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Asteroid #5674-WOLFF

while collecting cosmology-related asteroids here, came across Milo Wolff & asteroid #5674-WOLFF. unfortunately, cannot determine who the asteroid named for (best guess, Christian Wolff). (like WOLF-related asteroids coz #827-WOLFIANA named after Max Wolf). don't think WOLFF named after Milo Wolff, but thought Wave Structure of Matter interesting. at the same time found 1983 sci-fi film Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone with a character named Wolf (& a plague) & asteroid #68448-SIDNEYWOLFF. plus, Helic Republic & Heinz Wolff as prototype for the "mad scientist" seemed hypersitionally rich.

sorting this out today found more info for Sidney Wolff & a list of Wolffs. additionally, the other day found asteroid named #323-BRUCIA that i was thinking of using for Carlie Brucia (i have an 11-year old niece). forgot BRUCIA named for Catherine Wolfe Bruce — the Bruce Medal awarded by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (Sidney Wolff a former president).

so #5674-WOLFF works like a wildcard on 827 List (in cojunction with #68448-SIDNEYWOLFF) & represents WOLF-related asteroids or concepts (eg, Wulf points to #2675-TOLKIEN, #7056-KIERKEGAARD & concepts related to language, philosophy, norse mythology, etc & werewolf).

 • Caspar Friedrich Wolff :: one of embryology founders; University of Halle dissertation "Theoria Generationis" supported the theory of Epigenesis (creative intelligences); associate of Leonhard Euler; discoverer of the primitive kidneys (mesonephros), or "Wolffian bodies" and its excretory ducts; hyperphysical agent; germ layers in the embryo.

 • Charles Wolff :: American astronomer; Goddard, atmospherics, lunar colonization)

 • Christian Wolff :: German philosopher (born in Breslau, Silesia); most eminent German philosopher between Leibniz & Kant; represents the peak of Enlightenment rationality in Germany; established German as the language of scholarly instruction and research; founding father of, among other fields, economics and public administration as academic disciplines. He concentrated especially in these fields, giving advice on practical matters to people in government, and stressing the professional nature of university education; Continental European thinker both in form and content, his work is said to have had a strong impact on the American Declaration of Independence; professor of mathematics & natural philosophy at the University of Halle; Halle was the headquarters of Pietism; Wolff delivered an oration "On the Practical Philosophy of the Chinese" praising the precepts of Confucius as evidence of the power of human reason to attain by its own efforts to moral truth — Wolff ousted from Halle in one of the most celebrated academic dramas of the 18th century.

 • Frank Wolff :: fictional scientist in The Adventures of Tintin series.

 • Franklin Merrell-Wolff :: American mystical philosopher; studied philosophy & mathematics at Stanford & Harvard; goal of transcending the normal limits of human consciousness; followed the path of jnana yoga & writings of Shankara

 • Henry Drummond Wolff :: English-Jewish diplomat & Conservative politician; 1885 special mission to Constantinople in connection with the Egyptian question & Sultan's suzerainty; minister to Teheran; ambassador at Madrid; helping found the Primrose League to spread Conservative principles in Great Britain; Churchill stated the League had one million paid up members "determined to promote the cause of Toryism"; after 121 years, the Primrose League was finally wound up.

 • Karl Wolff :: high-ranking member of the Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel, "defense squadron") as SS-Obergruppenführer (Senior Group Leader; highest SS-General rank until 1942, when SS created SS-Oberstgruppenführer rank) & General of the Waffen-SS ("Armed SS"; condemned as a criminal organisation during Nuremberg Trials due to overwhelming participation in atrocities; three objectives during training; physical fitness, small-arms proficiency & political indoctrination); Wolff tried twice by German courts serving one week of a 4-year sentence & tried/convicted later of deporting 300,000 Jews to Treblinka serving only part of a 15-year sentence; "Wolff has been a controversial figure because many believe he was far more privy to the internal workings of the SS and its extermination activities than he acknowledged. In fact, he claimed to have known nothing about the extermination camps, even though he was the number two man in the SS".

