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The Chrysanthemum Palace

Bruce Wagner

Then one morning I awakened as if from deep sleep with the notion that the story of all stories had unfolded unwittingly beneath my very nose. Of course, I immediately set headlong upon "sorting it out" (as my Brit friends and budding warlock hyphenates would say), said phrase being really just a euphemism for the careful process of planning, staging, and micromanaging a royal fuckup. The faux sorting went on for several weeks; but it wasn't until a certain Thursday afternoon, sitting at the Sugar Plum Bakery on Beverly Boulevard awaiting my soy latte, that something decisive happened—I had a happier epiphany, this one imperious enough to allow no further procrastination. I was suddenly forced, as if by legal summons, to abandon the project at hand (a nasty little novel which I was actually being paid to adapt; more about this later) and march home to transcribe my tale.

To my chagrin, the words poured out not in script form but through the unskilled medium of prose (I'd "journaled" awhile some years ago but abandoned my entries as being too precious. I was always a bit stiff, and hope the reader will exercise patience as I limber up). In this case, I told myself all along that once I got it down I would be able, like a singer transposing keys, to convert the melody to whichever form was most ideal. I only knew the important thing was to capture as much of my saga as possible, now, at full gallop. It was lightning first and "message" second that needed to be bottled.

This slim book is the result.

Conceiving of culture as an emergent phenomenon is apt insofar as it is not an appearance of something other than itself to which it can give presence. As a self-transforming phenomenon, it reveals its infrastructure as a recursively operating movement of input and output, which makes recursion into the mainspring of emergence. If culture emerges out of a continual recursion between humans and their environment, then self-transformation becomes its anthropological hallmark. Humans live by what they produce, which highlights an important facet of the conditio humana: humans appear to be the unending performance of themselves. —Wolfgang Iser

Dr. Tracey : You need a theme song.
Ally McBeal : I need a what?
Dr. Tracey : A song that you play in your head to make you feel better.
Ally McBeal : Am I on a hidden camera show?
Dr. Tracey : It's vital.
Ally McBeal : Do you have one?
Dr. Tracey : Since I was 10. It works!

{seed} Read Bruce Wagner's 'The Chrysanthemum Palace' to find out exactly how even most of the original Disneyland is just shops with loud-music ads. —New York Mullins

ps. i awaken to suggestion (extreme understatement; besides, it was the front door buzzing) to move back to Elay.


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