May 21st, 2013


paradigmatic interlude

btw: dear god of coffee, please send me a cup

Manifesto has col­lapsing eco­nomic paradigms, paradig­matic accel­er­a­tion­ist thinkers & a pro­duc­tion paradigm epitomizing Capital's "Golden Era" = Ford­ism.

just found another one: The paradigmatic power of sexual selection — basically, Bateman studied fruit flies concluding “there is nearly always a combination of an undiscriminating eagerness in the males and a discriminating passivity in the females”. basically, Endless Sperm vs. Peak Ovum. it took 64 years (1948 to 2012) to discover Bateman's study is flawed.

Yet shaking the bedrock of the Bateman paradigm may help the field examine new perspectives.

"Paradigms are like glue, they constrain what you can see," she said. "It's like being stuck in sludge - it's hard to lift your foot out and take a step in a new direction." {source}

The Problem with Paradigms: Bateman's Worldview as a Case Study

austerity juxtaposition



because i have none right now :( so i took two PMs, the cheap kind from the dollar store, waiting to zonk out... until then, the ingredients for the perfect cup of coffee!

wow! this is cheap—i want one! i lugged around my starbucks espresso machine being the family barista, my sister's girls still remember that. now i use a one cup brewer.

De'Longhi espresso machine

it's been so long i bought a bag of beans, which arabica did i use to buy?... Arabian Mocha Sanani!

but—and this is if had an espresso machine—i'd settle for Caffè Verona

Caffè Verona

coffee on the cheap, however, Folger's Black Silk isn't that bad...


but a small can of Chase&Sanborn is decent, extremely cheap & nostalgic


note about water: bottled preferred but, on the cheap, put tap water in a container & in the fridge so it's at least cold for the brew. sugar, of course of course, is the pink/white C&H carton:


the ultimate topper: Crème Brulée


but i love Italian Sweet Crème too


sliced apples: gala, pink lady, ambrosia, fuji... but someone told me to check out honey crisp:


brew chop pour ........ and a pack of these gets the day started...