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Asteroid #7172-MULTATULI

Mesh-36.Uttunul. Seething Void (clicks Gt-36) Pitch Null Net-Span 9::0 Syzygetic Xenodemon of Atonality. Feeds and Prowls Plex-Current, Haunts Gt-45 9th Door (Cthelll) [Pluto], Sacrum Rt-0:[X] Crossing the iron-ocean (plutonics). [+]

Zone-9 is the second of the two zones mutually composing the Plex-region of the Numogram, and Tractor-Zone for the 9-0 (or 'Plex') current. Its Plex-complement and Syzygetic-twin is Zone-0. This 9+0 Syzygy (carried by the demon Uttunul) draws the outermost curve of the Barker-spiral, which coincides with the limit ordinal-span in Barkerian arithmetic. Zone-9 provides the terminus for two channels, one each from the Torque (the 8th), and the Plex (the 9th). Zone-9 both initiates and envelops the Ninth-Phase of Pandemonium (including 512 impulse-entities, one half of the fully disorganized population). In the first of these aspects it functions as the Ninth (or Ultimate) Door, which degenerated Muvian sorceries identify with the syzygetic xenodemon (and imp of the first degree) Uttunul (9::0, see above). The Ninth Gate (Gt-45) connects Zone-9 to itself, transducing the third involutionary channel (see Zone-0, Zone-1). Nma sorcery refers to it as the Gate of Pandemonium (a fact Stillwell attributes to the coincidence of its number (45) with that of the Nma demonomy). The Tzikvik associate it with Tchukululok (fabled City of the Worms), and emphasize its numerical cross-match with the 5+4 Syzygy, whose demonic carrier they call Kattku (the Nma ‘Katak'). The Xxignal track Utterminus is dedicated to the Ninth Gate, linking it to K-goth synthanatonic fugues. In contrast, Polanski's film ‘The Ninth Gate' - despite its title - has only the most tenuous and allusive relation to the Numogram path of this name. Mu Tantrism plots Zone-9 intensities onto the Sacral level of the spine. The Sacrum (or ‘sacred bone') has been identified (by Goethe amongst others) as a degenerated second skull. Zone-9 is allotted the Sarkonian Mesh-Tag 0511. Lemurian subcultures associate Zone-9 with the Cthellloid metallic ocean of the earth’s iron core. Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-9 onto the active side of the Fifth (or Root) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the light aspect of Foundation (‘deep past’) it corresponds to the prehuman cultures of the Old Ones. Stillwell links Zone-9 to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘tn,’ which Horowitz describes as ‘the ultimate unutterable mystery of vocal nullity.’ [+]

Good Nature

050827 Hildebrand      11 vi 13'22.9870   0.2361528    2°58' 3.9609
050827 Hispania         0 vi 42' 2.7257   0.3459091   14°47'11.4204
050827 Aristides       24 ta  0' 1.9015   0.1733669   15°26'46.9773
050827 Belo Horizonte   0 aq 51'22.3794  -0.1136130   -9°40'19.5388
050827 Dumas            5 ar 59'43.6209  -0.1686152    6°55'16.7444
050827 Sarutahiko      26 li 12'19.3386   0.3777137   -6°39'52.9013
050827 Union           28 li 54'48.6277   0.2513205    9°46' 2.1198
050827 Multatuli       10 ar 55' 7.6686  -0.1309896   -0° 8'50.3285
050827 Odessa          26 pi 12'54.3354  -0.1914848    5°55'40.5411
050827 Verbano          6 sa 21'51.5775   0.2378443   -7°36'18.1311
050827 Daniel          22 cn  3'34.9788   0.3507815   20° 0'17.2686
050827 Alascattalo      1 cn 23'43.2795   0.3770444   25°42' 7.0301
050827 Mullo           15 ge  1'53.6555   0.3782488   20°36'31.4459

trying to select an asteroid for Haiti. MULLEIN appears on Special Herbs, Vols. 1 & 2 — more later, as i hash this out.

HILDEBRAND named for Canadian geologist Alan Russell Hildebrand • HISPANIA, Latin name for Spain • ARISTIDES named after the Athenian politician • BELO_HORIZONTE means beautiful horizon, named for a city in Brazil • DUMAS named for Alexandre Dumas • SARUTAHIKO named for Sarutahiko-no-Oh-Kami, kami (Japanese Shinto deity), guardian of Earth • UNION named for Union Observatory, Johannesburg • MULTATULI pen name of Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker • ODESSA named for Odessa, Ukraine • VERBANO n/aDANIEL named after discoverer Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist's son.

