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lights out

approx 9:15pm PT (friday), lights go out, big BOOM of thunder, lights flicker on, go out for good. just came back on at 5:23am. brother-in-law thought it was a blown transformer. in the who knew? department, finally figured out how to relight the pilot light (i mean, gee, never been the official pilot re-lighter before, y'know? had to overcome learned helplessness. anyways, lettuce rabbitized but plenty of eggs left). during blackout read Badiou's What is Love? (pdf; gimme a bjike, Love) by candlelight. got to page 42 & thought, hey! i can add that to astroschyzy — the H(x) humanity function knot thingy. sketched it out. funny it's from UMBR(a), right before the penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

occurred to me if you overlay Badiou's schema together it's somewhat numogrammic. this isn't meant to be precise, but had to find a way to orient both schema (keeping in mind the disjunction) to the circle, or Zodiac Wheel. interesting how S(cience) flows to A(rt) & (P)olitics terminating in L(ove) & L(ove) bifurcates S(cience). wondering where to put zero point, realized using most progressed EON-1 asteroid (currently POCAHONTAS) fulfills Badiou's retroactivity??; something discovered after the fact. in this case, fastest moving EON-1 asteroid discovered during transits. which means each transit report dynamically changes based on the current position of the fastest EON-1 asteroid. this may be Badiou's forçage.

first division of the circle creates three trines (or Yod): SA-A (120°), SP-P (120°) & S (120°). next division separates A (90°), SA (30°) P (90°) & SP (30°). therefore, S(cience)(120°) is the biggest pie slice. should note first drawing not to scale.

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