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as the cookie crumbles comet

on 20-Apr-2006 Hubble photographed Fragment B of Comet SW3 (videos). SW3 first broke into five large pieces in 1995: A, B, C, D & E & these pieces also fragmented (component list).

 • Comet Crumbs

interesting. SL9 described as the String of Pearls Comet & the primary word used to describe SW3 is "crumble". note: asteroid POCAHONTAS discovered 17-Oct-1987 by American astronomer Carol Shoemaker.

actually started writing this several hours ago, but had so much info didn't know how to sort & condense. decided to focus on SW3-C for now & add bits later when {a} CNN reports Mount Merapi about to spew & {b} i spewed first. different layers of upchuck: there's the kind where you just spill your guts, the kind where you throw up bile & the kind where your body realizes there isn't anything to throw up anymore. still feelin kinda woozy worried i'm going to throw up coffee. so far so good.

{1} Mount Merapi came up 13-April when reviewing Spivak notes & checking Bengali asteroids & noticed asteroid #536-MERAPI. added MOUNTAIN OF FIRE to gematria list & it appears here. also looked at The Mighty Handful & Sorga asteroids. two Merapi eruptions correspond with comet activity: 1930 (year SW3 discovered) & 1994 (year SL9 collided with Jupiter).

{2} researched parallel themes for SL9 & SW3 & 1994 & 2006. primarily compare/contrast themes for Clinton & Bush administrations. following list isn't comprehensive. been wondering for awhile whether Republicans would have done anything differently in 1994 if they saw 9/11 in the future — maybe that's today's political challenge.

 • May-94 Nelson Mandela inaugurated as South Africa's first black president & annular solar eclipse; June-94 Iraq disarmament crisis since 1991 & Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman murdered; August-94 Woodstock '94 begins.

 • 1993 Clinton health care plan failed to provide universal health care & Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell's 26-Sep-1994 announcement that it was dead; contrast with Medicare Act of 2003. special prosecutor appointed in 1994 to investigate Whitewater scandal (Dec-94). Contract with America released during the 1994 Congressional elections ultimately leading to the Republican Party taking over the house.

 • [14-May|01:27pm] i can only handle certain movies on the little screen. two of those movies are Schindler's List & Hotel Rwanda (which i've never seen before). after posting this noticed Hotel Rwanda was already on. the night scene driving over what Paul discovered were dead bodies perhaps the most emotional moment. Rwandan Genocide began in 1994 with its parallel being the current Darfur conflict.

{3} thinking about humanist vs. transhumanist astrology. transhumanism is neither event-oriented or person-centered, what is it? emergent-oriented? (hmm, decadent). my brother actually put this together when we were driving to LA: Chaos Astrology. my philosophy in a nutshell: As above, so below + Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law + Love is the law, love under will. in the East, calendars indicate auspicious times: to marry, sign a contract, buy a house, &c. generally, i believe most people fall into prescribed orbits or patterns of behavior. i consider anything that deviates from established patterns as emergent. listing past events does not indicate what will happen, but indicates the type of energy available. explosive energy can recur automatically expressing itself along existing patterns, or, like karezza, the energy can be consciously controlled & directed elsewhere. therefore:

 • As above, so below :: Sensitivity to initial conditions :: The butterfly effect is a phrase that encapsulates the more technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory. Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system [...] The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear (or, for that matter, prevent a tornado from appearing). The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different.

 • Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law :: ichinen sanzen :: At each moment, life is endowed with the Ten Worlds. Concurrently, each of the Ten Worlds is endowed with all the others. Therefore, an entity of life actually possesses one hundred worlds. Each of these worlds possesses, in turn, thirty realms. This means that in the one hundred worlds there are three thousand realms. "Three thousand realms" might also be read as "three thousand factors." But the number is the same. The only difference lies in the method of expansion. The three thousand realms of existence are all possessed by a single entity of life. If there is no life, that is the end of the matter. If however, there is even the slightest bit of life, it contains all the three thousand realms.... This is what we mean when we speak of the "region of the unfathomable." The principle of Ichinen sanzen begins with an understanding of the mutual possession of the Ten Worlds or states of existence.

 • Love is the law, love under will :: On the Truth-Process (via You Say You Want a Revolution) :: "Truth is first of all something new. What transmits, what repeats, we shall call knowledge. Distinguishing truth from knowledge is essential… For the process of truth to begin, something must happen. Knowledge as such only gives us repetition, it is concerned only with what already is. For truth to affirm its newness, there must be a supplement. This supplement is committed to chance—it is unpredictable, incalculable, it is beyond what it is. I call it an event. A truth appears in its newness because an eventful supplement interrupts repetition. Examples: The appearance, with Aeschylus, of theatrical tragedy. The eruption, with Galileo, of mathematical physics. An amorous encounter which changes a whole life. Or the French revolution of 1792. An event is linked to the notion of the undecidable. Take the sentence 'This event belongs to the situation.' If you can, using the rules of established knowledge, decide that this sentence is true or false, the event will not be an event. It will be calculable within the situation. Nothing permits us to say 'Here begins the truth.' A wager will have to be made".