 • Milo Wolff :: American physicist; "found the structure of the electron consisting of two spherical quantum waves, one moving radially outward and another moving radially inward. The center of the waves is the nominal location of the electron 'particle'. These waves extend to infinity, like charge force. All 'particle' waves in the Universe contribute to each others amplitude thus all matter of the universe is interrelated and inter-connected . The natural laws are a consequence of this Wave Structure of Matter (WSM), thus WSM underlies all science."

 • Robert Paul Wolff :: radical twentieth century political philosopher who criticizes both conservative and liberal currents of thought; advocacy of unanimous consent democracy; pointed out the inconsistencies rife in twentieth century liberal and conservative doctrines; argues universities should be governed by faculty & students; distinguished as a white man who transitioned from a university philosophy department to a department of Afro-American studies, which is chronicled and discussed in his book Autobiography of an Ex-White Man: Learning a New Master Narrative for America.

 • Stefan Wolff :: German political scientist living in the United Kingdom; specialist in international security, particularly in the management, settlement and prevention of ethnic conflicts. also :: The Saltmen Of Tibet (musical score by composer Stefan Wolff; Heaven and Earth, in Mounds of Salt).

#9762-HERMANHESSE (827 List) :: SUBDECADANCE [09 ~ GEMINI 20°-29°] MESH-11: TUKKAMU : Occulturation ~ Net-Span 5::1 : Decadology {C/TP-#3 MJ- [3S]} Cyclic Chronodemon of Pathogenesis; Prowls Sink-Current; Optimal maturation (medicine as diffuse healing); Rapid deterioration (putrefaction, catabolism).

Haller selbst versteht sich als zweigeteiltes Wesen; halb Mensch, halb Steppenwolf. Ist er menschlich (mitfühlend, kulturvoll ...) so verspottet ihn der Steppenwolf, ist er hingegen wölfisch (durchsetzungsstark, triebhaft ...), so verachtet ihn der Mensch. Linderung von seinem als unbefriedigend empfundenen Leben verschafft ihm der Gedanke an Erlösung durch Selbstmord. Sollte sich bis zu seinem 50. Geburtstag nichts ändern, so will er mit dem Rasiermesser Hand an sich legen. In einer wunderlichen Begegnung mit einem Fremden wird ihm ein Büchlein mit dem "Tractat des Steppenwolfs" gegeben, in dem ein scheinbar Außenstehender kühl und objektiv die innere Zerrissenheit des Steppenwolfs analysiert. {Der Steppenwolf}


I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine; On a cloud of sound I drift in the night; Any place it goes is right; Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here; Well, you don't know what we can find; Why don't you come with me little girl; On a magic carpet ride; You don't know what we can see; Why don't you tell your dreams to me; Fantasy will set you free. {Magic Carpet Ride : Steppenwolf}

#3452-HAWKE (827 List) :: SUBDECADANCE [12 ~ CANCER 20°-29°] MESH-32: NUMKO (Old Nuk) : Keeper of Old Terrors ~ Net-Span 8::4 : Decadology {C/TP-#3 MN+ [3H]} Cyclic Chronodemon of Autochthony; Prowls Sink-Current; Necrospeleology (abysmal patience rewarded); Subduction (and carnivorous fish); Vulcanism (and bacterial intelligence).

You can see my eyes are lupine; The liquid golden fires glare; My loping walk, my slinking spine; Are signs that there is something there; The way my nostrils flare for odour; The way my ears prick up for sound; My hair's electrically aware; Tells me things for miles around; I am a man-wolf, I am a wolf man; I have half a canine mind; I have half the mind of a man; I am neither of one kind; Maybe it was only an hallucination; I'm no stranger to such things; I made a thorough investigation; The image had a power that clings; To my jaded imagination; My brain has found the bells it rings. {Steppenwolf : Hawkwind}

