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Asteriod #12040-JACOBI

wanted an asteroid to add to these (Badiou's Knot). if i was removing a program, what was i replacing it with? looking specifically for something related to strategy or planning. didn't find anything, but not exactly clear on what i was looking for. thinking about OANKALI DIASPORA (mentioned here) remembered discussion on eukaryotes & prokaryotes. took me awhile to find it: one of nick's links at Increasing Returns about the "bacterial supermind": The Evolving Story of our Evolving Earth. i was trying to remember Creative Nets in the Precambrian Age & Eshel Ben-Jacob's work. he's mentioned at wiki Microbial Intelligence. no asteroid named after him, but asteroid #12040-JACOBI discovered 08-Mar-1997 by Italian-American astronomer Paul Comba, named after German mathematician Carl Gustav Jakob Jacobi who wrote the classic treatise (1829) on elliptic functions; first mathematician to apply elliptic functions to number theory; proved the functional equation for the theta function (Jacobi theta functions named in his honor); contributed to planetary theory & celestial mechanics; & figured out a whole bunch of other stuff i can't begin to understand: Jacobian matrix, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, Jacobi identity, Jacobi symbol, Jacobian determinant, Jacobi method & Carathéodory-Jacobi-Lie theorem.

checking Jacobi in wiki discovered: {1} asteroid #8347-LALLAWARD named after English actress Lalla Ward best known for playing the part of Romana in Dr. Who & played Ophelia to Derek Jacobi's Hamlet; currently married to biologist Richard Dawkins; & {2} Jacobi also appears as a character (President Jacobi) in Freelancer space simulation computer game:

The Exodus :: A war between two major factions, the Coalition and the Alliance, has been waged in the Earth's solar system for decades (see Starlancer for the video game based on this conflict). Eventually, the Coalition gains the upper hand and the Alliance, sensing defeat, builds a group of five colony ships in secret. Each ship represents one of the major members in The Alliance: the Kusari (Japan), the Rheinland (Germany), the Liberty (America), the Bretonia (Britain), and the Hispania (Spain). Fortunately, all five escape the Coalition blockade and head toward the Sirius sector carrying thousands of colonists.

JACOBI seems to be precisely what i was looking for. AQ 94 = 360 DAYS = ANGLO = EIGHT = HECUBA = MUSE = STAR = WARP.


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