northanger (northanger) wrote,

i'm back

...upon as her lot by nature departed with a change to abundance of good things, and a bloom came upon her cheek. Perhaps, too, her grey, thoughtful eyes revealed an arch gaiety sometimes; but this was infrequent; the sort of wisdom which looked from their pupils did not readily keep company with these lighter moods. Like all people who have known rough times, light-heartedness seemed to her too irrational and inconsequent to be indulged in except as a reckless dram now and then; for she had been too early habituated to anxious reasoning to drop the habit suddenly. She felt none of those ups and downs of spirit which beset ... —The Mayor of Casterbridge, Thomas Hardy (via stichomancy)

decompressing. this is really funny though: which is {a} where i now live, {b} the goddess of fruit trees & {c} a nod to postmodernism (pomo).

think i got 2 hours sleep in 48 hours. we left Saturday @ 11pm & arrived around 8ish stopping twice. finally got internet reconnected thursday. who knew? missed tv more than internet. no internet withdrawal pangs whatsoever, honest. free HBO & Showtime for three months so i just finished watching Yentl for the thousandth time.

thanks monde & sammaelhain. something to hold onto as i headed out the door. will post more soon.


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