{4} apparently, SW3-B, SW3-C & SW3-E are the fragments to watch:

 • 12-May-2006 @ 09:46 UT :: SW3-C {23AQ44'03} — Closest approach to Earth (0.0786 AU)
 • 14-May-2006 @ 06:47 UT :: SW3-B {01PI42'53} — Closest approach to Earth (0.0668 AU)
 • 17-May-2006 @ 15:33 UT :: SW3-E {27PI57'43"} — Closest approach to Earth (0.0504 AU)
 • 06-June-2006 @ 23:00 UT :: SW3-C {12AR20'51} — Closest approach to Sun (0.9391 AU) — (corresponds with [info]monde's : 06x3 :)
 • 07-June-2006 @ 22:13 UT :: SW3-B {14AR21'28} — Closest approach to Sun (0.9391 AU)
 • 09-June-2006 @ 13:53 UT :: SW3-E {18AR17'22} — Closest approach to Sun (0.9392 AU)

{5} closest Earth approach for SW3-C is 12-May-2006 @ 09:46 UT (checking HORIZONS) in Aquarius 23°44;03" with declination 42°32'08". on 827 Chart that occurs between asteroid PURPUREA {23AQ34Rx} & COMET_NEAT {23AQ58} @ PORTA #32 SADALSUUD (also conjunct #90703-INDULGENTIA {23AQ12Rx} & #1541-ESTONIA {23AQ22Rx}).

Bonorum minister for Terrestrial Friday, 12-May-2006 @ 09:46 UT occurs on 11-May @ 09:25:43 for [TH42]-DBBASNO — 3rd House at Aquarius 10°51'15".

Mesh-37. Tutagool (Yettuk). The Tattered Ghoul. Pitch Ana-1. Net-Span 9::1 Amphidemon of Punctuality. Decadology. C/tp-#7, Mn+ [7H]. 4th Decademon Rt-1:[189] The dark arts, rusting iron, tattooing (one-way ticket to Hell).

AQ 183 = TUTAGOOL = ABRAMERLIN = AKOUSMATA (Pythagoras: 'things heard', or 'the objects of hearing' but held a much more secretive connotation like 'signs', or even perhaps 'passwords') = ALBA SOLUS = ANTIMONY = AVANT-GARDE = BAD HERSFELD (German spa town; SORGA district) = BEHAVIORAL (Piet) = BENT STEEL = BLUE SHIFT (Half-Life) = BORDERLAND = CHERNOBYL = COCK SURGE = COMPUTER = D.H. LAWRENCE = DECIMATION = DIMENSION = DR. ELI VANCE (Half-Life) = GEMMED SKY = GREAT CLOAK = SILENT I AM = INNER SELF = IS THE KING = LORD ADONAI = LOVECRAFT = LUDOLOGY = MANIFESTO = MOREOVER = MUNUMESE (Lost decimal-based language of the Mu Nma, partially reconstructed by Echidna Stillwell, further analyzed by Chaim Horowitz, and used extensively within strains of Cthulhoid qabbala) = NARCOTICS = NUCLEAR DNA = NUCLEIC ACID = OIKONOMIA = ONE-ONE-ONE = PROPAGANDA (bmr) = RAFSANJANI = ROCK DUST (groan) = SADALSUUD = SAMPLE CODE (Software Development Kit) = ST. MALACHY = STRENGTH = TARPULIN.

{6} back when i was counting to sunspot #777 thought it'd take forever to get to sunspot #888. guess what? sunspot #880 currently still visible & we're up to sunspot #883.

{7} [14-May|11:00pm] closest Earth approach for SW3-B is 14-May-2006 @ 06:47 UT in Pisces 01°42'53" declination 47deg;20'56"N. on 827 Chart that occurs between asteroid #5554-KEESEY {00PI41Rx} & fixed star [PORTA #33] ENIF {01PI58}.

Bonorum minister for Terrestrial Sunday, 14-May-2006 @ 06:47 UT occurs on 13-May @ 06:34:17 UT for [SA37]-ABEPENB — 5th House at Aries 7°16'57".

Mesh-30. Nammamad. Mirroracle. Pitch Ana-1 Net-Span 8::2 Cyclic Chronodemon of Subterranean Commerce. Shadows Surge-Current.Ciphers Gt-28 Decadology. C/tp-#1, Mj+ [1C]. 3rd Decademon Rt-1:[2718] Voodoo in cyberspace (cthulhoid traffic). Rt-2:[275418] Mn. Completion as final collapse (heat-death, degenerative psychoses). [+1 sub-Rt]. Rt-3:[8172] Mj. Emergences (and things washed-up on beaches).


ENIF (ε Pegasi) is the brightest star in the Pegasus constellation & a supergiant sharing characteristics with SADALSUUD; "erratic and violent behavior" popped a rare flare brighter than the Sun in 1972; see Enif Station in Freespace 2 universe & Clan Snow Raven of Battletech.

KEESEY named after American astronomer & JPL research scientist Michael Keesey (see: Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest & Pam Keesey, Vampire Fiction); discovered 15-Oct-1985 by American astronomer & principal investigator at LONEOS Edward Bowell who also discovered SACAJAWEA, MERLIN, HOPI & SHAKESPEARE.

Keesey worked out the orbit for Damocloid chimera 1996 PW discovered 09-Aug-1996 by JPL's NEAT program in Hawaii. Eleanor Helin: "This is a misfit in the grand scheme of things". on 827 List, 1996_PW {23CN00} conjunct #2229-MEZZARCO {22CN40} & #376-GEOMETRIA {23CN26} — MEZZ[O]+ARCO = half arch; GAÍA+METRÉO = land survey.

1996 PW conjunct Uranus-Pluto Triple Conjunction during the 1960s.

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