April 7th, 2011


Agrippa Grid & Zodiacal Significators

2012 is a leap year; Spring Equinox 2012 is March 20 @ 05:14 UT.

I remember puzzling about DuQuette's grid (LJ table) Sep 2001, decided then to use Agrippa order by Leitch. Following table uses Agrippa names and order, but note: Exodus 14:19-21 gets scrambled. Looks like DuQuette kept Angelic order but aligned zodiac: {LEO, GEM, ARI}, {SCO, VIR, CAN}, {AQU, SAG, LIB}, {TAU, PIS, CAP}, which has a Fixed - Mutable - Cardinal pattern: Fire - {Air + Mutable} - Fire || Water - {Earth + Mutable} - Water || Air - {Fire + Mutable} - Air || Earth - {Water + Mutable} - Earth. Goëtia order is the same, both tables (The Goëtia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King, Appendix – Tables of Spirits in the Goëtia, p127).

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