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Miami Ink: While Ami's Away : Elise sketch : Elise tattoo.

If you read no other part of this show summary, read this paragraph! The most touching story of this episode is that of a man named John, who asks Kat Von D to do a portrait of his 2½ year-old daughter, Elise. Elise has a fatal, degenerative disease called Tay-Sachs. Most children with Tay-Sachs do not live past 4 or 5 years old. John knows his daughter will die, and he wants a tattoo of her to remind him of his best memories of her — when she falls asleep on his chest. Elise is blind and can’t sit up on her own, and the only time she really relaxes is when she is in her father’s arms — and John brings Kat several pictures of her angelic face asleep on his chest, which is exactly where he wants the tattoo. Kat does a phenomenal rendering of Elise, and John is so happy he hugs Kat really tight and thanks her. John is grateful for the opportunity to be on TV to raise awareness of this little-known disease, especially because it is preventable. A simple blood test can determine if a couple has the genes to cause this condition before they become pregnant. If the tests show that a couple does carry these genes, there are alternatives available to ensure a healthy baby.

unfortunately, at the end of the show there's a t-shirt (?) i didn't quite catch: E.L.I.S.E. as acrostic Tay-Sachs warning.

When John and Laurie Ten Berge married in 1996, it was a storybook match. They were from neighboring New Jersey towns — he from Ridgefield Park, she from Little Ferry — and met at the high school prom. They soon started dating, launched careers and tied the knot 10 years later, taking all the required blood tests before getting married. What the Rockaway Township, N.J., couple didn't know was that they were genetically incompatible. When their daughter, Elise, was born in February 2003, she was full of energy. Nine months later, she appeared weak, couldn't sit up straight and was out of breath. The baby was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease — a fatal genetic disorder that results in mental retardation, seizures, convulsions and death at a young age.

AQ 254 (2) = ELISCOLOMBINI = THAUMATURGY (Greek, thaumos "miracle" + ergos "work"; working of miracles or magic feats)

ELISE, short form of ELIZABETH. asteroid #11122-ELISCOLOMBINI discovered 13-Sep-1996 (Friday the 13th) at the San Vittore Observatory (code 552). probably discovered by Italian astronomer Ermes Colombini, asteroid #7030-COLOMBINI named in his honor; also co-discovered asteroids #27150-ANNASANTE (named for his parents Anna Mazzi & Sante Colombini), #93061-BARBAGALLO (named for Mariano Barbagallo, great friend) & discovered #58580-1997 SW2; won Cerulli prize from Italian Astronomical Society for his work on #2235-VITTORE (discovered by German astronomer Karl Reinmuth, named for San Vittore Observatory).

ELISCOLOMBINI's discovery position 14AR52. Sabian Symbol: An Indian is silently but deftly weaving a basket in the light of the setting sun. COLOMBANI is an Italian surname from "colombo" (dove); the most common surname in Lombardy.

San Vittore Observatory also discovered:

Numbered: 27341, 27967, 29568, 31015, 31028, 31134, 31271, 31431, 35324, 35325, 35326, 35346, 37749, 37840, 39854, 40447, 42593, 44033, 48715, 49187, 49441, 52480, 52570, 52670, 55845, 58441, 65770, 65852, 70210, 79991, 79996, 85564, 90837, 96263, 118235.

Named: #3744-HORN-D'ARTURO, #3809-AMICI, #3951-ZICHICHI, #4062-SCHIAPARELLI, #4063-EUFORBO, #4122-FERRARI, #4158-SANTINI, #4279-DE GASPARIS, #4540-ORIANI, #4542-MOSSOTTI, #4705-SECCHI, #4742-CALIUMI, #6241-GALANTE, #6598-MODUGNO, #6640-FALORNI, #6746-ZAGAR, #6855-ARMELLINI, #6862-VIRGILIOMARCON, #7491-LINZERAG, #7516-KRANJC, #8006-TACCHINI, #8081-LEOPARDI, #8155-BATTAGLINI, #8266-BERTELLI, #8269-CALANDRELLI, #8421-MONTANARI, #8472-TARRONI, #10376-CHIARINI, #10413-PANSECCHI, #10579-DILUCA, #10722-MONARI, #11100-LAI, #11120-PANCALDI, #11360-FORMIGINE, #11981-BONCOMPAGNI, #12222-PEROTTO, #12407-RICCARDI, #12579-CEVA, #13225-MANFREDI, #14074-RICCATI, #14361-BOSCOVICH, #14846-LAMPEDUSA, #15385-DALLOLMO, #15388-COELUM, #16715-TRETTENERO, #16745-ZAPPA, #16906-GIOVANNISILVA, #16930-RESPIGHI, #18462-RICCÒ, #18505-CARAVELLI, #19523-PAOLOFRISI, #21687-FILOPANTI, #22263-PIGNEDOLI, #23685-TOALDO, #24939-CHIMINELLO, #27150-ANNASANTE.

asteroid #4062-SCHIAPARELLI named for Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, winner of the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1872) & Bruce Medal (1902); craters on Moon & Mars named in his honor. famous for observing canali (channels) on Mars, which later proved to be an optical illusion; first to demonstrate Perseid & Leonid meteor showers associated with comets. his niece was fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. SCHIAPARELLI represents fashion designers on the 827 List.

San Vittore discovered asteroids #2601-BOLOGNA (where the observatory is located) & #3344-MODENA. see: Elis Colombini editore in Modena, Nimby Environment Technology & Modena. Modena also mentioned in War of the Oaken Bucket:

The War of the Oaken Bucket, (1325-1337) is a jocular term for a military conflict between the Italian city-states of Modena and Bologna, starting when Modena soldiers invaded Bologna with the goal of stealing an oaken bucket. They succeeded, but several thousands of Bologna citizens died in the meanwhile. The ensuing war lasted for twelve years, with the hope to avenge the deaths of Bologna citizens, and to take back the bucket. Bologna eventually lost the war, and the bucket (most probably a copy) is still in the Ghirlandina, the tower of the 12-th century Duomo in Modena. Tassoni later wrote a satirical poem about the war called La secchia rapita.

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