 • Thomas Wolff :: "noted mathematician, working primarily in the fields of harmonic analysis, complex analysis, and partial differential equations. As an undergraduate at Harvard University he regularly played poker with his classmate Bill Gates. While a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley from 1976 to 1979, under the direction of Donald Sarason, he obtained a new proof of the corona theorem, a famously difficult theorem in complex analysis. He was made Professor of Mathematics at Caltech in 1986, and was there from 1988-1992 and from 1995 to his death in a car accident in 2000. He also held positions at the University of Washington, University of Chicago, New York University, and University of California, Berkeley. He received the Salem Prize in 1985 and the Bôcher Memorial Prize in 1999 (announcement-pdf), for his contributions to analysis and particularly to the Kakeya conjecture."

Citation :: "Tom Wolff is awarded the Bôcher Prize for his work in harmonic analysis, notably the work presented in his papers “A Kakeya type problem for circles”, Amer. J. Math. 119 (1997), 985–1026, and “An improved bound for Kakeya type maximal functions”, Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana 11 (1995), 651–674. The techniques presented there represent an important contribution to our understanding of the structure of subsets of Euclidean space, involving the interplay between geometric measure theory and harmonic analysis. The award is also made in acknowledgement of Wolff’s work on harmonic measure and unique continuation, including in particular Counterexamples with harmonic gradients in R, Princeton Math. Ser., vol. 42, Princeton University Press, 1995, 321–384.

past Bôcher Prize winners include John von Neumann (1938; #6351-NEUMANN), & Norbert Wiener (1933; #18182-WIENER).

"Bôcher's theorem (Maxime Bôcher) states that the finite zeros of the derivative r'(z) of a nonconstant rational function r(z) that are not multiple zeros of r(z) are the positions of equilibrium in the field of force due to particles of positive mass at the zeros of r(z) and particles of negative mass at the poles of r(z), with masses numerically equal to the respective multiplicities, where each particle repels with a force equal to the mass times the inverse distance."

 • Wolff-Kishner reduction :: chemical reaction that fully reduces a ketone (or aldehyde) to an alkane. lot of science worth checking out (ketone, aldehyde, alkane, hydrazone, hydride).

» ketone :: spectroscopy used to identify; stabilizes degradation of perfumes & paints; important fuel for many tissues, especially during fasting & starvation; Veech refers to ketones as "magic", increasing metobolic efficiency; heart & brain operate 25% more efficiently.

» aldehyde :: "Treating aldehydes with NH3 derivatives (like NH2OH, H2NNH2, 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine) will result in the formation of an oxime or hydrazone. This is classed as an addition-elimination reaction or addition-condensation reaction. If the simple hydrazone (RCH=NHNH2) of an aldehyde is heated with a base such as KOH, the terminal carbon is fully reduced via the Wolff-Kishner reaction to a methyl group. The Wolff-Kishner reaction may be performed as a one-pot reaction, giving the overall conversion RCH=O ? RCH3."

» alkane :: aka paraffin (Latin parum (= barely) + affinis; "lacking affinity", or "lacking reactivity"); methane, ethane, propane, butane are alkanes; important raw materials of the chemical industry; most important fuels of the world economy; gas & oil the commercial sources for alkanes; occur on Earth & solar system: Earth's atmosphere, produced primarily by forms of Archaea (aka, Archaebacteria; with Eukaryotes & Bacteria, part of three-domain system; single-cell organisms lacking nuclei classified as prokaryotes; see Carl Woese); detected in Comet Hyakutake's tail, carbonaceous chondrites & outer gas planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune; many of the graphics used in these wiki articles extremely suggestive of Badiou's Knot: W-K Reduction Scheme (final stage), Ch4-hybridisation & Ch4-structure.

» hydride :: compounds (usually simple binary) involving hydrogen in direct bond with another element; Interstitial hydrides of the Transitional metals.

