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Uranus-Pluto-Damocloid Triple Conjunction

Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s was a triple conjunction with Damocloid 1996 PW.

 • see: Asteroid #4036-WHITEHOUSE

three Uranus-Pluto Conjunctions occurred in 1965-66 in Virgo: 09-Oct-1965, 04-Apr-1966 & 30-Apr-1966; next conjunction occurs 24-Apr-2104. triple conjunctions between planets occur periodically & the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 7 BCE-5 BCE may explain the Star of Bethlehem. Uranus-Pluto conjunction occurs approximately every 125 years & a triple conjunction occurs during retrogrades.

when 1996_PW discovered it was called a "unique and baffling object" & "a misfit in the grand scheme of things". scientists couldn't figure out if was an asteroid or a comet & revised assumptions about the Oort Cloud.

trivia :: asteroid GAEA conjunct NEPTUNE & 1996_PW — Holmes Ralston III 1: "While hiking in the mountains of Virginia, Dr. Rolston spotted a whorled pogonia [2], an endangered yellow and white orchid that grows in the Eastern United States. He sat and pondered the rare beauty. "I thought it was a good thing the flower was there, whether a human saw it or not," recalls Rolston, a tall, lean man with sparkling blue eyes and a quiet manner. From this encounter, Rolston began to form his ideas on the intrinsic value of nature and man's spiritual and ethical obligation to preserve it."

Small Whorled Pogonia (Isotria medeoloides) :: aka Green Fiveleaf Orchid & Little Whorled Pogonia; "This is our rarest Orchid [...] The name Isotria means "equal" (isos) and "three" (treis) and refers to the sepals. Pogonia means "bearded" referring to the lip of the flower."

1996_PW's discovery falls within the 1994-2006 themes discussed here. some other info i picked up & need to sort later:

 • Cosmic Update (12-Nov-2001) :: I am grateful to one of my readers, Arthur Kalder, for suggesting that I look at the conjunction between Uranus and Pluto (operative, within orb, between 1962 and 1968). Mr Kalder pointed out that the terrorist, Mohammed Atta, who steered the United Airlines jet into the World Trade Centre, was born with this conjunction in his chart, as indeed must have been many of his fellow terrorists [...] Since 1930 there have been two major aspects between Uranus and Pluto – the square of 1933/34 (Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Cancer) and the conjunction in Virgo of 1965/66. In a sense, the water is slightly muddied in the mid-Sixties since Saturn in Pisces was also opposing Uranus and Pluto [...] Certainly, the combination of Uranus and Pluto, uranium and plutonium, has a nuclear message to deliver and the 1962 Bay of Pigs crisis brought the threat of nuclear war into a stunning reality. In my early days as an astrologer I would see clients who had children with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in their charts and I would suggest to them that these children would fall into two categories – those who were part of a movement that would see or initiate extraordinary scientific, artistic, political and communication breakthroughs or those who would be so anti-establishment that they would resort to untold means to change the status quo.

 • Saudi Arabia's Pearl Harbor (20-May-2003) :: Saudi Arabia became an independent nation on January 15, 1902 (3:45 am GMT; Riyadh) with its Capricorn Sun sandwiched between a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. This triple conjunction makes it a powerful international player and a pillar of the international business community. When transiting Pluto opposed the Sun in 1936, a vast desert treasure of oil was discovered, a fateful turn that fully empowered the Islamic monarchy. Last week's three-planet alignment hit the Saudi Mars, creating a sudden call for action. Now the once complacent Saudi government is undergoing a major reassessment of its internal terror threat. Transformative Pluto adds to the momentum by its conjunction with the Saudi Uranus, sparking a genuine revolution in thinking. Political observers have equated these bombings to the 9-11 attack in the U.S., or more dramatically, as the Saudi's Pearl Harbor.

 • Pluto conjunct Uranus :: This is a 'generational' influence that is most noticeable in charts where it contacts the angles or Sun or Moon. Uranus fosters change and innovative breakthroughs. Pluto relates to political power. When these planets are in contact with each other, political structures will be shaken and disturbed in order to allow new methods of government regulatory principles to emerge.

 • The Uranus-Pluto Cycle :: Uranus and Pluto symbolize in a rather fascinating manner the atomic bombs or reactors using uranium or plutonium. They represent even more broadly our whole technologically-controlled society, our computerized business and (soon) education, our T. V. determined political Elections, In every field of human activity and individual responses, these technological procedures, and the mentality which both gave them birth and has been spreading everywhere as the result of this technology, have produced a radical transformation of human values and ways of life.

 • GaiaMind - 1-23 1997 Alignment Discovery :: I noticed that there should be a day in early 1997 when Jupiter would be almost exactly half way between Neptune and Uranus, and on which Jupiter will move into Aquarius. This change of sign of Jupiter by itself is not something I would be inclined to attach tremendous importance to, but I couldn't escape some conditioning by the song from "Hair," in the 60's, about the dawning of the age of Aquarius. So, I went looking for the exact day. When I did, I was astounded! Not only are the three big planets in conjunction, but on that day the Sun joins them, with the Moon opposite. Saturn and Pluto are in trine to each other and in sextiles to the multiple conjunction. But what is more, Mars and the North Node are conjoined opposite Saturn, and so in trine to the multiple conjunction! Thus by setting the time of day correctly the Ascendent completes a triple mystic rectangle! A perfect hexagon. A star of David in the sky naming a moment in time for each place on the Earth. (chart: [1][2])

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