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The Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda: Article 6

The national symbols of Rwanda are the flag, the motto, the seal and the national anthem. The national flag is made up of three colours : green, yellow and blue. The flag comprises the following colours from the bottom to the top : a green strip, followed by a yellow strip both of which cover half the flag. The upper half is blue and bears on its right hand side the image of the sun with its rays of golden yellow. The sun and its rays are separated by a blue ring. The law determines the characteristics, significance, usage and ceremonials of the national flag. The motto of the Republic is : UNITY, WORK, PATRIOTISM. The Seal of the Republic is made up of a circular green rope with a green knot at the base, bearing on its upper part, the imprints « REPUBULIKA Y'U RWANDA ». At the bottom of the knot is the motto of the Republic : « UBUMWE, UMURIMO, GUKUNDA IGIHUGU ». All these inscriptions are in black against a yellow background. The Seal of the Republic also bears the following ideograms : the sun with its rays, a stem of sorghum and a branch of a coffee tree, a basket, a blue wheel with teeth and two shields one on the right and one on the left. The characteristics, significance, usage and protection of the Seal are determined by law. The national anthem is "RWANDA NZIZA". The characteristics and ceremonies of the National Anthem are determined by law.

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