HILDEBRAND discovered shocked quartz in Beloc, Haiti while studying K-T deposits; excessive amounts of iridium suggested an earth impact at K-T boundary; eventually lead to Chicxulub Crater discovery. Haiti located on the island of Hispaniola (HISPANIA). Jean-Bertrand Aristide (ARISTIDES), Haitian politician & former President of Haiti (see: Chimères). BELO_HORIZONTE shares first four letters with Beloc; here's an offer for Brazil Belo Horizonte for Iridium satellite phone. DUMAS' grandfather a Général commissaire in Saint Domingue (now Haiti) & married Marie-Césette Dumas, a black slave. SARUTAHIKO has nothing whatsoever to do with anything Haitian, but i thought they could use an asteroid "buddy" (however, just discovered something more hypersitional: #2500-ALASCATTALO, a mythical beast of Alaska). UNION is part of Haiti's national motto: L'Union Fait La Force (Union Makes Strength). MULTATULI (Eduard Douwes Dekker) wrote satirical novel Max Havelaar (1980) condemning colonialism in the Dutch Indies. Indonesian novelist Pramoedya Ananta Toer called it the book that killed colonialism". Fairtrade labelling ensures labor, environmental & pricing standards; 1988 Mexican coffee growers initiative using a "Max Havelaar" label. ODESSA refers to Haiti's national anthem, La Dessalinienne honors Jean-Jacques Dessalines, leader of the Haitian Revolution & an Emperor of Haiti. VERBANO discovered by Russian astronomer Nikolai Chernykh who also discovered asteroids ODESSA, HILDEBRAND, PANTICAPAEON, GUERNICA, MARK TWAIN, CHEKHOV, CIURLIONIS, JACK LONDON, MENDELEEV, PETERNORTON, VULCANO & CLAUDIOMACCONE (born in Turin, Italy).

on 22-Feb, started wiki-searching for Haitian-related asteroids. couldn't find asteroids specifically named for anything Haitian. however, did find several asteroids with links to Haiti (see above). but couldn't decide which, so let it be for a moment. yesterday, googled Haiti's national flower while joshing with someone named mullins. couldn't find anything there either. started searching for native flowers & when that didn't scrape up much (but did find this, this & this) decided to wikit: HAITI + FLOWER. interesing stuff:

history, guavaberry (Christmas drink, medicinal), leach orchid (generic name Stelis, Greek 'mistletoe'), Edwidge Danticat (Haitian-American author; The Dew Breaker, Creole nickname for "torturer"), Tabebuia (timber, A1 fire rating, denser than water), La Woz (coumbite), John Audubon (born in Haiti, ended up in New Orleans), Hawaiian baby woodrose (hallucinogenic; analyzed by LSD discoverer), mango (peculiarly S-shaped 'Madame Francis' cultivar), vetiver (Oil of Tranquility; erosion control), Ronald Firbank (British novelist; Prancing Nigger, set in Haiti), oncidium (genus orchid), oranges (Columbus brought seeds to Haiti), heraldry (manatee: Kingdom of Haiti) & the Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus; see VERBANO above). see: Aaron's Rod, Petty Mullein, floral vocabulary (Mullein = Good-nature), demulcent (high mucilage content) & The Medicinal Properties of Mullein:

The medical community in the Western world is slowly accepting the therapeutic properties of herbs. Prior to this it was only the physicians in the East who would use them. One of the more popular amongst herbs is the Mullein - Verbascum thapsus. It belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family. Mullein is also known as Adam's Flannel, Beggar's Blanket, Bullock's Lungwort, Bonhomme, Jupiter's Staff, Molene, Pano, Sigirkuyrugu, Velvet Dock and Velvet Plant. The main reason for its popularity is that it is extremely versatile. It is used in a host of cases. Mullein has been used as an anodyne, demulcent, expectorant, diuretic and as an anti-spasmodic drug. The down on the leaves and stem makes excellent tinder when quite dry, readily igniting on the slightest spark, and was, before the introduction of cotton, used for lamp wicks, hence it is also known as the Candlewick Plant. Some of the constituents that Mullein is made of are Mucopolysaccharides, Flavonoids, Saponins and Volatile oil. Mullein is found in Haiti, India, South America, Spain and Turkey ... Mullein not only has practical usage but it is also making a name for itself in the world of mythology. In Europe and Asia it is believed that Mullein has the power to drive away evil spirits. The ancient classics mention that it was this plant, which Ulysses took to protect himself against the wiles of Circe.

Mullein also a track on Special Herbs. ok, got side-tracked looking for asteroids named mullins or mullein & that's how i found MULTATULI (right after MULLO). surprised to discover it concerned anti-colonialism. hmmm. MULTATULI represents (on 827 List) mullein: Virus Host; French expression "to plant mulleins" (work for nothing); national flower of Blekinge (from "bleke", dead calm); SSSI; expectorant; Thermidor (French Republican Calendar; 2-Duodi, Bouillon blanc, flower Mullein); moth mullein 20-year exhumation; Under Saturn & a noxious pest (the flower, not a person).


still haven't decided, but will add the whole bouquet. want to single one out in particular. — Asteroid #7172-MULTATULI.


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