May 3rd, 2012


can't sleep.

what's the deal with Vegas? Dwain was there when i called about selling books. so go buy my books at Magic Door IV in the Pomona Arts Colony. later pulled this out from one of my old boxes:

glancing at it when Tom also said he was in Vegas. so there's NASA meatballs on the doors, a sign saying "Space Center" on another door and this in the room4rent:

so i moved in. much sooner than expected too. it's a bit funky-junky, but personality fit may be better, communication/negotiation could be easier [please goddess] (me: it would be nice if you had two bathrooms • new landlord: ok, i'll pee outside). technically, i have two room4rents until the end of the month. but hoping to turn in key for old place in less than a week once boxes packed & stored and my stuff is in the new place.

my theme has been, be a good neighbor. someone else is getting evicted and having a hard time so my family thought it best i move out asap. here's hoping for good neighbors for everybody.