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Asteroid #16113-AHMED

asteroid #16113-AHMED discovered 06-Dec-1999 by LINEAR; named for 2002 Intel STS finalist Tahir Ahmed; Intel Foundation Achievement Awards — For outstanding work in any field (Awards of $5,000) :: BI027: Molecular Modeling and the Identification of Functional Domains of a New Adhesive Molecule in Inflammatory Thrombosis. Tahir Ahmed, 17, Midwood High School at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York.

Allireza Ahmed Alloo, Sewanhaka High School, Floral Park, NY(2002 Semifinalist) :: Testing for trans-Interactions Between Extracellular Motor Axon Guidance Molecules.


sich erinnern

Kurds Destroy Monument in Rage at Leadership via boo.

HALABJA, Iraq, March 16 — For nearly two decades, Kurds have gathered peacefully in this mountainous corner of northern Iraq to commemorate one of the blackest days in their history. It was here that Saddam Hussein's government launched a poison gas attack that killed more than 5,000 people on March 16, 1988 ... The protest began about 9 a.m., when local residents poured onto Halabja's main road and ignited tires. As the crowd grew, protesters moved toward the monument and hurled stones at a sign outside that read, in Kurdish, "No Baathists Allowed Here." It collapsed in pieces. About 40 Patriotic Union of Kurdistan guards, gathered around the monument, began firing long machine-gun bursts into the air. The sound echoed like thunderclaps against the towering wall of snow-capped mountains that forms the Iranian border, a few miles away. The shooting only enraged the crowd, and as the guards retreated in a panic, the protesters reached the monument and began smashing its windows and glass display cases with stones. Inside, protesters poured propane from a can and set fire to it. Within minutes, flames were licking from the windows and a thick column of black smoke was twisting into the bright blue sky. The security guards moved back toward the monument, and some began firing weapons into the retreating crowd. One bullet sliced through the chest of Kurdistan Ahmed, a 17-year-old high school student, and he collapsed onto the grass, dying ... Later, family members and friends gathered in a Halabja mosque to recite Koranic prayers over the youth's body, wrapped in a blanket on the floor. Many sobbed uncontrollably, repeating his name. "Kurdistan," they wailed, clutching their faces. "Oh, my Kurdistan."


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