» hydride shifts :: hydrogen atom moves from one atom to adjacent atom; 1,2-Hydride Shifts (carbocation) & 1,5-Hydride shift in Wolff-Kishner reduction:

"Evidently, under alkaline conditions, first a hydride ion undergoes an intramolecular transfer from the C-26 CH(2)OH group to the C-22 ketone in 1, and then the phenylhydrazine traps the newly formed aldehyde. To examine this hypothesis, we constructed computer-simulated transition state models from quantum chemical calculations and then compared data from these models with NMR measurements of the reaction mixtures containing 2. The NMR data showed that the C-22 diastereoisomers of 2 are formed in a nearly 1:1 ratio exactly as predicted from the energy-optimized transition states, which were calculated for intramolecular 1,5-hydride shifts that produced each of the two C-22 diastereoisomers. Accordingly, these results support the hypothesis that an intramolecular 1,5-hydride shift mechanism promotes complete conversion of 1 to 2 under classical Wolff-Kishner reduction conditions." (see: KOH).

 • Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome :: pre-excitation syndrome; abnormal atrio-ventricular conduction along a pathway termed the bundle of Kent. The incidence of WPW syndrome is between 0.1 and 3 % of the general population. While the vast majority of individuals with WPW syndrome remain asymptomatic throughout their entire lives, there is a risk of sudden death. (see: Kent, "the Garden of England", where Dickens, Darwin & Churchill lived; Thanet "one of the most disadvantaged areas in the south-east of England").

 • Helic Republic :: fictional nation from Zoids universe; "The Helic army fled to the Eastern Continent where they came into contact with the remnants of the Guylos Empire and the ZOITEC corporation. The Republic built a new army and, in ZAC 2109, invaded the continent, driving towards their capital. The Helic forces engaged the Zenebas army, the two sides being evenly matched. However, Emperor Wolff Muaroa's Energy Liger was badly damaged and threatened to explode, which would have destroyed both armies and the entire city. He was saved, however, by a Republic Liger Zero Falcon which managed to channel the energy from his Zoid's core and disperse it in a massive beam. Wishing to avoid any further conflict, Wolff Muaroa withdrew the Neo-Zenebas forces from the city, allowing the Republic to reclaim it."

 • Titius-Bode Law :: "The Titius-Bode law or sometimes termed just Bode's law is the observation that orbits of planets in the solar system closely follow a simple geometric rule. It was discovered in 1766 by Johann Daniel Titius (#1998-TITIUS) and "published" without attribution in 1772 by Johann Elert Bode (#998-BODEA), thus the name. However, some say it was first proposed by Christian Wolff in 1724."

 • 2005 INTEL STS: Team Projects - Presented by Ricoh (First Award of $3,000) — MI304 The Isolation of Antibiotic-like Proteins from Insect Larvae of Musca domestica, Housefly Maggots, and Three Other Species of Insects. Shana Marie Wolff (#21814-SHANAWOLFF), 15 & Elizabeth Jean Cochran (#21513-BETHCOCHRAN), 15, Cheyenne Central High School, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

"Their experiment studied protein levels in insects. They wanted to find out if maggots produced antibiotic-like secretions that protect them from bacteria. "Since we live in Wyoming, you do see dead bodies," Wolff said, referring to dead birds and animal victims of road kills. "You know they're infested with bacteria. If you touch them with an open sore, you'll be infested with a bacteria." The two 15-year-olds wondered how maggots somehow manage to live in conditions that are surrounded by bacteria. They studied four species of flies' larvae. They found that the common housefly does emit some secretion that gives it a zone of protection. But whether it's protein or antibiotics is something they have to find out and will continue to study. "From what we've heard, maggots have been used to debride wounds," Wolff, a 10th-grader at Cheyenne's Central High, said. Wolff said the judges hadn't thought much about the positive powers of maggots before and found the experiment interesting. "No one has really looked into it because maggots are considered disgusting," she said. Cochran, who attends McCormick Junior High, said their work could help in the medical field. The two scientists plan to continue their research. "We want to get elbow-deep in cool, disgusting stuff," Wolff said." {Out-of-this-world awards for teens}


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