ELECTRICITY: Every descent is an incognitum hactenus (Anonymous-until-Now). Darkness is the chromatic gradient of depth, as depth is its tectonic anomaly, that is to say both its ultimate unground and epidemic openness; while solidus (and solidity) ascribes the obscene economy of Depth to the discourses of solid (mainly affordance, survival economy and solidus-in-circulation); darkness subverts them with its own nervous system. [+]

how do you survive a collapsed society? Hay's argues that the archetypal first collapse (the shift from Paleolithic nomadic to Neolithic agricultural) is a "wound" we're still dealing with. Thomas Hobbes' "war of all against all" resonates with what we're left with: vunerablity. Hay's "spiritual view of collapse":

Collapse holds the promise of reconnection with a more human, less mechanical, less fearful way of life. Collapse is the bridge that leads us to reunion with our original state of being, the one Thomas Hobbes mistook for a war of all against all. [+]

& maybe that's how you deal with an emergent singularity.

can't begin to do justice with Reza Negarestani's writings & provide a coherent synopsis. however, he expands similar themes about openness, collapse & wounds:

my wound is open but my lover pulls away the scabs to leak it

Depth is concurrently a collapse and an incognitum hactenus (Anonymous-until-Now); these two are not the same; they are both parts of the nervous system of where or unground whose openness renders experience(experiencing depth, etc.) a pestilential laceration made by the two-edged blade of openness (being open and being lacerated and laid open [11]), a blade whose two edges (the one in front of you and the other) slashing you and the outside; this is not the anatomical laceration with its dissecting level of analysis or the one Ceronetti, Italian poet and writer, considers as the "hands of light" [12] searching the innards so innocently ana-tomistic and so empirically sweet - the hierarchical cut (is the second cut the deepest?). Openness of the unground makes experience (experience is a plague) inevitable and imperfectible; then in the same way, experiencing 'depth' interconnects with openness and its lacerations, of all kinds (descents, collapses, wounds, solar crashes, etc.). Don't be an anatomist, be a butcher. Descent is not exactly the process of experiencing depth but a process rendering 'depth' as an experience, a laceration, a torn open wound on the side of the metallurgic affects of openness (being open and being lacerated and laid open), the Blade. (Unground, metallurgically and functionally, is a blade-garden.) [+]

which returns me full circle to the 1997 GaiaMind Project. the event received a Hopi Blessing, Jerusalem & New York charts synchronized within one second & during the event atmospheric ionization measured & random numbers generated [+]. the goal of the global meditation was "an unprecedented opportunity to catalyze planetary healing by both envisioning the light and facing the darkness of our times" (source). i'm always surprised when i start writing a journal entry that ends up in a completely unexpected space. when i first saw the GaiaMind chart i was trying to figure out how it coincided with the 220 & 827 Charts. i wouldn't have found Astrology of Peak Oil if i wasn't googling stuff for this entry. maybe that's my answer.


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