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ascending tongue of grace?

426 is the corresponding Enochian Gate number for the 827 Pentagram (22:43:41 UT). to calculate this, start Thelemic Calendar at 01-April-1904 (time segments start at 13:47 UT; see time change below). above table lists time segs for 220 Chart on 27-Aug-2005.

this excel worksheet has 4000 lines. excel allows you to add & subtract dates, however it can only give the difference. each cycle = 12 days; each day = 42 time segments; each cycle = 504 time segments; cycle year = 30 cycles or 360 days; equinoxes & solstices are omitted. this example, first cycle (01-Apr-1904 to 30-Mar-1905) indicates equinoxes & solstices; however, to avoid plugging in all equinoxes & solstices from 1904 to the present, Omit Day Pad column adds 5 days at cycle end to factor in the omitted days. i include equinoxes & solstices a few times for verification. Cycle Year column increments Cycle number by one (from 01-Apr-1904); eg, Cycle #103/3072 (08-Apr-2006 to 19-Apr-2006) is the current 220 Cycle; there are 102 cycle years from 01-Apr-1904 to 24-Nov-2005. Current Cycle Year: 25-Nov-2005 to 23-Nov-2006 (Cycle #3061 to Cycle #3090). 01-Apr-1904 is a Friday (Good Friday, i think) & all Cycle Years begin on Friday & Venus rules Fridays. End Date column indicates equinox & solstice dates for the year; the next column indicate date difference — 11 is correct since start date isn't included. Year column indicates 1-30 cycle; Weekday column verifies cycle Start Date is Friday.

the gate pattern 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, &tc, repeats every 122nd cycle (approximately four Cycle Years). the pattern ratchets up a cycle during every new iteration, ie, the first iteration begins 01-Apr-1904 on Cycle 1/1 on the first 12-Day Cycle; second iteration begins 08-Apr-1908 on Cycle 5/122 (2nd 12-Day Cycle), Cycle 9/243 (3rd 12-Day Cycle), &tc. the entire cycle repeats itself with Gate 1 at Cycle 1 for Cycle #122/3631 on 01-Nov-2024.

columns to the right indicate Gate Numbers, which are based on a 22-Letter alphabet. the Gate concept, letter arrays & letter pairs discussed in Sefer Yetzirah. three excellent examples exploring Yetziratic concepts are Bible Wheel, Jacob's Wheel & Book 231. evolutionary & involutionary currents mentioned in Jacob's Wheel, Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul, Dane Rudhyar, &tc. my first LJ posts explore 484 Gates (22x22). i add another hypothetical letter to the 21-Letter Enochian alphabet & assign the letters to the Sigillum Dei Æmeth (Athanasius Kircher : John Dee).

astroschyzy associates the Yetziratic gates with the Bonorum time segments from the Enochan system. fundamentally, i think the separate elements of the Enochian system create an Antikythera device when assembled & the Sigillum is the actual device. while i explored a JW structure in the beginning, the basic idea is that the Sigillum is dynamic & moving — a timepiece. i tried to illustrate one way that could happen. btw, i consider myself a Chaote & not an Enochian magician. many Enochian ideas i use in astroschyzy come from Benjamin Rowe's work & i'm primarily working from his basic structure in Godzilla Meets ET (2) & Comselha (see image). forgot where he mentions "mandala", but this also works with my studies & work with Kalachakra. Runar Karlsen's work, especially the EM, has also inspired my work & i see many similarities with the EM & the Numogram. while i'm familiar with Dean Hildebrandt's Initiatory Paths, my star work (especially the asteroids) directly inspired by the work of Martha Wescott. Marid Audran's Maat Redux Rite & especially the Pentagram of Babalon, imho, share a lot of resonance with the two celestial pentagrams i discovered. Satyr's discussion here & here about David R. Jones' work is incredibly amazing. i think Jones' comes closer than anyone explaining cosmic & other alignments & it's this particular component i'd like to add to my own work. if only i understood it better. :)

needless to say, since i like demons so much, the work of the CCRU has been really fun to work with.

the gates. can't remember why i started the Enochian Gates at #368 & ABJAD Shields at #221. my thinking now {a} the first Enochian Gate should be the gate number, using the Thelemic calendar above, for the day & time of the 827 Chart (the 18th time segment); & {b} the ABJAD shield should begin at 1 or 784. then the question is what's ascending & what's descending? (Book of Lies: Chapter 69 : Chapter 69 (Frater Asar-had-on)).

the 220 Pentagram (20-Feb-2003) is based on the 93-Current & the Book of the Law (sub figura CCXX = 220); therefore, i think it represents the Tongue of Grace. don't know if i should equate ascending = & descending = the gate numbers in the table above are ascending. i'm totally convinced by gematria it's an Ascending Red Triangle, Tongue of Grace (The Fool and the Supernal Triangle):


[08-April|08:07] used the wrong time for both charts: 827 Chart = 22:43:41 UT & 220 Chart = 12:47:06 UT). during February La Puente on Pacific Standard Time (13:47:06 UT); after April it's on DST until the end of October (12:47:06 UT). correct time for segment #18 is 22:29:57 UT (#19 is 23:04:15 UT). table updated.

then, the initial ABJAD Shield (ABJAD stuff inspired by Reza Negarestani here, here, here, here & here). begins at #784 on 27-August-2005 @ 22:43:41 UT & represents the Descending Blue Triangle, Tongue of Prayer. i still need to sort out which is involutionary / evolutionary & which is involuntary (qahri) / voluntary (ikhtiyari). is involutionary related to involuntary or voluntary? the major concept i want to introduce into the system is sensitivity to initial conditions & generate a butterfly effect (attractor); while i find it hard to believe i'll find another pentagram, a few months ago i did get the impression there was another one to be found. maybe i'm setting things up to find it.

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